Etude House Mini Two Match Lipstick Review – 18 Shades!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been well 😀 . Today I will be reviewing 18 of the Etude House Mini-Two-Match lipsticks, a fun new concept of mixing and matching colours to create hundreds of looks. This is a VERY text & image heavy post – let’s get into it!

Image from Etude House’s website

With all of the releases in 2017 it might feel like you already own all the lipsticks you need. Etude House has offered a solution to this problem with a lipstick line designed to bring your lipstick game to the next level!


I bought 3 shades to go with the 15 Etude House sent me for the Pink Bird review – 18 shades!


Some descriptions/size comparisons…

This collection comes with 20 lip colors, 5 color mixers, 3 glitter lip toppers, 2 tinted lip balms, and 1 lip concealer for a total of 31 lip products!


The lipsticks come in this tiny component, with the bottom of the packaging matching the colour inside.


The bottom of each component is magnetic and comes with the name on it in English/Korean!


Each lipstick comes with one of 8 different patterns on the lid, which easily snaps on and off. The lid does seem a little loose, so take care when throwing it into your bag!

Another interesting thing about these lipsticks is the shape of the bullet. It’s not the most comfortable way to apply lipstick, but I haven’t had any major troubles with it, and the sharp edge is good for precision!


Sold separately are these magnetic holders. You insert a lipstick into each side, making them easier to use! While it’s not necessarily a must-own and you can use the lipsticks without it, I recommend picking up at least one if you plan on purchasing more than one lipstick.


This is what the two lipsticks and magnetic holder look like together! Surprisingly very comfortable to use and not overly bulky. There’s a little stripe hinting at what colour you have snapped in so you don’t have to open the lipstick to tell what’s inside.

Lip Colors

Image from Etude House’s website

The colours have been organized by undertone, so if you know your skintone you can find your perfect shade (if you’re not sure what your skintone is, you can check out this post)!

I’m going to talk about each colour and summarize my thoughts on the formulas at the end of each section. I’ll also be grouping the sections by colour/shade number code, so you can use your browser’s search option if you’re looking for a particular shade.



Lucky for me the English names of the products are on the boxes, so I don’t have to figure out the names myself (although it’s one of my fave things to do as a K-Beauty blogger 😂)!


I received 4 of the 7 pinks, and oddly 3/4 of them have the same polka-dot case.

Click here for full size!

PK001 Happytude is a summer-cooltone shade, and a bright pink with strong coral undertones. PK005 Cold Berry is a berry pink suited for winter-cooltones. I found PK001 to be a lot creamier than PK005, which came off more matte.

Click here for full size!

PK006 Chunky Pinky is another matte shade for summer-cooltones. It’s a very bright pink with a warm base. PK007 Dry Flower Mark is also a summer-cooltone shade that fits last year’s trend of dusty roses, and is more of a dusty, muted pink with a creamy finish.



The second colour’s name is how I feel when I’m trying to eat healthy 😂.


I’m the type to always dismiss orange lip colours before even trying them because they never match me…

Click here for full size!

…having said that, I’m actually not mad at these! OR202 Slow Coral is a pretty, creamy coral for autumn-warmtones. Being a lighter colour it settled a bit in my lip lines, but itwasn’t visible from afar. OR203 Carrot Panic is a VERY bright, carrot-juice orange for both autumn and spring warmtones. Another creamy shade, this one gives the impression of being a little less opaque than the others, but is still REALLY bright.



The reds are categorized as “neutral tones”, with RD301 being a neutral for spring/winter tones, and RD302 a neutral for autumn/summer tones.


In the bullet they look pretty similar…

Click here for full size!

…but the undertones make a HUGE difference in how these look applied. RD301 House Strawberry, like the name suggests, is a cool, strawberry red. RD302 Maple Road is more of a muted, orange-based red. The only “true red” among the 4 reds available seems to be RD304, so if that’s more your style I’d go with that one! Both reds were more creamy than matte.




I’m a little horrified because I only realized upon typing this sentence that I excluded one of the browns from the picture 💀. Moving on…

Click here for full size!

There isn’t a true brown available in the line, and the brown comes from the undertones. BR401 Gentle Brick (this name made me laugh IRL) looks creamy in the photo but is mostly matte, and another colour with a light base (so slightly line-emphasizing from up close). A spring-warmtone shade, I feel like this would act as a MLBB on certain skin tones. BR402 Fig Flower Cake is one of my faves – a neutral autumn/winter berry brown. My teeth look mega white when I wear this one! My other favourite is BR403 Baby Bambi. Creamier than BR402, but still very opaque, it’s a winter-cooltone shade with quite a unique tone to it!

Beige / Purple


I only had one each of these last shades so decided to put them together.



BE102 Dry Apricot Latte is a peachy, autumn-warmtone shade that requires a bit more work to get to full opacity. PP501 Grape Soy Milk is my 3rd favourite shade – a neutral summer/autumn that has a GORGEOUS undertone and silky finish!



