Elude House Wedding Peach Collection Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Monday was a holiday in Korea so I thought I’d take advantage and put together a blog post! I’m finally back in Korea with my computer in order, so can finally get back to posting 😄 Today I have Etude House’s latest collaboration to review – including new eye shadows, Play 101 pencils, Color in Liquid Lips, and a completely new product to Etude House – the Shining Crystal Eyes!

As always, you can search for the product name you are interested in using your browser’s search option if you are not interested in reading the full review 🙂

As a very dedicated anime fan, it was super exciting to find out that Etude House was doing an anime collaboration! Even though I’ve never seen Wedding Peach (as an anime elitist kid, I always considered it the “rip-off” version of Sailor Moon so gave it a snobby pass…), seeing this collaboration and the previous anime one Etude did makes me curious about the future collabs they’ll come up with!

•○ Color in Liquid Lips OR210 ○•

I received 2 or 3 products from Etude House as a gift (not for review), but bought most myself. This was one of the sent products, as you can imagine, since I NEVER buy orange lip products because of how tragic they look on me 😫

The finish of these is “juicy”, which I believe was not part of their original Color in Liquid Lips line! These have a slightly shiny finish, and are very moisturizing.


The packaging is the same shape as the original CILL, but with a Wedding Peach motif.

I don’t own any of the CILL from the previous strawberry collection, so I’m not sure if this is the same applicator that was used for those or not. However, it’s different from the original CILL collection in that it is more rounded, thicker, and lacking the pointed tip the previous applicator had.

I don’t find the lack of the pointed tip to be an issue, as this product is quite sheer.


Thankfully for me, this is more of a coral/pinky orange than a straight-up yellow based orange (my nemesis).

WM IMG_7931
It doesn’t cling to dry patches – my lips are just busted haha 😦

It applies evenly and leaves a very natural stain, which prevents it from wearing off in a patchy way throughout the day. The lasting power is longer than the original CILL, which I think is due to it being a thinner, creamier formula that hugs the lips better! This is more of a stain product than a creamy, pigmented liquid lipstick. Kind of like a creamy, non-sticky tinted gloss! Really great daily shade as it’s not strong at all and just gives a bit of colour to your lips 🙂

•○ Play 101 Pencils ○•

Next are the Play 101 pencils! Anyone who follows my Instagram would know I’m a huge fan of the formula of these, so I was excited to see they were coming out with more for this line!

80, 81, 82

As I haven’t seen Wedding Peach I can’t say for sure, but I imagine the designs on these have something to do with the characters in the anime! From an aesthetic point of view I have to admit I’jm not a fan of the clashing color choices here 😥

80, 81, 82
80, 81, 82

As for the pencils themselves, the first is a gorgeous glitter white with a vibrant pink duo chrome-like shift, the middle one is a vibrant rose gold, and the right is a matte baby pink. Both the middle and right colors glide one as smooth as the regular Play 101 pencils do, and stay put all day! However, the left color is one I’m not a fan of. It looks gorgeous when switched on your hand, but is quite hard and tugs at your eyes. I put it on my lower lash line in a look I did below (which was my first time using it on my eyes) , and it made my eyes look wrinkled and aged 😦 the duo chrome or shine didn’t show through at all and just made my under eye look dry and powdery. Definitely recommend passing on that one.

•○ Look At My Eyes ○•

PK009, RD303

I got these shadows on my birthday, and the only one left of the purple one was the display one, and as the girl was giving it to me she tried taking off the packaging until my friend yelled “KEEP IT ON, IT’S HER BIRTHDAY!!” 😂 And that is the story of how I got to keep this eyeshadow with the “birthday” wrapping 🙂

My house in Korea doesn’t have a window that let’s in any light, so all of my photos taken in Korea are in artificial light. The ones taken at my dad’s house (everything in this post), however, are all taken in natural lighting…such a huge difference in quality😭

The packaging of these shadows is the same as their regular Look At My Eyes Shadows, but with a magical shiny “mahou  shoujo”-esque swirl and glitter infused plastic

PK009 is a sheer-ish (but buildable) purple pink with tons of silvery, frosty glitter.

