Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

I am a Korean beauty enthusiast currently living in Seoul for the past 6 years.

I’m not a certified expert, so take all of my words with a grain of salt and figure out what works best for you! Having said that, I hope my blog is helpful for you and I always try to keep my opinions as honest and unbiased as possible. Think of it like gossiping over beauty products with your friends! 😄

My skin type is combination-dry, with sallowness/discoloration and keratosis pilaris being my strongest problems. I have a cool undertone, and tend to use the lightest foundation colour available – hello to my fellow vampires if you’re reading 😂.

My favourite Korean beauty brand is Etude House, so expect to see them a lot on here! I also explore different cafes and restaurants from time to time.

I speak English, Spanish, and Korean, so feel free to use any of those languages if they’re more comfortable for you 🙂 Thanks for reading!


DISCLAIMER: Sometimes brands send me free products for review, which is always disclaimed in that particular post, usually with a blurb at the end of the post or a banner. This doesn’t change my opinion of the product in any way, as I strive to provide my true honest thoughts on every single product I review. Some specific product reviews may also have affiliate links, which would earn me a small percentage of commission if you choose to order through that link, but those will also be disclaimed in each post by a * next to the link, and a message at the bottom. I put a lot of work into my blog, and do it for free, so if you enjoy my content and want to help me out by using my links (along with earning a % discount yourself), feel free to do so! If not, you can look for the reviewed products in whatever way you want 🙂 . Thank you!


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