Etude House Pink Skull Collection Swatches & Reviews

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is on Etude House’s newest collection – Pink Skull! I will be reviewing the Cream Blusher #1, both Twin Shot Lips Tint, the Curl Fix mascara (brown), and Pink Skull Color Eyes #1! LONG POST AHEAD!


This is a collection that the moment I saw the previews I knew I wanted ALL OF IT. Cute/creepy is my aesthetic and pretty much everything I own has skulls on it, so I love the packaging of this collection!

Thankfully Etude House is a kind soul and sent me a bunch of products to review! I also went and bought one of the Twin Shot Lips Tints myself. 🙂

If you are interested in a specific product, please search the name in your browser as each section is titled! 😀

•○ Pink Skull Curl Fix Mascara – Punky Pink Brown ○•


I own the original Curl Fix in black and pink, and the Curl Fix long lash, but this is my first brown mascara! I’ve seen some Korean beauty bloggers use these to soften their eyes, and I quite like the diffused effect it gives your lashes.


The packaging is SO cute. It looks yummy(?), like a chocolate/strawberry icecream…


Like the regular Curl Fix, the wand comes in the two-step method. If you want to read more on this, you can read my review on the original Curl Fix here.


Looking at the wand closely you can see that the mascara has purple/gold/pink glitter! However this can’t be seen at all once you put it on so… 😐

Photo after wearing my makeup all day

I applied the brown mascara on the upper lid, and black on the bottom so you can see the difference in colour. I also used Velvet/ Romantic/Leather Brown from the palette for this look!  Personally I prefer a more volumizing mascara, but I do like the colour, and the curl lasted all day. You can see it did not smudge or lose its curl, even if my lower lash mascara did!

HOWEVER. After putting this on, every time I would touch my eyelashes they would feel like they were being ripped out. When I tried to remove this later with the Curl Fix mascara remover, nothing happened! I then tried with a Japanese cleansing oil, a cleansing balm…nothing. No matter how gentle I was, my eyelashes hurt so badly and felt like they were being ripped out (I lost 5+ lashes), my eyes were burning and became very swollen and bruised looking for a few hours after. 3 days later and I still have mascara left on my left eye, and I haven’t been able to wear makeup since then as I still have itchiness and what looks like hives on my eyelids. I have never had this problem with mascara before. 😦 Will either be giving this away or getting rid of it, which is a shame because I did like the colour. 12,000 KRW for 8g.

•○ Pink Skull Whipped Cream Blusher – #01 Skull Rose ○•


The Pink Skull blush comes in very simple, slightly cheap-feeling packaging.

Skull plastic insert & puff

I am quite fond of blushes like this because I am usually on the run while doing my makeup and these are very compact and easy to throw in your pouch! Unfortunately this product does not come with a mirror. 😦


The previous photo is more true to colour than this one! This blush is the cream type, and can be applied either with your finger or by tapping the puff onto the product and then onto your face for a light, buildable finish.


The colour is very pretty, and nearly identical with my natural flush (as you will see in the face photo below). It goes on quite sheer at first but is easy to build up. It does not last very long (a few short hours), but as it is portable it is easy to reapply if necessary. 8,500 KRW for 6g.

•○ Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint ○•

That black packaging… ❤

Besides the palettes, these are the products I was the most excited about!


There are only two lip products in this line, but they are quite unique as far as Etude House products go…


These come in PK003 – Pink x Pumpkin Shot (bottom), and RD304 Punky x Skull Shot (top).


I don’t think I have ever bought a lip gloss type product in K-Beauty, as lip gloss was never something I was into until very recently (gloss covers my dry lip struggles), but I was so pumped to see that Etude House released a BLACK gloss. Korea has been getting more and more bold with colour choices lately!!


The mousse-tint side has a standard doe foot applicator.

The gloss side has a stiff paddle-type.

PK003 vs RD304

PK003 Pink x Pumpkin Shot is a cool toned deep pink, while RD304 Punky x Skull Shot is a strong pinky red.

RD304 (top) vs PK003 (bottom)

RD304 is a blackened purple base with blue, gold, and purple glitter. PK003 is (surprisingly) a pink base with sheer copper shimmer and pink glitter.

RD304 / PK003

Once again my genius professional blogger self reviewed them in the wrong order, but I was just so hyped about the purple/black gloss that I reached for it first while swatching. 😂 The glitter is more noticeable in the swatches than it is on your lips, but you can definitely see it on your lips when they hit the light as you will see below!

PK003 Pink x Pumpkin Shot

Gradient lips (no gloss)

The product is very pigmented so little product is needed for this effect!

