Etude House Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk All 10 Colors & Cases

Hello everyone! Yet another Etude House post because they are basically all that I own and purchase 😂. This month’s Pink Bird post is about their newest lipstick formula – the Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk (what a name). I will be reviewing all 10 colours, as well as showing off the 6 cases that came out with the line.

This post is done in collaboration with @doniatheconsumer (Instagram), who lovingly took all the photos for me! ❤


Etude House has decided to add onto their newest line of lipsticks, the “Dear My Tinting Lips Talk” with a matte version! I reviewed the “Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk” not too long ago here. They also released 6 more cases for the whole line!

Etude House technically already has a matte lipstick line (Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Matte), but unfortunately I don’t own any of those so can’t compare the two formulas. According to the website, the Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk are meant to tint your lips and be super moisturizing. The Dear My Blooming formula, from what I can see, are just standard matte lipsticks(?). This formula also comes in 10 colours, while the Dear My Blooming line comes in 8. The colours are pretty standard for Etude House lipsticks, although a fun orange and purple are thrown in!


In the above picture (from the left) the 1st, 4th, and last case are new. Personally I find the marble designs to be gorgeous, and they are my favourites of the cases they’ve released so far!


I must say…the lipsticks look super shiny and pretty when open like this. They do get finger prints on them quite easily but I love how they look – especially the rose gold/copper one!

Dear My Matte VS Dear My Glass

The Dear My Glass and Dear My Matte lipsticks have no difference in packaging, making them interchangeable.

The names & numbers printed on each lipstick tube


The new cases in the above picture are the 1st, 2nd, and 4th from the left! Personally these ones aren’t really my style, but they’re still nice nonetheless.

You end up amputating the flamingo’s legs when you open the middle tube 😂


BE101, BR401, RD301, RD302, RD303

BE101 – Skinny Beige is a standard warm-leaning nude for lighter skin tones. BR401 – Lettering Brown is right up my alley and probably my favourite of the colours since I’m super into rusty, rosy tones! RD301 – Celeb Red is a standard but pretty, cool-toned red. RD302 – Swag Vivid Red is a more vivid (as the name suggests), lighter red. RD303 – Show Me the Red is a warm, orangey red.

You can view HD full-sized versions of these photos here and here, respectively (opens in new window).

For someone with pale lips like me, BE101 would act as a slightly light MLBB. BR401 reminds me of one of my favourite Etude lipsticks – Dear My Enamel Lips Talk BE103 from the My Little Nut limited edition collection! The formula is different (cream vs matte), but if you’re looking for a similar colour to that one and missed out, this is a good alternative!

HD photos herehere, and here.

They don’t look that different in the tubes, but putting them next to each other like this you really get the difference in all the reds. RD301 would be most my style, as I tend to prefer cool, toned-down reds the most. RD303 would be my least-favourite, due to warm-tone reds not looking very good against my skin tone. Both RD302 and RD303 require some layering to reach that level of opacity, but layer flawlessly, making them very versatile colours! You can wear them more sheer and “natural”, or pack them on to make them look like they are above.

PP501, PK001, PK002, PK003, OR201

It was really hard to get an accurate colour match for this photo! The lip swatches have more accurate tones. PP501 – Over-fit Purple reminds me of grape popsicles! PK001 – Something Coral Pink is, like the name states, a warm coral pink. PK002 – About Pink is a pretty neutral baby pink. PK003 – Slacks Rose Pink(?!) is my favourite of the three – a dusty rose! OR201 – Sportage Orange (these names are so random) is probably the most orange lipstick I’ve ever seen in my life, after Kat Von D’s “Halo”! Usually orange lipsticks are red/pink-based but this one has a white base, making it a TRUE orange.

HD photos here and here.

I don’t know if anyone will know what I’m talking about, but PP501 reminds me a lot of the “Belle” lipstick from Etude House’s ANCIENT limited edition “Princess Happy Ending” collection! I believe that collection came out in 2014 (yes, I’ve been Etude House trash for a very long time – I was already 4 years deep then 😂). It’s a cool-toned lipstick but also suits warm skin. OR201 is probably the weakest in the collection, formula-wise, as you’ll see below.


It’s not SUPER noticeable, but this colour tends to slide around a bit, gathering in cracks and the corners of your mouth. As the formula of these lipsticks is so creamy, I’m surprised that this colour is the only one that does that! Either way, it’s something to keep in mind.

Looking at them together here, you can see that they are indeed different, but not THAT different in my opinion. The pinks are oddly lacking in this collection, and there isn’t really any colour that pops out to me compared to other lines.

My Look

WM IMG_5099

Etude House requested that I do a summery look to pair with the lipsticks, so here’s my look! I used all Etude House shadows, and will be uploading a video tutorial on my Instagram for anyone curious on how I did it!

WM KakaoTalk_20170725_170612186

I used BE101 as a base, and patted PP501 on top! I originally wasn’t going to put any purple on my eyes, but one of the Pokemon looks I did yesterday refuses to come off of one eye, so I had to add more purple to make it not as obvious 😂.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

Like It

This is a highly pigmented, highly moisturizing, ultra creamy matte formula! Like the name suggests, these leave a slight stain on your lips but not really an effect to write home about in my opinion. Despite that, this is still a solid formula!

One issue I have with Etude House having so many different finishes of lipsticks is that you end up with very little variety in colours, and instead have the same 10 colours in a million different formulas. Because of this I feel like a lot of these are duped by the Chiffon lipsticks, (although I found some of the Chiffon lipsticks to be a bit drying, despite really liking that formula too) – this line could be considered a creamier alternative! As someone who likes to wear all colours of lipstick, it’s a little bit disappointing, but I can see how the focus on standard colours would appeal to people who wear more natural/conventional makeup!

Like the Glass Tinting line, the individual lipsticks are 8,000 KRW for 3g/0.10oz, and the cases are 4,000 KRW.

I have a few cafe posts from Korea that I still haven’t posted yet, so I’m thinking of posting one of those next 🙂 . Until then~ (。・∀・)ノ゛



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