Etude House New Play 101 Sticks, Primer, & Contour Duo Swatches

I’ve been out of the country on vacation so this post is mega late, but it’s here! This month’s Pink Bird post is about the newest additions to Etude House’s Play 101 Stick line! I tried to keep this post shorter but anyone who follows my blog regularly knows that’s not going to happen…😅

I will be reviewing each line in sections (highlight/contour/duo/etc.), so if there is a particular product or number you are curious about, feel free to search for that product in your browser to skip to that part 🙂

I will also be skipping details about texture, wearability, etc. as these are the seemingly the same formula as before, and this information can already be found in my previous post here.

Now, onto the review! 😁


Etude has added 6 new shades to their Play 101 Stick line, ranging from highlight, to contour, blush, and foundation. They also added a new shade to their contour duo, along with a new product – the Play 101 Stick primer!

I was half excited, half nervous about receiving these due to my and my friends’ negative experiences with the smell 😥 But thankfully Etude has listened to the complaints of their fans and added fragrance! These now have a pleasant rose scent – HUGE improvement 😍 and I haven’t found that it changes the formula at all 😌

•○ 00 – Primer ○•


The newest addition to the Play 101 Sticks, and most hyped of them all, is the Play 101 Stick Primer!



It claims to erase pores and give your skin a smooth base for applying foundation on.

Before (only skincare)

I honestly was so ready to dismiss this product – I figured there was no way it would work! I was so, so wrong 😂 This thing is amazing! It glides onto the skin smoothly with no tugging, and does a great job at erasing your pores and mattifying your face. I’m not sure if this improves the wear-time of your foundation as I haven’t tried using the same foundation with primer vs. without, but it helps the application A LOT, as it prevents the foundation from caking into your pores 😀 Totally recommend!!

•○ 03 – Foundation ○•


Although this product isn’t new, Etude House also sent me this stick foundation to review!


Stick foundations are all the rage lately with big Youtubers going crazy over them, but they never appealed to me since I only wear full coverage on special occasions. This is my first time trying one out!


My first impression upon swatching 03 was that it was quite yellow 😦 I wasn’t even going to bother putting it on my face for the review because of how yellow I thought it’d be but decided to do it for you guys 😂💕


Even blending it out it seemed to lean a bit on the yellow side, but the good thing is that even blending this with my finger it blended out quite smoothly. It is quite a creamy formula so glided on easily too!


As you can see, the colour isn’t a perfect match (still a bit yellow – less noticeable in natural light) but the coverage is quite decent! It is buildable, but I only went with one layer, spreading it on my face in a few strokes and then blending it out with a damp Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It blended quite naturally, not clinging to dry patches, and I LOVE the finish. 😍

Some colour correcting is needed for a full coverage face but I personally like a more natural, “barely there” effect so it suited me fine 😃 I also set my makeup with translucent powder, so the end of the day there was only some fading on my nose. The rest still looked fresh and not clumpy at all.

One problem with this, however, is that if you forget you’re wearing it and scratch your face, you WILL claw off the foundation and leave marks 😨 so try to avoid touching your face when using this. But I like this so much I’m thinking of buying a shade that matches me better during the next sale!!

•○ Contour & Bronzer – 18, 19, 20 ○•


18, 19, 20

There was previously only one contour shade available in this line, and no bronzer.

18, 19, 20

18 leans more on the cool side and is the shade I’d reach for being cool-toned with a pink undertone. 19 is more on the yellow side and very light for a natural contour for very pale skin, and 20 is a shimmer bronzer. It swatches a bit streaky but I imagine it would go on your face better as it would blend out! However, I do not wear bronzer (it makes me look muddy 😥) so did not test this to see if that’s true or not. This is also QUITE shimmery so I don’t know how great it would look 😓

•○ Contour Duo – 02 ○•

The product I was the most excited about – the contour duo stick! This new addition has a matte cream highlight and a matte, cool-toned contour.


