My first time in Busan!

Hello everyone! It’s been way too long – I was extremely busy preparing for my graduation exhibition but now that it’s over I have a TON of blog posts lined up. Can’t wait to get everything set up!

In the beginning of August I decided to take a small trip for myself before everything got too hectic and booked a short trip to the port city, Busan. In my 5 years in Korea I have never had the chance to travel outside of Seoul, and as all of my foreign friends have nothing but positive things to say about this city I figured, “why not?”

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Cuba King @ Hongdae

As a popular area for students, Hongdae is so covered in unique indie cafes and bars that even 4 years into my life in Korea I have yet to discover them all! I was introduced somewhat recently to a couple of back streets near Hongik University Station that I had never ventured onto before as I tended to just go where everyone else did. Big mistake! Continue reading