Cafe Dessert R @ Busan

Hello everyone! I hope this weekend was kinder to you than it was to me, as I am still suffering with this cold that just won’t go away…On my last visit to Busan I was able to go to a coffee shop I had wanted to go to for months, but was unable to because the owners got married and closed the cafe down for 3 months to celebrate! This cafe stocks some of the cutest desserts I’ve ever seen, so if you want to see more, continue below 🙂


The cafe is located at Dusil Station in Busan, and although it is close to the station, I still had a very hard time finding it as it’s located in a small alley!


However once I did find it I felt a little dumb because there are huge signs everywhere with the cafe’s name on them…


As you can see above, the cafe opens at 1:00pm, which is quite late for a coffee shop here as most open at 10:00am at the latest! The reason for this is that their desserts are all made fresh each day, so they need some time to set everything up before opening 🙂


On the right is a sign that states that no butter, eggs, and milk are used in their treats, making them vegan! Vegan anything is quite hard to find in Seoul, let alone in a smaller city like Busan, so I was quite surprised. A lot of the desserts are also gluten free (almond flour), so if you have any dietary restrictions you can ask them and they’ll gladly help!


As you walk in you’re greeted by this funny sign…


Like I said, their name is everywhere. You can reach the cafe by going down these stairs!


When walking in you’re greeted by delicate paper decorations and inspirational quotes…


The only picture of me from that day 😦


The cafe is dimly lit, with sunlight filtering in through the windows, giving it a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.


There is a simple menu above the ordering counter, but once you sit down, menus are brought to your table by the staff.


It turns out that the owner of this cafe is also an illustrator! All illustrations you see at the cafe are done by this person, which is a nice touch 🙂


The menu is in Korean, and offers recommendations of what to order, as well as explanations on how to order boxes of dessert for parties, etc. in advance. There is a rule (like most cafes in Korea) that you must order one drink per person. You can pick your drinks using this menu…


Then pick your desserts from the dessert table in the center of the cafe!


There are other desserts available near the counter but this table is the reason I had wanted to come here in the first place!

Incoming dessert spam…







Aren’t they ADORABLE? (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Any kind of dessert you can think of – this cafe most likely has it. Muffins, macarons, scones, cupcakes, cake, cookies, brownies, etc. are only a small portion of the extensive list of desserts they have to snack on with your coffee.

The “Boss” cookie

They also do custom orders if you call a few days ahead of time! They seem to be able to do themed desserts on anything! This particular cookie was apparently based off of the owner of the cafe…


Once you choose your desserts you bring them to the counter and make your coffee order.


You then take a seat at one of the many tables and wait for your order to be ready!


The atmosphere is great, and it was pleasant looking around while waiting for our coffee.

Wouldn’t want that to fall on my head…


After a short wait…


Out came everything! We ordered and iced Americano and a hot Americano and chose 3 desserts.


I expected the desserts to come out just placed on a plate, but they were decorated! They even gave us a small jug of water to share with our treats.


Since you can get iced Americano for very cheap at other places, I was a bit wary to spend more than 4000 KRW on it, but was very pleasantly surprised to see such a huge drink come out! The flavour was also great, and not too watery which tends to happen with these over-sized drinks.


First up was the bear cake – a small chocolate cake sandwich with cream in the middle! The eyes and nose were also sweet, and it came decorated with an extra dollop of cream and pretzel for decoration.


There was even a cute handwritten post-it note with the writing “How can you eat me!?” on it. It’s not hard to feel guilty when eating these as they’re just so cute!

The aftermath…

But it’s too hard to resist anyway because they taste just as delicious as they look :’)


Next up was the Patrick cake! Strawberry and chocolate flavoured with strawberry cream. Decorated with a leaf-shaped post-it note and a chocolate cookie! He looks a little scared…probably because he knew of his upcoming fate 😦



And finally, the Garfield brownie! It tasted like…a brownie! (Surprise?) It went very nicely with the cream they provided.


Everything was so delicious that we even scraped the plates to get every last bit of cream! The coffee was flavourful, and the cakes were moist without being too sweet or oily.


More inspirational quotes…

All in all I can say I had a great time at this cafe – the atmosphere was relaxing, the food and drinks were both great, and it was in general a very pleasant experience! My only issue is that it’s in Busan, meaning I won’t be able to go to it again unless I make the long trip all the way there 😦 Maybe one day they’ll open a Seoul branch!


On the way out we were given two envelopes…



It turns out they were hand drawn pictures by the owner(?) of the cafe! From beginning to end, this cafe really pays attention to every detail in order to give you the best experience possible. Their attention to detail is insane, and it made me feel extremely well taken care of and happy!


I would love to visit this cafe again and will definitely make the trip if/when I ever go back to Busan. The only problem is that it can get quite pricey (we spent around 18,000 KRW for two people) because it’s hard to resist taking one of every dessert!

If you want to see more of their work, you can check out their Instagram here, and if you ever find yourself in Busan I recommend stopping by – you won’t regret it! Until next time~ ( ゚▽゚)/


6 thoughts on “Cafe Dessert R @ Busan

  1. Aquí en Santiago hay una cafetería de estilo Coreano que vende cosas muy muy ricas…y claro, no es barata tampoco ^^U.
    Me encantan estos posts turísticos, pero me dan tanta hambre! Busan parece ser muy entretenido y especial, merece una visita ^_^
    Que estés bien, cuidate!


    1. Si es el mismo que estoy pensando, habia uno que estaba cerca de Kennedy y el Parque Arauco (no me acuerdo como se llamaba el barrio)!
      Me gusta hacer posts asi tambien! Para mostrar otro lado de corea, no solo lo cosmetico jeje Busan es perfecto para ir en verano ❤ Abrazos!!


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