Etude House Personal Color Cool Tone Palette PRO! Eyes & Lips Swatches and Review

Happy weekend! I’ve been on vacation for the past month, hence the absence, but I’m back now, and here to show you the newest addition to Etude House’s Personal Color line – the Personal Color PRO!

I’ll be reviewing and swatching the colours from both the Eye and Lip palettes, as well as comparing them to the previous editions, and demoing a handle of looks I did using them.

As you may have seen in my previous post on these palettes HERE, these palettes come in two varieties, warm and cool tone, meant to cater to your skin undertone. In my case, I am a very pale, pinky tone, so I chose the Cool Tone variant again.

The eye palette comes with 20 different shades (or 19 in my case, since one came broken 😭), all a mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitters. My complaint about the last palette was that there were not enough matte transition shades, which seems to have been fixed here! This time around, nearly half of the palette is matte, which is a huge plus for me compared to the previous one.

Names on back of palette
Photo from Etude House’s website

The colours are divided into two halves – cool summer, and cool winter.  In my previous post about this series I talked about how skin undertones are divided into two categories (warm/cool), and then further divided into two more categories within that category (spring/autumn – summer/winter). Inside the palette is a transparent plastic sheet that indicates which colours are what, but I threw it out since it was caked in the broken eyeshadow 😥 . Even though I’m a winter cool tone, I find that I can use both sides of the palette no problem.

The packaging is essentially the same as the previous palette, but darker in colour.

The previous palette had mostly neutral tones, and not much diversity. This new palette leans strongly towards a purple theme, and contains several gorgeous pops of colour! Because of that it’s infinitely more appealing to me, both in packaging and in colour choices – it’s like nothing I own!


Above are Vacation (M)*, Skin Burn (M), Sand Castle (M), Wet Street (M), and Deep Sea Water (SG) – four mattes and a glittery blue. All of these colours apply very nicely, and the blue has a mix of purple and blue glitter throughout it.

 Champagne Party (G), Lilac Shower (M), Nude Beach (MG), Tanning Oil (SG), Rich Lavender (S). Lilac Shower is ultra pigmented, and Nude Beach may look like a regular matte transition shade, but it has fine gold glitter throughout it that make it gorgeous as a standalone colour.

Wild Magenta (MG), Snow (G), Handmade Purple (M), Hot Chocolate (M), Bare Skin (M). Wild Magenta is hands down my favourite colour in this palette. Snow is another amazing shade that photos don’t do justice – it is an explosion of frosty rainbow glitter that sparkles so, soooo beautifully, and is my other favourite.


One touch of Wild Magenta on my lid – the pigment is UNREAL! The shadow is much more vibrant and neon than it looks on Etude’s website ❤ .

Jingle Bell (MG), Holy Night (MG), Wine Party (MG), Silent Night (M). As you can see, according to what I said above about the palette being divided into Summer and Winter, the names also seemed to be themed in a similar way. These last few shadows are pretty in theory, but glitters on matte bases tend to be my least favourite formula since matte shadows stick terribly to glitter bases, and glitter sticks terribly to primers for matte shadows! I always have a hard time bringing out the true glitter of these kinds of shadows, and since they were swatched without primer above, you can see that they went on a little patchy. The rainbow glitter in Holy Night and Wine Party are gorgeous, but I will need to play around with these some more to get them to work.

*M – Matte / G – Glitter / S – Shimmer

•○ Lip Palette ○•



This palette supposedly fills your “intelligent and sassy lip makeup” needs 😂.




When comparing the two, the new palette carries a lot deeper shades, and more variety. There is also little to no difference in formula between all of the shades, whereas the previous one had a mix of sheer, cream, and matte formulas. I prefer the second palette, because I find there is more variety in shades, and more pigmentation due to the consistent matte/cream formula.


These layer nicely and feel comfortable on your lips. They’re not necessarily moisturizing, but I also didn’t find them drying. The best way to apply them is with your finger or a lip brush.

My Look

WM IMG_4423

For this look I used the matte purples (Lilac Shower, Handmade Purple, and Silent Night) with some concealer to clean up my lid, and a Dolly Wink eyeliner to finish it up!


Sorry for the poor lighting on this one 😦 . Here I used Champagne Party as the main colour all over my lid, and blended it out with Handmade Purple and Lilac Shower.


I paired a rosy lip with the purple eye. I used Pool Party all over my lips, and patted Icy Plum in the center.

WM IMG_4551

My favourite look! I used Wild Magenta on the inner half, Deep Sea Water on the outer half, and blended it together in the center with a little of Champagne Party. I blended out the edges with Rich Lavender and Handmade Purple. I then patted Snow on top of everything for extra sparkle!


Because the eyes were so intense, I toned down the lips a lot. I applied Pink Mink all over, and deepened it with Misty Rose.


Two of the completed looks, and a third I did using the neutral browns in the palette! You can click on them to see them bigger 🙂 .

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The first part of my 3-part video series! 💖 Instead of cutting and speeding up the video so that all 3 parts fit in one, I decided to just post them separately so you can see what I did better. This is the eye video for my low-key evening glam look! 👀 You can do this look without the glitter, and it ends up being a very flattering, rosy, matte wash of colour! 🌹 🎵Song is "Snail House – (Ra-mu-ne)"🐌 PRODUCTS USED: @canmake_official Lasting Multi Eyebase @etude_official Personal Color Palette Pro Cool Tone Eyes @etude_official Play 101 Blending Pencil "14" @espoirstory Bronze Painting Waterproof Eye Pencil "Copper Glow" @beautypeople.cosmetics Flash Fix Pear Pigment "05 Sugar Light" @missha.official Pear Eyeliner "Opal Pearl" @tonymoly.official Pikachu Color Mascara "03 Black" 띠로리 영상 만들었음✨ 간단한 이브닝 글램 룩~ 🌹 글리터 안쓰면 좀 더 데일리스러울 것 같아요 ㅎㅎ 안그래도 저는 이런 빤짝빤짝한 룩 하고 언제나 편하게 다녀요 ㅋㅋ ✨✨ . . . . #koreanmakeup #etudehouse #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #koreancosmetics #korea #palette #personalcolor #personalcolorpalette #motd #eotd #bblogger #bblog #instabeauty #instamakeup #seoul #seoulbeautyenthusiasts #makeupaddict #kbeauty #beautygram #instamakeup #instablogger #beautyblogger #beautyblog #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #beautycommunity #seoulshopping #seoulstyle #makeupjunkie

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I also did eye and lip tutorial videos using this palette on my Instagram, if you want to check them out!

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

Loved It

I’ve been using this palette VERY often if you can’t tell, because it’s just so different and fun to use! The pigmentation is great, the colours are well balanced and unique, and there are so many different looks you can make with it! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for neutral lovers, but if you’re a little daring or want to add some colour to your looks, I’d say go for it!

The eye palette goes for 35,000 KRW for 1g x 20, and the lip palette is 22,000 KRW for 1g x 9. The eye palette is worth it for me (albeit on the pricey end for Etude), but the lip palette is a little expensive. If I was purchasing them myself, I’d definitely get the eye palette, but could skip the lip palette due to the high price. You can see the Cool Tone Eye here, the Warm Tone Eye here, the Cool Tone Lip here, the Warm Tone Lip here on Etude House’s website.

And that’s it! The drawings for this one were a lot of fun for me to do! I hope you continue to look forward to my posts in the future 😀 . Until then~ (o´ω`o)ノ




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