Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm #16 & #24 Swatches & Review

Hello everyone! Today’s post’s title is a mouthful 😦 Gotta love Korean products and their knack for naming their products as short essays! Today I will (finally) be drifting away from Etude House and reviewing a different brand I have come to like a lot recently – Mamonde!


I’m not sure what led me to try these, as the only products from Mamonde I own are two shadows (that I love!). They were never a brand that really stood out to me in particular as their product stands were always quite small at the Aritaum stores I went to in the past. However exploring one day with my friend we swatched a bunch of these lip crayons and fell in love!


These lip crayons come in several varieties – Regular, Light (more of a tinted balm), Intense (semi-matte), and Intense Velvet (matte).


The back of the box claims that these colours are lipsticks, tints, and lip balms in one for a “trendy 3 in 1 effect.”


One of the colours I picked up is #24, Bouquet Nudy, which is part of the Intense line.


The packaging is nice and sturdy, with a twisty cap at the end that is coloured the same as the crayon and used to twist up more product.


I love how sleek and solid the packaging is! It’s very simple and classy looking, with a matte finish.


The back lists the colour information, as well as a description of the product.


I find it very hard to pull off nudes, and have disliked all of the ones I have tried so far. However I still tend to lean towards beige/dusty rose colours when I see them in stores and that’s why this one caught my eye enough to try it out!


The product glides on the lips very easily, and is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour. I had originally done the swatch after putting foundation on my lips but it caused the product to clump and slide around messily so I recommend putting it on bare lips! As this colour is quite light it requires some build up, and if you’re not careful it has a tendency to gather in cracks if you have dry lips like me. However this is only noticeable from up close and I haven’t found it to be much of a problem. I like to use this colour with intense eyes as it’s a great neutral colour that goes with almost every eye look.


The next colour is #16, Velvet Red. This colour was INSANELY popular in Korea in November/December due to it being a lowkey dupe for MAC Chili, which people thought Miss A’s Suzy wore on a magazine cover (it turned out to be a different lipstick!). It’s still difficult to get in many places! I had swatched this at the store and had planned to buy it during a future sale before finding out about the craze, but as soon as I found out I rushed to find it worrying it’d be sold out before I could get it!


It was sold out at Watson’s and Aritaum’s everywhere, but I finally managed to get my hands on it! It’s a very unique brownish red that is nothing like anything I have in my collection currently (which is really saying something).


The easiest way to use these crayons is to swipe them on the inside of your lips for a quick gradient effect which is how I’ve been using this colour the most. It adds a gorgeous rosy tone that brightens up any look! One thing I like about these products is that even if you apply them on the inside of your lips like this they tend to not stick to your teeth like other lipsticks do 🙂


I had to edit this photo a LOT to get it to come even close to the original colour. It’s similar to NARS Dolce Vita, if that helps to get a better idea of the true colour! It glides on like butter, although care might be needed at the edges if you’re like me and have an uneven lip line. It’s so creamy and feels nice and moisturizing on the lips. Not drying at all!

Comparison (Velvet Red – Bouquet Nudy)

The arm swatch shows the true colour of Velvet Red much more accurately than the lip swatch. I figure it’s something to do with the lighting I used 😦 Without the reflection from the ring light you can see that these dry matte.


If I had to compare them I’d say that Velvet Red is the less drying, more long lasting of the two. I don’t know if this has to do with it being part of the “Intense Velvet” (newer, possibly reformulated) line or not, but I prefer the true matte finish of Velvet Red over Bouquet Nudy’s finish.


All in all I’m in LOVE with these lip crayons! I love the texture and how easy they are to apply and re-apply. I will definitely keep my eye on them and will probably end up picking up more in the future. At 8,000 KRW for 3.0g of product these are a great deal and I totally recommend them!

You can find these on Mamonde’s website here, and Velvet Red is available for international shipping here*.

I hope to have something less makeup-related up soon as I’ll be visiting a few interesting places around Seoul this week 🙂 Until next time~


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