Cafe Rain Drop @ Sungshin Women’s University Station

Hello everyone 🙂 It’s been storming almost daily here in Arizona, so it’s appropriate that I post about Cafe Rain Drop – a stormy weather themed cafe I went to before I left Korea for vacation!


Rain Drop is located Near Sungshin Women’s University, and I first heard about it through my Instagram explore page through photos of their amazing latte art!


They have an extensive range of desserts and drinks, along with a seasonal menu.


What a world we live in where a coffee shop instructs you on what hashtags to use when you post about them so they can find your photos! 😂


The interior of the cafe is dimly lit, with most of the light coming from the windows. I personally love darker cafes (that don’t play pop music…) for hanging out with my friends because the atmosphere is super relaxing!!



The cafe was covered in all sorts of vintage decorations…




My favourite decoration was this neon sign! I don’t agree with rain being better than snow at all, but purple is my favourite colour and it looked so pretty as the cafe’s center piece 🙂


They had a puzzle mirror on the back wall that reflected the sign in such  a way that it looked like you were looking at its reflection in a puddle! The details in the decorations were so well thought out 🙂




Like I had previously mentioned, the menu has A LOT of options, so chances are you will find something for you no matter what kind of drink you like!


Another specialty of theirs are their “cotton candy meringue cookies” which can be bought to-go in a container like this…


Or given as a cute gift in a meringue bouquet!


They also have “bottle cake”, that comes in various flavours and was featured on the sign out front 🙂


And finally – what I ordered! I got the tiramisu, and rainbow cappuccino in both hot and cold versions.


I’m normally not a huge fan of tiramisu as I find it to taste too bitter (I say that as a coffee fan), but this seemed very creamy so decided to try it! (That and the design was way too cute😂)

Like I had expected, the tiramisu was super creamy, and SOOOO good 😭😭 500% recommend!! You just have to be careful when taking your first bite because you’re likely to inhale a mouthful of powder and choke like I did 😐


I’m not a fan of hot coffees, so I got a cold drink, but wanted to get both variations of the art so made my friend get the other one 😂


Both coffees had blue tinted “sky” foam, and meringue decorations on top!


I thought it was just icing so figured it would melt into the drink eventually but surprisingly not! Turns out they are little cookies 🙂 One thing I liked is how the “sky” foam dripped down into my cappuccino, giving a rain-like effect! Whether or not it was intentional, I’m not sure, but it looked really cool 😀


Tada! Cookie! It’s not a cookie in the traditional sense, but more of an airy, hardened sugar type thing. Really sweet but delicious to eat together with the coffee! I recommend not adding sugar/syrup to your coffee and drinking it while eating the meringue 🙂


Trying to make a cool pose while trying the drink…only to touch my nose on the meringue! This is the moment that I discovered it was hardened sugar and not icing :p


As for the drinks? Delicious! I had honestly never tried a cappuccino before, and am more of a mocha fan when it comes to coffee with milk in it, but this was actually very pleasant! Like I said, drinking it while eating the meringue is an A+ experience 🙂

For anyone interested in visiting, the map/address is here, and the name in Korean is “레인드롭” if you want to search for it on Instagram or Naver! My next post will be makeup-related, as I do a foodie post every 3 makeup posts 🙂 So I hope you stick around to see it!! Until then~ (´・ω・)ノ


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