Innisfree Always New Auto Liner #11, #15, #20 Swatches & Review

Today’s post is shorter than usual – which I’m sure many will be thankful for – and is featuring Innisfree’s Always New Auto Liners in numbers 11, 15, and 20! I will be talking about the colours specifically but also about the formula in general – so read on if you’re interested! 😀

Picture from Innisfree’s website

Innisfree recently had a 1+1 sale (as all road shops do in Korea every few weeks) on their “Always New Auto Liner” line, so I decided to get 3 of them with a friend! There are 20 colours available, with the first 15 being smudge-proof and the last 5 being more of a multi-use cream type for lips/cheeks.


These liners come in a twisty cap that sharpens your liner every time you twist it open, hence the “Always New” name. 🙂


One con about this, however, is that if you twist it too hard when closing it you can crack it like I did above. 😦


The pencils have a short description on the back, along with the name and number. Simple, all white, very Innisfree!


The cap at the bottom comes off…and I have no idea why. Seriously. It’s empty. Maybe you can store glitter in it, I don’t know. 😂😂

•○ #11 – 폭신폭신 백사장길 ○•


I wanted a colour I could use for my waterline, so picked up #11 as it seemed quite creamy when swatched on my hand! The name in Korean translates to something like “Street of the Fluffy Sandy Beach”(?!). This works okay as a waterline liner, but is more yellow and less cream coloured than I’d have hoped. It doesn’t last a long time so re-application is necessary, and when you do apply it you need to do several layers. I’d say it’s okay for 4,500 KRW (half price), but way too expensive for 9,000 KRW considering the so-so quality.

•○ #15 – 새벽녘 동백꽃길 ○•


#15 translates to something like “Street of Camellia Flowers Around Dawn.” This is a burgundy/plum leaning matte brown. Honestly I don’t like this at ALL 😥 ! When trying to use it as eyeliner the other day, it would go on so streaky that I tried to apply several layers, but when applying those layers it would peel off the layer underneath…I ended up having to give up and just go over with my VDL pencil 😦 . Not a fan, which is a shame because the colour is pretty!

•○ #20 – 톡톡 앵두나무길 ○•


#20, “Street of Thick Cherry Trees”, is my favourite of the three. This is the colour I get the most use out of! Although it doesn’t set, it can be used as a great cream base for eyeshadows, or set with translucent powder for less smudging on the eyelids. It also is suggested for the cheeks and lips, but I think the tip is a little too precise and not big enough to use on your cheeks. However, I imagine it would work well as a lip liner!


I used it in my waterline for this look, and found it lasted quite a while with no irritation or smudging!

•○ Swatches ○•

#11, #15, #20

As you can tell in the swatches, #11 and #15 are quite patchy. #15 is definitely the worst, whereas #20 goes on very buttery and smooth.

#11, #15, #20 smudged

Upon smudging them you can see that the two left colours set, but #20 does not set by itself and requires help from a translucent powder. When I rubbed my arm to smudge them, flakes of #15 fell off onto my arm and it started to crack. Really do not recommend this pencil at all. 😦

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

Do I recommend these liners? Not really. I do like the lip liner a lot and have used it the most out of the three, but I don’t think any of them are worth the price. They retail for 9,000 KRW for 0.3g! In comparison, Etude House’s Play 101 Pencil Liners (a formula I infinitely prefer) go for 6,000 KRW for 0.5g. I expect quality from Innisfree as I like a lot of their products so this was a let down. 😦 Maybe the other colours are better? For now I’ll stick with other brands for liner!

And that’s it for this post. 🙂 I am planning on doing a comparison post on all of my K-Beauty liners soon, so stay tuned for that! I’ll see what I put together for the next one – until then! ( ・ω・)ノ


6 thoughts on “Innisfree Always New Auto Liner #11, #15, #20 Swatches & Review

  1. I’ll wait for that comparison entry! ♥

    El delineador borgoña-ladrillo se ve muy lindo, será posible usarlo como delineador labial o labial en sí con un poco de bálsamo? Me pasa con algunos delineadores de Etude que son muy duros y otros que se deslizan muy fácil. Es una ruleta rusa xD

    besitos! (AMO tus diseños inspirados en Pokémon ♥)


    1. Ohhhhh jamas se me habia ocurrido usarlo asi!!! Que buena idea *-* o quisas usar algo de oleo para que quede mas suavecito antes de aplicarlo a los ojos…Gracias !!!!!! Ya pronto subire un post de los que he hecho hasta ahora ❤


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