151 Pokemon Makeup Challenge

Long time no see! This post took a LOT longer to get together than I thought, but here it finally is. This is a preview of the Pokemon challenge I’ve been doing over on Instagram, along with details of how I’ve been doing them!

I spontaneously decided I needed to get out of my rut and do some kind of makeup-related challenge to force myself to practice makeup looks in a way that I would enjoy enough to not give up half-way through. So, I figured why not do makeup looks inspired by one of my favourite videogames that has been a huge influence/part of my life since I was 7?!


And so began the challenge of translating every single Pokemon from Generation I in makeup form…


In order to plan these looks I printed out a bunch of eyes from the Mac face charts and brainstormed on them with some random Crayola pencils I own. It’s easy to draw certain things on paper, but it’s harder to imagine how they will translate on an actual eye with skin folds, etc.!


These 3 products, along with the brushes above (from top to bottom: Real Techniques, Make Up For Ever, and Etude House), have been the MVPs of my Pokemon makeup! On the left is Fyrinnae Cosmetic’s Pixie Epoxy, which is an amazing base for glitter/shimmer shadows that helps foil them and really bring out their true potential – cannot recommend enough! In the middle is Inglot’s Duraline, which can be used to moisten dried up cream products or turn powder shadows into liners, which is what I’ve been using it for in this challenge. On the right is the NYX Jumbo Crayon in “Milk”, which works great as a white cream base to make the bright colours of the looks pop. I’ve also been using the Kryolan Camouflage Creme (the lightest one) to clean up edges, sharpen lines, carve brows, make cut-creases with, etc. etc…I forgot to include it in the picture but it’s been a HUGE part of the looks I’ve done :).

And now onto close-ups of the looks! If you are interested in the products used, you can click on each Pokemon’s name beneath the picture to see the original Instagram post where the products are listed.

001 – Bulbasaur

The struggle started early in the challenge. I had wanted the spots to show better, but drew them too close to my lid and they disappeared in my crease. However I learned how to use Inglot’s Duraline to turn shadows into eyeliner which has been a huge help while doing these looks and opens up so many doors to creativity!

002 – Ivysaur

Ivysaur looks a lot more tough than Bulbasaur, with longer fangs and claws! I tried to express this with the sharp white lines and harsher points of the shadows.

003 – Venusaur

This is still one of my favourite looks and favourite photos of what I’ve done up until now! Venusaur’s diverse colours led to such a pretty look. ❤ One of my biggest issues with these looks is trying to be consistent with lighting and quality in my photos. As I don’t have a set up with nice lighting and have no window with natural light in my room (the struggle of living in a tiny Korean apartment that’s stuck to another building…), I was taking the photos on the roof of my building at 5:00PM in overcast weather without fail! Now I figured out a slightly more consistent way to do them by standing on the chair in my room and pointing my face at my ceiling light 😂.

004 – Charmander

A lot of people were excited for these next 3 so I felt a little pressure, but I love how they came out!! I used Colourpop’s “Fast Lane” on my waterline for a pop of blue-green to match Charmander’s eyes :).

005 – Charmeleon

Reds and burgundies are my favourite colours to work with in eye looks, so I really like this one! The NYX Vivid Fire liner is AMAZING.

006 – Charizard

This look took a LONG time to do and a lot of trial and error, but I’m really proud of this one! This colour combination is totally doable for a daily look <3.

007 – Squirtle

It was surprisingly hard to find a Squirtle blue, but mixing shadows together helped! I chose Squirtle as my first starter back in Pokemon Red, although I’m not sure what my 7-year old logic was for that choice! Everyone’s favourite seems to be Charmander but I still have a soft spot for Squirtle 😛 .

008 – Wartortle

While coming up with this look, I realized that if you cover its ears and tail, Wartortle is really just an angry Squirtle 😂. So the only way to make this look Wartortle-esque was by adding the curly bits! The Miracle Romance Sailor Moon liner was used for the thin black lines. Japanese liners are my favourite for a reason – the thin and precise lines they give you cannot be matched :D.

009 – Blastoise

love how the blue and cool-toned brown go together here! Blue isn’t a colour I reach for on a day to day basis, but seeing how well it meshes with cool-toned browns and frosty whites has made me want to use it more in the future! I used some nail art rings and black shadow on top of a cream base to represent Blastoise’s shoulder cannons.

And that’s it for the first 9 Pokemon! If you want to see more, I’m continuing the challenge on my Instagram here. This post is a little different, but I’m hoping it was informative to anyone curious about the process that I’ve been using while making these!

I’m working on a lot of content for the upcoming weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to get another post out this week! Until then~ (。・∀・)ノ゛









4 thoughts on “151 Pokemon Makeup Challenge

  1. Pretty cool!

    On Oct 23, 2016 12:33 AM, “Jasmineitor in Korea” wrote:

    > jasmineitor posted: “Long time no see! This post took a LOT longer to get > together than I thought, but here it finally is. This is a preview of the > Pokemon challenge I’ve been doing over on Instagram, along with details of > how I’ve been doing them! I spontaneously decided ” >

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  2. He amado cada uno de estos maquillajes que has hecho…yo ni siquiera podría haber pensado en crear algo así y además que me falta la habilidad y la técnica que tienes para hacerlo, si incluso los bosquejos que has hecho son preciosos ❤

    Me encantan los colores y especialmente los delineadores que has usado.

    En fin, aguardo cada día para ver qué nueva sorpresa nos traerás ^_^


    1. Muchisimas graciasㅠㅠ me alegra mucho que te gustan y que la gente siga interesada en mis diseños ❤

      Y aunque no te maquillas asi (yo tampoco me maquillo asi a diario en verdad jaja), siento que puedes discubrir productos nuevos asique es un win-win situation! 😀


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