Cafe 3rd Seorab @ Busan

With the holidays having approached at the speed of light I decided to go somewhere that felt a little Christmas-y, as it gets quite lonely this time of year for those of us living overseas away from our families 😦 I took a stop at a Christmas themed cafe while I was in Busan recently – Cafe 3rd Seorab!


The cafe is located in Gwangalli, very close to the beach. It stands out from the buildings around it due to being a pretty blue colour! The outside of the cafe doesn’t really reflect the inside, as you’ll soon see…


“Seorab” (서랍) means “drawer” in Korean, so in English the cafe’s name would be “3rd Drawer.” (3번째서랍) The logo represents this perfectly, with a star on the 3rd drawer.


Upon entering you’re greeted by an array of dainty decorations of various kinds lining the walls. Here it’s Christmas themed all year round!



They also sold various hand-made things you could buy, like candles and little dolls!



There were also several snacks you could purchase. They basically had a little bit of everything!


The area you can sit is secluded and quiet. There aren’t very many seats but all of them are very private and cozy.

The view from where I sat


The Christmas tree really added to the Christmas feeling! Spending Christmas overseas can get lonely since they don’t celebrate it in Korea as I’m used to…but this cafe helped me get into the holiday spirit 🙂


They really go over the top with the decorations and the menus were no exception.



Upon looking behind my table I saw these books lining the walls, along with this cup of pencils and pens.


Called “The Nothing Book”, these books were blank and you could use them to leave your mark in the cafe!


People took the cup of pens to their table and used them to write notes dedicated to the person they went with, or to doodle and write random things about the cafe. Whatever you feel like!


Finally, the most important thing and the reason I came to this cafe – the drinks! 3rd Seorab also sells food like curry and rice, but the most unique thing and the reason I had wanted to go in the first place was the Christmas themed drinks and desserts.


All of the drinks come out on a tray decorated with small toys and ornaments.


Even the glasses themselves are unique and adorable! For this latte you had to remove the snowman’s hat to drink from his body(?). Not sure how I feel about the implications, but it was cute nonetheless…


My favourite part was this little reindeer ice-cream! The ears were creatively made out of broken pretzels and there were little candies stuck on the vanilla ice-cream to make the face.

My order…

I ordered the coconut latte to try something different, as it isn’t something I’ve seen at other cafes.


It came out with this adorable smiley face drawn on it in chocolate, along with the gummy bears and pretzels given with each order. It didn’t just look nice, but it was all so delicious tooㅠㅠ They also sell different desserts, all decorated of course, like cheesecake and yogurt…


It was really refreshing to see a cafe with so much work and dedication put into each order, and this attention to detail really made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Finally on the way out, I saw that they also sell handmade jewelry. Everything was very dainty and pretty and the staff were extremely friendly even while I took my time browsing the merchandise at the counter.

As Gwangalli Beach is a spot frequented often by tourists, should you ever stop in the area I definitely recommend checking out Cafe 3rd Seorab!! Everything is adorable and very unique, especially for someone who isn’t from Korea. You can find more information about the cafe, as well as the map to see how to get there, HERE!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and I will be seeing you later in the week with a new post! 🙂 Until then~




11 thoughts on “Cafe 3rd Seorab @ Busan

  1. Ay que hermoso todo! Morí con la taza tan kawaiimente decorada, se pasó!
    Beautiful! Someday I’ll go to South Korea… it’s a dream, but I’ll do it. Why there’s no cute cafes like that in here? ._.

    happy belated Christmas!


    1. Me matan las cosas kawaii que tienen aca en asia, soy adicta 😥 if you come I’ll probably be here to give you a tour of all the cute stuff :p happy belated Christmas to you too!!


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