Luna Cosmetics Essence Water Pact EX Cushion & Runway Cream Lipstick

As Halloween was last weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share this post of some new products I got from a brand I had never tried before – Luna! I will be reviewing their Essence Water Pact EX Cushion and Runway Cream Lipstick in the shade “Dead Plum” from their “The Lucky Horror Show” collaboration with designers DOII & Artnom.

Photo from LUNA’s Facebook page

LUNA is a mysterious K-Beauty brand that I honestly don’t know much about. While researching for this post I found only their Facebook page and Instagram. I even searched on Naver and besides a handful of reviews by Korean beauty bloggers, but could not find out much info about them!

Previously the only thing I knew about them was that they made a Urban Decay Naked 3 palette knock-off before Urban Decay became available in Korea 😂. However this Halloween collection fit perfectly with my aesthetic so I had to check it out!

Double-sided pouch

When I bought my stuff, they had a promotion where you could get this double sided pouch with purchases over 30,000 KRW.


You can undo the clasps on the pouch and spread it out like I did in one of the previous photos, or snap them together and use it like this! It fits A LOT of stuff and the purple/red theme is super cute!

•○ Runway Cream Lipstick ○•


I would be lying if I said I didn’t pick this up 70% because of the packaging…

“Runway color / Long-wear & color stain / lip care”


Out of the 3 available in the collection, I picked up #13 – Dead Plum.


This is what the packaging looks like outside of the box. It has a matte black finish with metallic shiny red lettering. The lid is magnetic and everything feels quite heavy and high quality!

(In retrospect I probably should have flipped this photo ㅋㅋ)

The lipstick comes in a very classy shape with the logo stamped into the product.


Matching with the Halloween theme, the inside is a gorgeous chrome purple. The packaging is so impressive and expensive-feeling to me without being overly pricey!

Gradient lip

I love wearing this lipstick as a gradient lip because it goes on in an easy, pigmented one-swipe and blends out flawlessly just by smacking my lips together or patting it with my finger.

Full lip

When worn as a full lip it’s more of a deep berry wine. It has a semi-matte, creamy finish. The pigment is very strong and stains your lips, giving a long-lasting effect. I also like how opaque it goes on, and how comfortable it is on my lips. It feels moisturizing and does not cling to my dry patches or lines! Despite all the pros, 20.000 KRW is pretty pricey for a relatively unknown brand, but I got it on sale for 16.000 KRW with the Halloween promotion so don’t feel too bad about it 🙂 .

•○ Essence Water Pact EX Cushion ○•


This cushion came in a HUGE box!


On the inside is a little note about the collaboration…


The concept of this collection is “Make your (own) horror show”, and to fit that this pack included two different cushion cases that you can use interchangeably.


I decided to go with this cushion over the Lasting BB Pact because I preferred the finish, as well as liking the idea of having two nicely done cushion cases instead of decorating my own cushion case and having the risk of hating how I did it 😂 .


The left cushion has a powdery chrome finish with metallic red details, and the right cushion is matte purple with a bleeding skull flower sticker and metallic red details.


The left cushion is metallic purple/wine, and the right one is metallic red. I’m currently using the right one!

The left cushion is cute for daily use and the right cushion case looks more “classy” and subtle, so I imagine it would be good for a fancier event (if you are the type that combines cushion cases with outfits – I’m not, but you never know 😂).


The cushion case’s outside colouring is the same on the inside too!


Inside is a custom black and purple puff.


The puff has quite a silky texture and almost feels wet. It blends the product very well!


This is an essence-type cushion, so it has this swirly pattern which I believe is a mix of essence + foundation. Despite having the white details, it does not leave white marks on the face and blends together when you pat/swipe the puff on the cushion. I find that after frequent use, the white becomes less and less noticeable in the compact as it all blends together…

•○ Swatches/Face Test ○•

Bare face – 1 layer
Bare face – 1 layer

As you can see, I have problems with redness, milia/keratosis pilaris, and yellowness around my mouth. My first impression was that this is not a full-coverage product. However as I do not like a full-coverage face on a day to day basis, this is perfect for me! It covers enough to even out my skin tone without feeling too thick and heavy. However I might start using a purple colour corrector for my yellow-ness as I find this product doesn’t cover it entirely.

After concealer – Blush/contour/highlight/finishing powder

It has a slight dewy finish, and is a bit sticky/wet-feeling to the touch so I like to set it with powder to make sure it stays. One thing I really like about it, is that applying cream products on top is a breeze. All cream products blend out suuuuper smooth and easily on top of the un-powdered foundation! The finish is very natural and it makes my skin look smooth and fresh!

Before – End of the day

I forgot to blend under my nostrils but I’m so short no one sees under there anyway 😂. Anyway, the first photo was taken around 8:00AM, and the second was taken around 6:00PM. As you can see, the coverage faded a bit throughout the day, especially around my nostrils and on my nose. My chin also shows signs of fading, but I find everywhere else it still looks quite covered and smooth.

I don’t know what this facial expression is but…

In the after photos I can see there was definite fading, but only my nose felt oily (which would explain why it broke up so much there). Besides that, the rest didn’t fade enough for me to notice until I edited these photos. I find that the product fades/breaks up on my nose quite quickly (within 2 hours) which is a definite minus for me. The strangest thing is that if products break up on my nose, they will always break up on my forehead/chin too, but this product ONLY breaks up on my nose…😥?

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


Colour selection: ★✩✩✩✩ (Only 2 shades)

Application: ★★★★★

Coverage: ★★✩✩✩

Price: ★★★★★ (Org. 33,000 KRW for one 12.5g cushion + refill + 2 cushion cases)

Overall: ★★★★✩

I am quite happy with this cushion! I can totally see myself repurchasing, as the price is great and I love how my skin looks with it. I want to try the trick of applying eye primer on your nose to make it last longer there, because besides the annoying nose-only fading, I really like this.

As for the lipstick, it’s gorgeous! Can completely recommend that one too :). Overall very happy with my purchases and I am now quite curious and keen on checking out some more LUNA products in the future…

Also, if you are interested in seeing the artists’ work, you can look at his page here!

And that’s it for this week’s post :). I’m glad I can finally review a different brand as I feel like I am always reviewing Etude 😂 (which can’t be helped as they are my favourite, but I like to switch it up a bit…). I’m already working on my review for next week, so hopefully see you then (*゚∇゚)ノ!


4 thoughts on “Luna Cosmetics Essence Water Pact EX Cushion & Runway Cream Lipstick

  1. La labial es tan bello! pero mis ojos luego se fueron a la base…es que debo decirlo, tu piel se ve hermosa con ese brillo, te sentó muy bien y es genial para el día a día. Ahora me vas a hacer quererla xD

    Me encantó el diseño de todo, es precioso (♥-♥)


    1. Me encanta como se ve sin powder!! Asique estoy pensando en si lo dejo asi no mas y uso un fixing spray como sera…es que me encanta ese glow natural ❤ por algo se hicieron famosos por este cushion, supongo! ❤ gracias ♥♥


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