Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Pen Liner Review

Hello everyone! It feels weird to be saying this but this will be my last post of 2015!! It’s a short one but something that I wanted to share because it’s too cute not to 🙂 Sailor Moon has been my favourite anime since I was around 5 years old, and the fact that Sailor Moon cosmetics even exist is like a dream to a huge fan like myself! So when I found out they were releasing the Miracle Romance liners in Korea, I knew I had to pick one up!


The liners come in two varieties, one with the Moon Stick, and the other with the Cutie Moon Rod. If I had endless amounts of money I would have bought both just because I love Sailor Moon so much, but, as the Cutie Moon Rod is probably my least favourite of the wands, I went with the Moon Stick!

Upon seeing the photo insert on the package, I was under the assumption that the moon crystal lit up when you put it on the eyeliner lid, but I was wrong 😦


On the Korean sticker on the back of the package it says that only 5,000 units were released in Korea so I’m very lucky to have gotten my hands on one of them! The liner claims it is smudge proof, “sticks” well (I guess this means it’s long lasting?), and is highly pigmented. The colour I got is “crystal black.” The eyeliners also came in brown, but the brown ones didn’t have the wand toppers so no point, right? :p


When opening the package you get the hollow topper, and the liner pen.


On one side you have the “Miracle Romance” logo…


…and on the other side is a silhouette of Sailor Moon transforming, with Luna at the bottom!


I actually own a previous version of the Miracle Romance liner that I had gotten from a friend, and you can see the difference in packaging above. The white lettering is a little easier to see, but I feel like the pink ties the packaging together nicely!


And now the moment of truth…putting the topper on the liner! SO PRETTY!!!!


The topper slides on easily, and is quite snug so it won’t fall off as you’re waving it around (because you can’t help but do that once you have it in your hands!!). However, I personally put it on the bottom of the liner instead of the cap, because then the topper stays on while I’m doing my makeup which feels much more magical (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


As for the liner itself, it’s a hair brush type as opposed to a felt pen type. Personally I’m not a fan of this type as I find the bristles to be too plasticky which makes the liner quite watery and slippery…

Not shaken VS Shaken

Here are two comparison shots. In the swatch from left to right is one line swiped down, then two layers, then a squiggly line to see the consistency of the line. I forgot to shake it before making the left swatch, which explains why it’s so light. The right swatch fared slightly better, however I find this liner to bleed quite a lot. When used on the eye it has a tendency to lift up the liner underneath when trying to layer it. The quality isn’t great, sadly 😦

Previous edition swatch

I had the same complaint with the previous version, as I find that it’s quite plasticky feeling and tacky when you’re drawing it on. Both the previous and current versions dry shiny, unlike my holy grail KissMe pen liner which dries slightly more on the matte side…


I couldn’t resist posing the liner next to my various Sailor Moon toys because they just fit so well together!!


All and all is this liner worth the purchase? If you’re a die-hard fan of Sailor Moon like myself, I’d say go for it – it makes a great collector’s item! However it currently is sitting on my shelf as a decoration with the rest of my Sailor Moon stuff, because as an eyeliner it really doesn’t deliver the quality I’m used to so I never reach for it 😦

And that’s it! I’m going to attempt to make more of these short posts along with my huge haul posts that I love doing. I hope this was helpful! Until next time~ ヾ(。・ω・)シ.

EDIT 16/11/14: It turns out this is a really great eyeliner! The secret is to store it upside down, vertically, so the liner is constantly gathered in the tip which gives a super pigmented, precise application. I find it takes several uses to show its true potential which is still a minus, as my Kiss Me liners go on perfectly right out of the box. Still, a lot better than I had thought previously!


5 thoughts on “Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Pen Liner Review

  1. So cute! I didnt realize they had these! I do wish the quality of the liner was better though. Maybe a bit darker and less liquidy :/


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