RD303 is a vibrant matte pink that is not nearly as red as the website would like you to think, as you’ll see below…

PK009, RD303

PK009 leans more purple than pink, which is what makes it very pretty and unique compared with other Etudeshadows. As the glitter gives it so many dimensions, it’s possible to wear this on your whole lid by itself for a put-together makeup look. I recommend applying it first with a brush, then patting it on with your finger to really bring out the glitter. RD303, like most Etude mattes, is a little powdery when swatched, but is vibrant and pretty when built up on your lids.

•○ Shaking Crystal Eyes ○•

And now for the most exciting product of the bunch – the new Shaking Crystal Eyes!


The “shaking” part of the equation comes from the need to shake these before using them (which I always forget to do -DO NOT FORGET, PEOPLE! Trust me!). They also have a small metal ball inside to facilitate the shaking process…

I can’t remember if I bought two and one was sent to me, or if I bought all three myself because I’m Etude trash. Both scenarios are more than likely..  Anyway, these come in 3 different tones, easy to recognize by the different colored bottles which match the product colour in no way whatsoever 😂

Like the amazing blogger that I am,  I wasn’t paying attention while taking these pictures, so they’re out of order. Amazing 🙄 This is #02, “Angel’s Magic Wand.” It has a ton of different colored glitters on a a pinky-gold base. Swatches below!

#03, Angel’s Starlight, is my favorite of the bunch. It is a white glitter with a gorgeous blue shift.

Last up is #01 (totally logical order), Angel’s Sunlight. This one has the strongest base and isn’t as transparent as the rest. It has a light copper, goldish base with a strong shine that is the same colour as the base. I’m not sure how to describe this colour as it’s not quite gold, not quite copper. Maybe white gold? Either way, the plainest and most neutral of the three. Pretty regardless!

When applying these, they must be shaken first or else you will not get any glitter pigment! Then, you should wipe the applicator onto the lid several times to get the liquid off. Otherwise, they will be very runny! These have a extreme water-like texture, which leaves your lids looking glossy and shiny. When viewed from the front, the shimmer is not very obvious, and the colours are quite wet looking and transparent.

Once in the light, they shine very strongly! Although they swatch beautifully, I’m not totally sure about this product yet. I have worn them a few times, and the shine isn’t as brilliant on my eyes as it is when I swatch them. They also don’t dry down completely if you put too much, and crease slightly. They are so shiny the creasing isn’t really noticeable unless you look close, however. Just a difficult product to work with! So I will continue to use these and update this post if I change my mind, but for now I’m not so convinced…a little disappointing 😦

•○ My Looks ○•

WM IMG_7826

The first eye look is done with the eyeshadow PK009 as the focus all over the lid and blended into the outer lower lashline. I also ran Play 101 Pencil 81 under my lower lashline! As you can see, with all its dimensions and shine, its easy to use PK009 as a full lid colour to achieve a “complete” eye look! It blends out into the crease very prettily too 😄

WM IMG_7831

As for this look…not a fan 😥 I wanted to do a pop of pink on top of a glittery eye but the products refused to work with me 😭 I tried to apply Play 101 Pencil 82 as eyeliner, sharpening the wing with concealer, which didn’t work out so bad at first…I then applied pencil 80 on my lower lashline, but it bunched up and crumbled and looked awful 😫 Then pat Shaking Crystal Eyes #02 all over the lid (since glitter almost always saves a disastrous eye look) and it just made my lids wet looking instead of showing off the glorious glittery sheen you can see in the swatches above. Overall FAIL 😲

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

If you were to get anything from this line, my strongest recommendations are the eyeshadows and lip colours! The Play 101 Pencils are a hit or miss, and I’m sadly not a fan of the Shaking Crystal Eyes enough to be able to recommend them.

And that’s it for this weeks post! I’ll try to put together something that isn’t Etude related, but they’re my favourite Korean brand and I buy from them so often 😂 Hope this was enjoyable!! Until next time~


4 thoughts on “Elude House Wedding Peach Collection Review & Swatches

  1. Juraba que había comentado :O, ando tan cabeza de pollo T_T.
    Sabes? con la sombra líquida Angel Starlight podría ser un iluminador bastante curioso…lo has probado así?
    Quería comprar unos esmaltes de esa colección pero mejor me esperé a ver qué es lo nuevo que trae Etude con esas calaveras 😀

    Muchas felicidades por tu graduación! ♥


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