Etude House Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk 7 Colours Swatches & Review

I have two Etude House reviews for this week (and 3 for next) in an attempt to not make you guys sit through 2000+ word posts with 70 pictures each! Instead, I will be splitting up the posts so they aren’t as overwhelming. Today I will be reviewing 7 of the renewed Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk lipsticks!


The Dear My Lips-Talk “Enamel” finish is the creamy, high-gloss/sheer, moisturizing lipstick style from the Dear My Lips-Talk line. There are a total of 20 colours, including the 12 new shades above introduced for Fall. Of these 12, I was sent 7.



If you have seen my previous review of the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon, you can see that these have been renewed to match those!

Dear My Blooming VS Dear My Enamel

At first glance they look the same, but upon comparing them side-by-side they actually are a little different. Dear My Blooming are shorter and darker pink, while Dear My Enamel are taller and paler!

Dear My Blooming / Dear My Enamel

Both lipsticks come with 3.4g, so I guess the longer size of the Enamel is because the bullet shape itself is different due to them being suited more for lip gradients over full lip application like the Chiffon. These also come with gold accents instead of silver!

Old packaging VS new

On the left are two Dear My Enamel lipsticks I had from before the renewal. The newer packaging is A LOT nicer for storage (the ribbons always took up too much space) and it feels much more solid and higher quality. 🙂


Before the Chiffon finish came out, Enamel were my favourite Etude House lipsticks due to how moisturizing and low-maintenance they were when applying. One quick and easy swipe on the inner part of your mouth, smack your lips together a bit, and voila – a perfect gradient lip!

Now onto the swatches! ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

•○ Orange ○•

Bittersweet Black Tea / Dried Orange Tea / Well-Done Tender Persimmon

Ahh, orange…we meet again. Naturally this is the colour I was sent the most of since this is Korea’s favourite lip colour to wear, but unfortunately my least favourite ㅠㅠ.


These 3 range from brownish / pure orange / reddish orange.

OR204 Gradient Lip

The quality of these two photos is worse than the others due to bad room lighting. 😦

OR204 Full Lip

OR204 – “Bittersweet Black Tea”, is a muted brown orange that looks absolutely terrible on me. This is, however, a great colour for warm-toned skin that wants a Fall lip to rival the cool-toned greige/taupe trend! I don’t recommend this for cool-tones 😦 .

OR205 Gradient Lip
OR205 Full Lip

On Etude House’s website, this looks like more of a true orange, but on me it leaned more coral. When used as a gradient lip it’s a barely-there colour great for daily use, but I do not recommend this one as a full lip as it is quite sheer and patchy…

OR206 Gradient Lip
OR206 Full Lip

This is my favourite of the three as it is the most vibrant and I can almost pull it off despite the warm undertones. This is such a pretty pop of colour, and perfect for anyone who loves a good orangey, warm red.

•○ Red ○•

I’m Strongberry / Sun Setting Sunset Lane

I was hoping they’d send RD308 which is a gorgeous dark wine, but it’s (surprisingly!) sold out everywhere here so I guess that’s why they didn’t throw it in 😦 .


RD306 is one of the 3 main colours of the Fall collection!

RD306 Gradient

I like this one best as a gradient lip. It gives a really pretty, glossy bitten-lips effect. 🙂

RD306 Full Lip

…because it tends to be a bit patchy as a full lip. The colour is very pretty when blotted on, but as most of the colours with this formula, it is a bit too slippery to serve as an opaque full lip. As the name suggests, I’d call this a strawberry red!

RD307 Gradient

This is my favourite red of the bunch! 😀

RD307 Full Lip

I’m a little disappointed to find out that this red isn’t as brown as the website suggests, but it is still a GORGEOUS hyper-glossy deep red!! I suggest using a lip liner with this one or blotting it due to the slippery formula, but this is sooooo so so so pretty. ❤

•○ Beige ○•

The Sound of Dead Leaves Rolling Along / Dreaming China

I love BE102’s translated name 😂.

BE101 Gradient Lip

Personally I don’t use these light beiges as gradient lips because I find they work better as sheered-out full lip colours.

BE101 Full Lip

BE101 is the more muted of the two beiges, and unsurprisingly looks completely different on me than it does on the Etude House website. This is a great daily lipstick as it adds some colour to my face without looking like I’m wearing anything. 🙂

BE102 Gradient

I guess this one leans a little more orange/less muted?

BE102 Full Lip

It’s a bit hard to tell the difference between BE101/BE102 at first glance, but I think this colour leans more towards warm-toned, whereas BE101 is more of a cool-toned pinky beige.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

Let’s pretend the 7th lipstick is in this collage…

I love these lipsticks! I’m not one to wear full lips often, so any kind of low-maintenance lipstick that let’s me swipe it on and be done with it with little to no effort sits just fine with me! However, if you are looking for a full lip product, I advise you approach these with caution as they are not transfer-proof in the least, and the hyper-gloss, sheer formula makes them very likely to get everywhere! I recommend that you blot these after applying them if you are a full-lip kind of person, although you will lose a lot of the shine. 🙂

These go for 10,500 KRW for 3.4g, but a little goes a long way so they’re worth it for me!

And that’s it! Part two of this review, which is on the Dear My Enamel Eyes Talk, will be up later this week. So until then~ ヽ(´▽`)ノ

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5 thoughts on “Etude House Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk 7 Colours Swatches & Review

    Pese a que el último naranjo y el último beige son preciosos, definitivamente lo mío siempre serán los rojos…es bellísimo el RD307. Tal cual como me gustan ♥-♥

    un abrazo!


  2. ¡Ese color rojo! I’m not a red lipstick user, I think it doesn’t suit me, but OMG that one is amazing! I really didn’t pay attention to this collection, but thanks to you, I might get a couple of this lipsticks :B And I feel you with the orange color, I don’t like it either ಠ_ಠ


    1. Siempre hay un lipstick rojo para todos ❤ hehe. Yay!! Aun teniendo a todos estos creo que quiero 3 mas, oops jajaja u_u I will never love orange lipstick ever in my life!!!


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