My Trip to Osaka, Japan!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence, but the reason I was missing was because I took a short vacation to Japan! 😀 I will be sharing some photos of what I did in this LONG post, so feel free to read on if you want to check out what I got up to!

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Cafe Dessert R @ Busan

Hello everyone! I hope this weekend was kinder to you than it was to me, as I am still suffering with this cold that just won’t go away…On my last visit to Busan I was able to go to a coffee shop I had wanted to go to for months, but was unable to because the owners got married and closed the cafe down for 3 months to celebrate! This cafe stocks some of the cutest desserts I’ve ever seen, so if you want to see more, continue below 🙂

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Sophisticake @ Hapjeong

I can’t believe July is already over! Here’s my first post of the month 🙂 This time I will be talking about a coffee shop I randomly came upon last week when trying to find a place to blog about. I had originally wanted to go to a place called “La Douce” which did REALLY cute latte art, but upon arriving to the address, discovered they were closed down 😦 However, because of that I came upon Sophisticake!

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TREND WATCH – Oil diffusers & Innisfree’s Jeju House Cafe!

It has come to my attention lately that girls in Korea are going nuts over everything perfumed! Scented candles, oil diffusers, porcelain diffusers, you name it! Stores that sell these things have started popping up all over Seoul and lately it seems to be all that the girls at my university can talk about!

This will be a dual post about my experience with Innisfree’s oil diffuser, and my current favourite coffee shop to go to – Innisfree’s Jeju House cafe! (Picture heavy)

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Trend Watch – Strawberries!

Hello everyone! It’s been a little hectic lately since I went back to university last week, but I’m making my best effort to be as consistent with my blog as possible!

I decided to try something new this week, which is introduce a new type of post – Trend watch!

Basically I’ll be talking about a current trend going on in Korea, what it’s about, and how you can participate if you’re interested!

On that note, the first trend we’re going to look at is one that has exploded over the past month – strawberries!

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