Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Kit

Hello everyone~ Two posts within two days, pretty fast this week! Etude House is keeping me very busy so I have a lot of content to upload for you guys!

Today I will be reviewing Etude House’s new Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara in the colour black! This is a great product, so let’s start!

The commercial for this mascara is SO cute, so if you haven’t seen it yet, click here! The song is so catchy e_e it gets stuck in my head every time I look at this mascara in my pouch. Anyway, this mascara comes in four different shades – standard black, brown, burgundy(!!), and pink(!!!!!!!). I am REALLY excited to try the pink, as it is probably going to be crazy hard to pull off but really fun once I can figure it out! As for the burgundy, I feel like it will match perfectly with my obsession with reds lately!

This is the box that the kit came in! Matte with raised letters. Like I said in my previous review, Etude is really stepping up their game when it comes to packaging! The theme colours of this line seem to be pink and mint, perfect for summer.

And inside the box was this pretty pink tin box! Also matte, and also with raised lettering.

The side has lots of cute detailing! Even if you don’t keep your mascara in this box (it’s huge – you don’t need to) you can put all sorts of things in it! I will be using it for putting more makeup in, of course 🙂 Maybe storage for my powder shadows…either way this box is a must-have!

Inside the box was this pamphlet talking about the mascara brush. Apparently the brushes were imported from France, with some super bendy French mascara technology! If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see that there are two steps to this mascara, as I will further demonstrate later below…

And the inside! The black, white, and pink theme is AMAZING! I am so excited about the black eyelash curler, and the packaging of the mascara itself is awesome! As you can see, both things are set into a foam holder to keep them in place. As the eyelash curler doesn’t fit very well, I got rid of the holder and keep the products in my makeup drawer.

In my opinion this packaging is one of the better designs Etude House has come out with! It looks much less princess-y and more mature compared with their other products, while still sticking to that cute feel that Etude House is so good at. This year Etude has been aiming to expand their market to 20-somethings, which must be why they’re going for a more clean look for their products lately!

Looking at it from far away it looks like a regular eyelash curler! However, it has nice rubber grips on the finger parts, and feels very sturdy. Also a matte black 🙂 Loving it!

Looking at it up-close, you can see that the rubber is slightly thicker than regular eyelash curlers! (I say this only because I’m comparing it with the one I already own, as you will see below)

Left – random brand / Right – Etude House

I can’t remember where I bought the curler on the left, honestly! But either way, the Etude House Lash Perm curler really shines when compared next to a standard eyelash curler. As you can see, not only is the rubber thicker, but the curve of the metal is much higher, meaning that your lashes will curl more evenly than a straighter bar!

As I said earlier, the mascara should be applied in two steps. Step one’s side has longer bristles spread out evenly over a wide area of the brush, and step two has 2 short, squishy combs that are very dense.

On bare skin

I find that step 1 helps with lengthening, whereas step 2 aids to volumizing your lashes! This can be seen with the swatches on my hand, as step 1 has more of a feel that you would be combing product through your lashes, whereas step 2 has a much more thick, product-stacking feel.

Truly waterproof…?

This mascara claims to be waterproof, so I tried running it over water for 30 seconds and rubbing it with my finger…

Well, then…

No lifting at all, very impressed! (It’s honestly still stuck-fast to my hand as I type this…)

No makeup!

My bare eye! First, is the eyelash curler…

Step 1~

The instructions also indicate that the eyelash curler should be used in three stages. First, at the base of your lashes. Second, in the middle of your lashes…

Step 3~

And third, at the very ends of your lashes! I thought this would make my lashes look dented but as you can see in the next photo…

…No kinks at all! The curl is very natural and because it works so well lately I have been just curling my lashes and leaving the house. I never really used eyelash curlers because I didn’t feel much of a difference when using them, but now I see the hype. I guess the whole time I just had a really crappy one (T⌓T)

Mascara step 1 complete!

Having used only step 1, I could say that you could probably just go with this for a daily look! Natural as far as mascara lashes go, and nice and black at the base to give the illusion of a thick lash line.

Mascara step 2!

One thing I must warn users of this mascara, is that if you wait too long between step 1 and step 2, your lashes will clump up and you will have to pick them apart with a lash comb. I dropped my mascara on the floor between steps (typical), and while cleaning it up my lashes dried. When I applied step 2 I noticed it appeared quite clumpy, however I managed to fix this when applying them one after another on my other eye! This photo is when it’s applied improperly, but I know a lot of people like this look, so do the opposite of my advice if you do 😀

Bottom lashes!

If you apply both steps correctly, your lashes will look more like my bottom lashes! If you compare this picture with the first with no makeup, the difference is huge.

Both eyes~

If you look at my right eye you can see that the mascara turned out much less clumpy and more natural than the left eye where I messed up the applications.


My lashes have become significantly longer due to my use of Etude House’s My Lash Serum for the past month or so, so adding this mascara on top is basically POW!! LASHES FOR DAYS!!

Overall I’m loving this mascara. It adds such a dramatic effect that I don’t even bother wearing any other eye makeup with it! My eyes look HUGE!

Final thoughts: Love it! Definitely the best mascara I’ve ever used, comparable to several high-end Western brands for sure! Maybe there really is something in these French brushes, who knows! One thing I do have to say, however, is that this mascara is VERY difficult to remove unless you have the right product. Your best bet is oil-based removers, such as cleansing oil or oil-based makeup remover specifically for mascara. Besides that, very happy with this!

03/17: The brush has been changed, which you can find on Etude House’s Korean website here, and shipped worldwide with the old brush here, and the curler here.

Next week I will be posting about my experience as a Beautizen as well as the Etude House Beauty Camp that I attended over the weekend! Until next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This review was sponsored by Etude House as part of the Beautizen program


10 thoughts on “Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Kit

  1. Awesome!! Since I’ve seen the commercials was waiting their release and hoping to be waterproof, so thank you for telling me :D. Bought the other kit (the one that come with play 101 pencil and 2 eyeshadows). Do you know if they will sell the eyelash curler too?

    Me encantó tu reseña, muchas gracias ^_^ y espero ansiosa el post del Beauty Camp *A*


    1. Hehe gracias! Es demasiado bueno, lejos mi mascara favorito ahora ❤ Me compre el rosado tambien, que usare en un review pronto 🙂 No creo que lo venden 😦 pero voy a preguntar por ahi si el que venden ahora es similar…
      I will be uploading the Beauty Camp post very soon! Thanks for commenting 😀


  2. I was waiting to see how this mascara works in someone with more lashes since korean girls have totally diferent lashes and I could not apreciate the real effect. Thank you!


  3. Owww me encantooo!!! <3. Una pregunta, bueno… yo soy un poco alergica en cuanto a los ojos y más en relación a las pestañas! :c, por ende, tiendo a no echarme mucha mascara, porque me termina picando xDDD y eso me incomoda. Mi pregunta es: Está mascara es hipoalergenica, o en cuanto a tu experiencia es suave -en cuanto a propiedades- con las pestañas?

    Por cierto, me gusta mucho tu blog :3



    1. Holaaa, muchas gracias por tu comentario 😀 segun yo este producto no es hipoalergenica y como es la mascara mas waterproof de la existencia no podria decir que es suave para las pestañas 😦 Sigo encontrando la manera perfecta para borrarla de una vez, ya que cuando la uso me termina durando unos tres dias en los ojos ya que no se borra con nada x_x pero queda tan lindo el efecto que lo uso igual cuando voy a la playa o situaciones asi 😀


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