Full lip (no gloss)

This leaves a velvety texture and doesn’t click to dry patches at all. It actually makes my dry lips look smooth and even!

Full lip (with gloss)

This product makes your lips look SO plump and juicy. The gloss is not sticky at all, so it might fade quicker than a stickier gloss, but I prefer this as sticky glosses stress me out 😂.

Gloss alone

As you can see, the gloss has a pinkish tint; it still has a gorgeous sheen even by itself! These glosses are called “Pearl Tint Shot”, and just like the name suggests, leave a stain on your lips. When adding too much of the lip product and gloss on top you may get some bleeding, so I recommend going in with a light hand – a little goes a long way!

RD304 Punky x Skull Shot

Gradient lip (no gloss)

This is the colour I bought myself. I couldn’t resist getting it with how gorgeous and unique the gloss looked.

Full lip (no gloss)

This colour is much more vibrant than PK003. VERY strong when used as a full lip.

Full lip (with gloss)

The gloss darkens any lip colour it is applied to, which makes it so versatile. It’s very shiny and dark and I looooove it.

Gloss alone

Ignore the streakiness underneath – that’s the foundation I used on my lips to cover up the stain from the previous swatch. Used on its own the gloss is quite purpley. It leaves a pretty pink stain. 🙂


This is what my lips looked like at the end of the day, after several drinks and meals, without reapplication. Yes, they look scaley and awful but that just goes to show how well the products cover that up in the previous photos! You can see that my lips are still shiny and have a strong pink sheen to them. When viewed in regular lighting, the patchiness is barely noticeable. All in all I am IN LOVE WITH THESE. I prefer these infinitely to the regular Twin Shot Lips formula, as these are much less streaky, more moisturizing, and leave a flattering tint that stays on your lips all day. I’ve also been using the glosses with other lip products and they are so flattering! 100% recommend. 😀 12,000 KRW for 4g x 4g!

•○ Pink Skull Color Eyes – #01 Lovely Skull ○•



These reflective boxes are so hard to take decent photos of… 😥


And here it is in all its glory! This palette comes in 2 varieties, but as I own so many burgundies already I figured this would be the better choice.

From top left -> bottom right…

The English names of these shadows are:

Twinkle Pink, Antique Brown, Romantic Brown

Lovely Pink, Sugar Skull Pink, Velvet Brown

See-Through Beige, Rose Pink-Brown, Leather Brown

I love this logo… 😥

The palette is very tiny and compact, and it looks super cute!


It comes with 4 mattes, 2 semi-shimmers, 2 shimmers, and 1 glitter shadow.


My personal favourite is the shadow in the bottom middle row, Rose Pink-Brown!

Full-sized image here

Like most Etude House palettes, the quality of these shadows do not live up to the quality of their single shadows. The glitter (far left) is SO sheer and barely there that it’s hardly worth applying to your lid. However, the mattes are buildable and the shimmers go on well if you use your finger. At 19,000 KRW for 1g x 9, this palette is WAY too expensive for my taste. Cute and sturdy packaging, portable, great colours for a nice range of looks, decent quality…but I feel that price is a bit much for something so small. 😦

•○ My Look ○•


I love Jun Somi as Etude House’s model! I hope she becomes a permanent addition because she suits the look so well <3. Anyway, with the products I was given I decided to give this look a try…

Concentration face…

I’m not sure what sorcery they used to make her eyes look so shiny, because the glitter in this palette certainly was not it 😂. But I tried! I used the PK003 Pink x Pumpkin Shot, as well as the blush, and the palette for my eyes. I didn’t use the brown mascara after Sunday’s fiasco even though it’s included in the original look, but I’m sure you get the idea…


I used Lovely Pink as a base, Rose Pink-Brown in my crease and on my lower lid, with Sugar Skull Pink patted on the lid (concentrated on the outer half), and Leather Brown as eyeliner. I patted Twinkle Pink all over the front half of my lid but you can barely see it, so anyway…😂

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


My favourite products in this line are by FAR the lip tints. The palette isn’t bad, the blush is alright, and the mascara was horrible. However, the lip tints are so good I’m willing to forget everything else. 😂

This review was mega long but I hope it was interesting and helpful! Until next time~ (=゚ω゚)ノ

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5 thoughts on “Etude House Pink Skull Collection Swatches & Reviews

  1. A pesar de que no alcancé a comprar nada de esta línea, los colores son preciosos…tanto las sombras pero los labiales si que son bellos, tenía curiosidad especialmente por el de brillo oscuro T_T


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