Etude House Blend Palette #1 Swatches & Review

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing a palette from Etude House’s new Blend series. This review was requested by a few people so I figured it made sense for it to be my first review of the year!

Dry Rose, Orange Party, Pink-Up, Cosy Beige

Released at the end of November, the palette comes in 4 varieties, each designed for you to be able to make a complete eye look using only the 4 colours available in each one. Great for beginners as the colours they come with are quite neutral and go together well!


I decided to pick up #01 – Dry Rose For those who follow my blog, you will know that pinks, reds, and beiges are my favourite kinds of colours for any part of my face, so naturally I picked this one over the others.


The back of the palette comes with instructions on how to use the colours together.


The colours are a lot brighter and warmer in person than they come off in official photos on the Etude House website. I find the packaging in this line to be very sleek and pretty!


The palette comes with two tiers. The top tier, the shimmer tier, comes with a muted rose-gold, and a warm bronze.


In the bottom tier are the mattes, which are the reason I got the palette! The left is a milky pinky brown, which I would call a “tea latte” kind of colour. Great for subtly defining the crease! On the left is a gorgeous deep red with a muted undertone.


No flash

The swatches were done without primer, although I recommend using primer when you use the shadows on your eyes! The pigmentation is generally good on these, but the 3rd colour took a few swipes to get it even as it’s quite light. The shimmer shadows go on the eyes best when patted on with your finger, as this brings out the most shimmer and pigment. These are very buildable! I find the mattes go on best with a brush, especially the red as it’s so bright it easily gets patchy if not applied correctly.

My looks


For this look I used every shadow in the palette except the shimmer brown! For the eyeliner I used VDL’s Festival Gel Pencil Contour in “Raspberry Velvet” (love!), and smoked it out on the lower lash line with Etude’s RD302 “Wine Burgundy.” This was my go-to look for the holiday season!


For this second look I followed the instructions on the back of the package, using the steps used in the previous look for the bottom liner. Personally I found that the instructions didn’t create a very nice look 😦 I found everything became quite muddy, and prefer how I used the palette in the previous photo!

I also wanted to point out that I got a ring light for my camera! I’m still working on getting the lighting just right, as I find that this photo came out a bit too cool-toned compared to the previous one which was taken with my bedroom light. However, the quality is much clearer in this one! It will take some practice but I’m happy with the sharper quality 🙂

Final thoughts

I’m not one to use shimmers too often but I’m satisfied with this palette! It’s very easy to throw in my pouch when on the run as it’s small in size and has the right colours to make a complete look. The mattes are gorgeous and the shimmers are still great if you don’t already have colours similar to them! They’re 11,000 KRW for four shadows, which I find quite worth it when you consider four Etude House single shadows cost 14,000 KRW in total (excluding shadows from the Jewel line which are 5,500 KRW each).

All in all these palettes are great for beginners or for those who are looking to get something easy to use on the run. They also contain shadows not available at Etude House as singles otherwise!

These can be found on Etude House’s Korean website in 6 different colours here, and shipped internationally in 4 different colours here*.

I have one more short post I will be doing this week, so I hope to see you then! Until next time~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


11 thoughts on “Etude House Blend Palette #1 Swatches & Review

  1. Amo tus maquillajes, te quedan preciosos!
    That color really suits you! I was hesitant, but now I want it >_<
    Thank you for the detailed review, swatches and makeup!


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