I’ve always wanted a brightening highlight, but being vampire-pale it’s near impossible to find anything light enough 😫 Sadly, this was no exception…


The product comes in a tube with two twistable ends. Because it’s a 2 for 1, you don’t get much product (3.4g for 12,000 KRW). However, it’s very slim and easy to throw in your pouch!


I applied this the way Etude suggested on the website, which I do NOT recommend. By the time you finish creating your contour/highlight line artwork, the first lines set, making it near impossible to blend them out 😩 Learned this the hard way with a muddy, streaky face 😢


I’m honestly not happy with this product. I found these difficult to blend, and with all the bouncing with my sponge I ended up pulling off my foundation and ruining my makeup 😭

Another complaint is that the highlighter seemed to break down my foundation, as it looked great everywhere else but suspiciously clumpy and gross on my highlighted areas ☹️ I really wanted this one to work so I’m super disappointed… 😣

•○ Blush – 16 ○•



When seeing that Etude was releasing more colours, this was the one that caught my eye as something I might buy!


I’m a huge fan of cherry-toned blushes as I find they suit my skin tone best!


It goes on very naturally, and requires just a few pats with the stick rather than a streak to control pigmentation – less is more and it’s build-able so no need to go crazy right away! The colour is flattering on my skin tone as it matches my natural flush. It reminds me a lot of the Etude House Berry Delicious Cream Blusher RD301, so if you have that one you can skip this one!

•○ Highlighter- 16 ○•


Along with #10, Etude House has added two more highlighters to their line for a total of 3!

08, 09

On the left we have a cool -toned pinky highlight, and on the right a warm-toned peachy gold.

08, 09

At first glance I’d recommend #08 for cool-toned skin, but it’s so “barely there” that it would probably work on almost anyone! VERY sheer. #09 on the other hand is quite dark on me and would probably look like more of a bronzer than a highlight 😦


I applied #08 on the tops of my cheekbones for this photo, and you can see the reflection in the light but it’s VERY subtle. If natural highlight is your thing this is product to go with! It is also slightly glittery and requires several layers to get enough built up but overall a decent natural highlight.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

Full face – natural lighting

As you can see above, the highlighter in #08 caused my skin to look textured because I had to layer it so many times, and my forehead has already started to break down because of the Contour Duo. The stick foundation in #03 matches my skin better in natural lighting so I will continue to use it along with the primer and blush #16! I will try using contour shade #18 on my face next time instead of opting for the duo which I did not like at all 😦

So if I had to recommend anything it would be the stick foundation (although limited shade range, unfortunately), the blush, and THE PRIMER!! 100% recommend the primer 😀 I even brought it with me on my trip!

You can find the coloured sticks on Etude House’s Korean website here, the primer here, and the foundation sticks here. If you’re looking for international shipping options, you can check the coloured sticks here, the primer here, and the foundations here*.

I’m leaving on another trip within my trip (tripception) on Friday so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another post up, but I have tons of cool things to show and really want to get back into regular blogging 😦 I need a vacation from my vacation…Until next time! (*´∇`)ノ

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6 thoughts on “Etude House New Play 101 Sticks, Primer, & Contour Duo Swatches

  1. Están hermosos los swatches y también me preocupaba el tema del olor. Lo triste es que al parecer el desempeño de los nuevos sticks no es el mejor, o el que una esperaría…que te remueva la base o que la haga lucir mal no es algo que desee. El Primer si me gustó, necesito uno nuevo…cuál me podrías recomendar?


    1. Ese contour/highlight duo en verdad me decepcionó 😦 pero los demas me gustan!! Este primer lo puedo recomendar, o el famoso Face Blur de Etude House que usan todas mis amigas jaja me gusta mas o menos! Pero la Lumilayer de VDL tambien es super popular en corea!!


      1. No me logro decidir entre el Lumilayer o el Satin Veil T_T. Necesito más por el problema de poros, aunque el Lumilayer se ve tan bonito…


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