Blind Alley – Raccoon Cafe @ Sookmyung University

A few months ago I took a trip to Sookmyung University area to visit a friend, and we decided to pop into this little cafe near the campus. Blind Alley is known for one reason – raccoons! They keep two raccoons in an enclosure inside the cafe, where you are able to go in and visit them. Stick around if you want to see pictures of my experience. 😀


I am against animal cafes that keep animals in tiny spaces as a gimmick, and while one of the raccoons was bought from a breeder, I would like to imagine it was only to keep the other raccoon (a rescue from a fur seller) company.


The indoor of the cafe has a dimly-lit, cozy feel. There are quite a few tables, filled with mostly students studying or chatting with friends.


Speaking of students – if you’re a student at Sookmyung University you can get a 20~30% discount off of your order! Many universities in Korea have these student deals for shops around the campus. 🙂


They sell quite a large variety of drinks, with the take-out price on the right and the regular price on the left.

Opening times!



They also carry various snacks and desserts!



If you want to be able to see the raccoons you have to stay and pay full price for your drinks.

“The freedom to have a cup of tea with raccoons.”


There was so much hand-done raccoon art around the cafe!

Actually not a raccoon…C+ for effort
“Raccoons need resting time too.”

And on to the raccoons!


Because I visited around 2:00 ~ 3:00pm or so, the raccoons were sleeping! If you want to see them in action I’d recommend going in the early morning or in the evening/night.


They each had a little box they could hang out in, and both were sleeping in them when I went, although I was lucky that when I arrived, this little guy poked its head out for a photo before grooming itself and going to sleep.


The black raccoon is HUGE. All I could see was its massive butt inside its box. Make sure to not disturb them while they’re sleeping! 😀

Right before sleeping

The area they live in has lots of planks and places for them to climb and hang out. I don’t know how much space raccoons need so I can’t say whether or not they have enough, but they seemed healthy and like they had lots to keep themselves busy, so hopefully they are happy and at peace with their tiny raccoon lives. 🙂

This photo brings me back to my edgy wannabe photographer 15 year-old self…

Children aren’t allowed to visit the raccoons as they can be quite energetic and may accidentally scratch or bite! You also are not allowed to bring in food or drinks into the raccoon area. If you do visit, please be respectful and do not bother the animals with excessive touching or loud noises as they can get frightened! 😦


All-in-all this is a nice little place to study, have some cheap coffee as a student, or get a snack – all while watching the raccoons play around! (Time depending) Gimmicky, sure, but seemingly harmless fun. 🙂

This cafe can be found at the following address: 서울시 용산구 청파동2가 63-20 (63-20 Cheongpa-dong2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

I will be uploading another post later this week to make up for my time gone! I’ve been in a bit of a blog funk, but have been working hard on my Instagram if you want to check me out there! Until next time~ (* ゚∀゚)ノシ



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