151 Pokemon Makeup Challenge

Long time no see! This post took a LOT longer to get together than I thought, but here it finally is. This is a preview of the Pokemon challenge I’ve been doing over on Instagram, along with details of how I’ve been doing them!

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Elude House Wedding Peach Collection Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Monday was a holiday in Korea so I thought I’d take advantage and put together a blog post! I’m finally back in Korea with my computer in order, so can finally get back to posting 😄 Today I have Etude House’s latest collaboration to review – including new eye shadows, Play 101 pencils, Color in Liquid Lips, and a completely new product to Etude House – the Shining Crystal Eyes!

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Totoro’s Acorn Forest @ Yongsan AniLand

Yongsan’s AniLand (애니랜드), located in Yongsan Station in Seoul, is a mini mall that hosts a number of stores related to hobbies for those that are fans of Japanese animation. Inside you can find figurines based on your favourite Japanese anime, as well as a large store famous for the insane amount of Gundam and other mecha models you can purchase to build yourself. Last weekend I made a trip to the area to visit a newly opened store – Acorn Forest!

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