Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint Swatches & Review

Happy Thursday! Despite this product coming out a few months ago, I decided to review it because there has been a rise in popularity of water tints recently! Etude House already had a Dear Darling Tint line, but added a water version last year. Let’s see what they’re like!


Water tints are famous for being used by high schoolers in Korea, since they leave a natural stained finish which is usually able to pass under the “no makeup” rules enforced at many Korean schools. Etude House’s newest tint edition comes in 3 colours: Strawberry-Ade, Cherry-Ade, and Orange-Ade.


As you can see, the tints are very transparent and have the consistency of water, just like the name states. The size is quite small (I am holding all 3 in one of my tiny hands) so they’re great for throwing in your pouch and taking with you!


The applicator comes in the lid like this, and is a semi-doe foot shape. It is not very flexible and quite hard, so it’s easy to precisely line your lips with it. However I do not recommend doing this for reasons you will see below…

•○ Swatches ○•

Stawberry-Ade, Cherry-Ade, Orange-Ade (Flash vs. No flash)

As you can see above, despite attempting to apply the tint in a straight line, it faded out and blurred at the edges. This is a tendency with water tints as they have a very liquid consistency, and if you are not careful you can experience some bleeding around your lip line which doesn’t look so nice 😦


The first colour is Strawberry-Ade, a cool-toned purpley pink. This one is probably my favourite of the three! The packaging matches the colour of the tint inside. Personally I think the packaging is really cute on these, with a minimalist design that still has a very “Etude-esque” feel!


The thing about lip tints is you have to make sure your lips are very moisturized and dry patch-free before applying these! As the inside of my lips are always very dry, the tint tends to cling to them 😦 Which leads me to the next photo…


Here I applied Etude House’s Color in Liquid Lips in “Pink in Monster” on top of the previous tint. My favourite way of wearing these tints is as a base for other lip colours that have a tendency to be slippery of come off easily. I find that the tint helps to make fading and smudging less noticeable, to give you a more even look throughout the day. Since the Color in Liquid Lips fade quickly, using them on top of the lip tints make them seem more long lasting and provide a stronger colour.


The next colour is Cherry-Aid, which is a slightly warm leaning cherry red. It matches the name perfectly!


As you can see by the improved photo quality, the following photos were taken more recently with my new lighting set-up! This colour is the one that looks the most natural to me. Unfortunately like the previous colour it does stick to dry patches and lines. I recommend applying it little by little and patting each layer dry to give it an even finish! Water tints are generally applied to the inner part of the mouth for a gradient effect, so the product won’t bleed into your lip lines if applied this way.


And now for my least favourite of the bunch – Orange-Ade. I am not a fan of orange lip colours because I find they make the area around my mouth look even more sallow than it already is 😦


I also found that this one looked the worse on me. For some reason when I applied it, it clung horribly to pores around my lips and made the dry patches even more noticeable. However, it looks amazing on my friend who has more even, pigmented lips than I do! I think the problem is that as my lips are very pale on their own, this product comes off a little sickly. If your lips already are pigmented, then I believe it will turn into a nice orangey-coral like it does on my friend. I recommend trying it out yourself if you like orange tones, as my experience might not reflect your own 🙂


This is how my lips looked after removing the Cherry-Ade tint with a makeup remover wipe. As you can see, it stained the dry patches on my lips slightly into the lines. I believe this problem can be solved by removing them with oil!

•○ Final thoughts ○•

All in all I can say these tints are probably worth the price – only 4000 KRW! They’re great for people who maintain their lips better than I do (lip scrubs and masks are a must with these) and are already fans of lip tints. I believe these products are good for those who want a more natural look, but also have some experience as I find they are a little higher maintenance than people might expect; it is not as simple as a quick swipe and go! However the natural finish is sure to be appealing to many people and I do enjoy using them under my lipsticks for a more even finish. If you can spare the cash I’d say go for it! If not, they’re probably a miss for me.

You can purchase these on the Etude House website (locally) here, or internationally here*.

And that’s it from me today! Expect another post up on Sunday 🙂  Until then~ ( ᐛ )و



6 thoughts on “Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint Swatches & Review

  1. I really love water tints since look really natural for those days I’m lazy to do full makeup xD, but didn’t buy this ones from Etude, I’m using one from Y.E.T that is kind of weird but good. I’ll try next the cherry ade, it looks so beautiful on you, like bitten lips effect. ♥


    1. Cherry ade is the best “unnatural natural” type and I love it – such a unique colour *-* I always take a tint with me because even if I don’t do any other makeup at least my lips give me some life!!


    1. Thank you!! ❤ I think your lips should be moisturized, but if you apply the lip tint too soon after applying the lip balm, then the tint will not stick well to your lips because of the oil in the lip balm 😦


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