Kakao Friends Makeup? VDL Kakao Collection Review Pt. 1

Hello everyone! This post has been a long time in the making – lots of parts to put together – but I’m really please with the content in this one 🙂 If you are fans of the adorable Kakao Friends, keep on reading 😀


The Kakao Friends come from the Korean chatting application Kakao Talk, and started off as simple emoticons that came with the app. Since then, they have exploded into popularity and can be seen EVERYWHERE. As of 2016, there are 8 Kakao Friends, all with distinct characteristics and personalities!카카오_프렌즈_캐릭터_(2)

I have such a soft spot for all of them that it’s hard to pick a favourite, but like most people, I love Apeach! Its merchandise always sells out the fastest, and for good reason…it’s just too cuteㅠㅠ




VDL has released two Kakao Friends collections, some of which is no longer available, but I decided to review them anyway as they can give you an idea of the quality you can expect with VDL’s products.

•○ Festival Gel Pencil ○•


The first item I will be reviewing is the Festival Gel Pencil liner in 501 – Raspberry Velvet. These came in 3 tones, and there are 3 other tones available on the VDL website as part of the permanent collection.


This product featured Neo, the “fashionable urban cat”! All the products from the line have cute little illustrations of the Kakao Friends on them, and the products themselves usually match the colour of the character!


I experimented with the lighting for the photos in this post and I think they came out A LOT nicer!!! Anyway, the liner comes with a smudge sponge conveniently hidden in the lid, which can be used to smudge the liner out to a more sheer, natural finish before it sets.


On the other end of the liner is a sharpener to keep the tip sharp for precise lines! Extremely convenient as most pencils require you to buy both of these things separately.

A little (dirty) well loved (*^▽^*)ゞ

The pencil is a shimmer type, and as it is quite creamy the tip gets rounded rather quickly. This is easily solved with the built-in sharpener!


The liner glides on soooo easily and is super pigmented. Once it dries down it doesn’t budge EVER, so you don’t have to worry about it smudging or transferring at all!

Photo from my Etude House Blend Palette review!

I used the pencil in the above look, smudging it out on the lower lash line using the smudge sponge! It’s such a flattering colour, and the berry undertones make it blend into the skin without looking too over the top for daily wear. I can totally vouch for these, and at 12,000 KRW each I don’t think they’re overpriced considering they are such great quality!

•○ Festival Blusher ○•


Probably the cutest thing in the bunch is the Festival Apeach Blusher!


This came in 3 colours, of which the pink was constantly sold out so I was “forced” to get the orange (; ̄Д ̄)


Look at it~!! Can you really blame me for caving? (#`皿´) The print is based off of the Apeach emoticon I posted at the beginning of this post!


I feel that this was promoted as having “2 in one” colour, but it’s a little too tedious to delicately rub my brush on the small parts to use each colour, so I just swirl it around and use the colours together.


 The hearts are disappointingly only an over-spray and come off after your first application of the blush 😥 But visually they are very cute with the glitter! Sadly it’s completely gone on my blush now so I’m a little disappointed…

Center tone, edge tone, mixed tones

Blush swatches are always really hard to capture because I find that blush swatches really awfully with fingers! The colour of Apeach’s body is too light to be used as a blush, so I’m not sure what it could be used for. The edge tone is a little too orange to use on its own for me, but when mixed together it looks quite nice and even matches my cool tone skin!


This is probably one of the most “unusual” blush in my collection, as I tend to learn more towards cool reds and pinks, but as you can see it blends out beautifully and has a very natural finish. There are currently 5 Festival Blush colours available, with 601 Cookie Jar being the most similar to this colour (when compared with online swatches). Only 12,000 KRW for 4.5g of great quality product makes this product another VDL hit for me!

•○ Beauty Hydro Mist ○•


Next up is the Apeach edition of the Beauty Hydro Mist!


You can really tell how popular this character is when you consider that the majority of the products had its face on them!!


This was a gift that I received last year, and I had never owned a mist before it! I am not sure how much this moisturizes my skin, as I have a tendency to have dry patches no matter what I do, but it feels so refreshing to spray this on your face when you’re feeling tired and dried out! It has a light scent and dries with no residue, so I find it doesn’t smudge or alter the appearance of my makeup at all. It’s small enough to fit in my purse and I carry it around on longer days for some quick refreshment! This product is available in the non-LE bottle at 18,000 KRW for 115mL.

•○ Beauty Tension Puff ○•

And now onto the products that are still currently available at VDL stores!


These puffs come in 3 varieties (Apeach, Neo, Muji), and are meant for use in your cushion foundation compacts! Each pack costs 5,500 KRW and come with 2 puffs of the same kind (I split this pack with a friend so only have one).


They come in a convenient plastic ziplock case for easy storage!


Of course out of the 3 I had to get the Apeach one…It’s so white I don’t want to use it and get it dirty 😥


The back of the puffs match each character too. Apeach’s is naturally a cute pink!


The only difference between these puffs and the regular ones are that they are infinitely cuter 🙂 I haven’t used this yet so am not sure about the quality but as I have quite a bit of faith in VDL I assume they are at least decent :p

•○ Festival Eye Shadow Case ○•


Finally a non-Apeach item! This is a mini empty palette that holds 3 VDL eyeshadow pans!


As Aritaum eyeshadows also fit, I’ve been using my palette for them! (Swatches here)


The palette is very solid and good quality, but I feel like the gray doesn’t match well with the yellow 😦 I think it could have been done better, colour-wise. But it’s still cute and super convenient for daily use!


There are still many parts to this collection currently available, including lipsticks, cushion foundations, makeup correctors, and shimmer shadows. The collection is quite extensive so there’s totally something for all fans of these adorable characters 🙂

You can check out some cute pictures on their Instagram here, some cute videos introducing a few of the characters here, or see merchandise on their official website here! (I swear this post isn’t sponsored! I wish)

And that’s it for the first part of this two-part post! Later in the week I will be uploading the long-awaited review of The Face Shop’s new collection. There are some TERRIFYING (but hilarious) face masks in that one, so I hope you’ll look forward to it (^▽^;) Until then!!


7 thoughts on “Kakao Friends Makeup? VDL Kakao Collection Review Pt. 1

    1. I admit that the first time I touched it was for this post since I had wanted to take pictures first :’) so it was sitting there for months unopened hehe hope you like it when you do eventually use it!!


  1. Necesito ese delineador en mi vida! Es que es demasiado hermoso el color, tan pigmentado ♥ y si no se sale es lo que busco ♥…ahora a buscar donde lo vendan ay ay xD

    Tengo que decirlo nuevamente, amo tus fotografías…te quedan muy bien!


    1. Es tannnnn lindo 😥 Fue LE asique no se si lo podras encontrar pero se que Espoir tiene varios buenisimos de la misma/mejor(?) calidad que los de VDL asique capaz que puedas encontrar algo similar alla 😀 Gracias!!! Siempre ando tratando de mejorar la calidad de mis fotos y ultimamente me siento mas o menos satisfecha ❤


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