One thing I found strange about these is that they’re advertised as being matte lipsticks, but I found the majority of them to be creamy instead.


The creaminess is probably from them being very moisturizing, but means that they tend to be a little slippery and prone to transferring. I had no issues with feathering or smearing, but they will come off on anything you touch with your lips. The more matte shades last longer than the creamier ones, which don’t make it through food or drinks. Having said that, the formula is opaque, pigmented, and very comfortable!

Color Mixers


The color mixers come in 5 shades, and are sheer, creamy lipsticks based on the CMYK color model. In the CMYK model, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) are used to create every colour possible!


Layered on top of PP501

These mixers work in the same way, and are meant to be added beneath/on top of other shades to change them into completely new shades. The blue shade makes lipsticks more cooltoned (the yellow lipstick works in the opposite way, making lipsticks warmer), the pink lipstick…makes colours more pink I guess? The black darkens colours, and the white brightens them!

Click here for full size!

Staring with my favourites, and the two I think are fine to be used on their own, are Crush Magenta and Vampire Black (it figures I’d like the vampire shade 😂).

Click here for full size!

…and then there’s Deep Blue and Highlight White. I applied these, removed them, did a lip scrub, tried again, and STILL couldn’t get them to full opacity like they were on Etude House’s website. Despite the lip scrub they still found a way to find hidden dry patches and sink into my lines horribly. Definitely not shades that are meant to be worn on their own!



I’m honestly on the fence with these. I do find them a bit gimmicky, and the base lipsticks are too creamy to put these creamy mixers on top. Everything ends up sliding around instead of sticking and changing the colour. However, I found great success in applying these on top of liquid-matte lipsticks, as they don’t slide and do what they’re supposed to!

My advice is to buy these as an addition to your own matte lipstick collection, instead of with the thought that you can use them with the other Mini Two Match lipsticks. They definitely do work, and well, but not on top of the lipsticks they’re intended to work with which is a disappointment!

Lip Topper


These glittery lipsticks come in 3 shades, a duochrome blue, the above pink, and a champagne gold. The bullet shape is different from the regular lipsticks, as these are fine to be applied with less precision.

Glitter Close

The glitter in this shade is a blend of purple, pink, orange, and gold. I cannot emphasize how pretty it is in real life!


I tried so hard to get a decent photo of this, but the glitter wouldn’t show up at all, and on the contrary it made my lips look pretty gross in the photo! In real life it’s a very complex, shimmery dream and unfortunately you’re going to have to take my word for it because the official EH lip swatch doesn’t show it’s beauty either 😭 .



LOVE! I’ve tried a few other glitter lipsticks (eg. Bite Beauty’s Prismatic Pearl Multisticks), and they’re usually gritty and sandy feeling on your lips. This however, was like applying a glittery lip balm! Very moisturizing and smooth – I didn’t feel any glitter texture on my lips at all! If you apply a few layers of it you get a VERY explosive glitter bomb, but if you apply it lightly or apply it and dab it off, it has a pretty shimmer that works both on its own or as a lip topper like the name suggests. 100% recommend this one!



Here I applied a little Vampire Brick to the outer corners of my mouth to create a vampy, pouty lip look! I used an eyeshadow brush to blend out the edges.


Since the line doesn’t have a true purple I decided to add a little Deep Blue to the center of Grape Soy Milk to deepen it for a twist on the gradient lip style!


For the final look I did the opposite of what I did in the first one – instead of applying a darker colour to the edges I used white in the center to brighten it! I patted My Rosy Life in the center to make my lips look full and sparkly.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


Like It

Despite not being the biggest fan of creamy formulas, I can’t deny how comfortable and pigmented these are! My favourite thing about the line is being able to carry around two lipsticks at once in one convenient, compact component. Another huge plus for me is how many unique undertones these colours carry! Each lipstick is gorgeous in its own way, and I can confidently recommend all of the regular colours I reviewed.

The color mixers are neither here nor there for me. I will definitely keep the 4 of them in my pouch to use along with my matte lipsticks from other brands, but I don’t recommend them for people who only use non-matte formulas as they are too creamy to adhere to anything else. If I were repurchasing these the white would be a solid pass, as I found it to be the least opaque and didn’t really do much besides erase whatever lipstick I was wearing.

I  recommend the color topper! Very comfortable, long-lasting, and pretty on its own or on top of lipsticks of any formula – overall a solid product.

All 3 formulas are 5,800 KRW for 2.4g!

AND THAT’S IT!!!!!! This might be my first time hitting almost 2,000 words in a post, and I thank you deeply if you actually read the whole thing 😂. If you didn’t I totally understand that too, and thank you for stopping by anyway ❤️. Until next time~  (*^∀゚)ъ




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