Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon Full Collection Review & Swatches

Hello! Been posting quite frequently lately which I would like to keep a habit – maybe once I finish uni next month? Today’s post is the monthly Etude House Pink Bird box post and finally features something other than skin care! Today I’ll be talking about the new Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon – ALL TWELVE!! (Very image heavy post)

Etude House’s mission for 2016 seems to be to redesign and re-release most of (or all of) their old makeup products! I put a little collage together to show what I’ve noticed with their releases in the past month or so:

Left old, right new!

And at the bottom you see the product I’m going to be talking about today – the revamped lipsticks with a new formula addition, Chiffon!


With the release of so many new products lately I had wondered what Etude House was going to send us this month and was so shocked when I read the email saying they’d be sending us 11 of the 12 Chiffon lipsticks AND a Sweet Box!! I was also fortunate enough to win a giveaway event recently and thus got the 12th lipstick for a complete set! This is the first time I’ve ever owned the full collection of anything so it’s very exciting (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

•○ Sweet Box ○•


The Sweet Box is a collaboration with the glasses brand Optical W. There are two boxes, and each comes with one pair of sunglasses and two Chiffon lipsticks. I received box #2 (which was the one I wanted!!) which contains the black sunglasses.


The box comes like this, with the two lipsticks displayed and the sunglasses behind a thin plastic cover so they don’t go flying around the box.



The glasses are VERY reflective, and I had to retake these photos after realizing you could see me standing in them in my pajamas. The internet is not ready ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )


The glasses themselves are super sturdy and pretty! The frames are a matte black and the lenses are a grayish blue with a mirrored finish.


Wearing BE109

I’ve been wearing them daily since I got them!! They block out the sunlight much better than the ones I was previously wearing, which is great for someone like me who easily gets headaches from bright lights. I’ve been loving the current mirror-lens trend going on in Korea lately and had wanted to buy some of them myself, so I’m super happy with these!


I took the plastic out of the box and have been using it to store my lipsticks! I threw my Dreaming Swan lipsticks in there too :p



This box contains PK029 and BE109, which will be swatched below!


Both colours are gorgeous and I believe very wearable for both warm and cool toned skin.

•○ Lipsticks ○•


And now onto the fun part of this post! This is my first time swatching so many lipsticks for one post and my lips got drier and more terrible looking as the swatches went on so please bear with me…


I am not sure why one would need instructions on how to apply lipstick but thank you, Etude House. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I think the new lipstick design is a lot prettier than their old lipsticks! It feels more solid and less childish, while still maintaining that Etude House feel. The finish is shiny, with barely-there white glitter mixed in with the baby pink colouring.


The ends are metal with a sticker at the bottom expressing the expiry date and colour number/name.


This is the lipstick when twisted out completely!


At 9,500 KRW for 3.4g product, which is 0.1g less than the Dear My Enamel lipsticks which are the same price.

More angles…


And now on to the swatches!

•○ Swatches ○•



Orange…my nemesis. I have yet to find a non-coral orange that I like on me and these two were no exception 😦


As far as the names go for these lipsticks, Etude once again goes with a play on words with the Korean phrase “The __ that wants to be…” (-하고 싶은 / hago shipeun) which sounds like “chiffon” (쉬촌 / shipon) when written in Hangul. So, on the left we have “The Orange That Wants to be Coy” and on the right is “The Orange That Wants to be Gentle”. (SO weird in English, but I’m sharing because translating these names is so funㅋㅋ)

OR210 gradient lip
OR210 full lip

If I had to choose an orange to wear, this would be that orange. It leans slightly on the red side, which is the only kind of orange I can handle! It’s not light enough that it grabs onto my dry patches (the gradient lip photo would say otherwise, but orange is one of the last colours I swatched so my lips were dying), and still works okay with my pale, pink-toned skin!


OR211 leans on the very orange side of life. It’s lighter than OR210 and has less of a pink undertone. Colours like these don’t work with my cool-toned skin because I find they bring out the sallowness I have around my mouth. Will be giving this away to my friend who is more of a warm tone!


Next up are the pinks! This is the colour there is the most of in the line.


At first glance they don’t vary terribly, but the undertones are what make the difference with these.



AKA “The Pink That Wants to be Light” (weight-wise).


This pink comes off slightly purple on me, which I believe is due to its extremely cool undertone. Wearing this as a full lip gives you quite a strong pop of colour and it’s the most unique pink of the bunch!


“The Pink That Wants to be Excited”


This is your standard deep pink. Not too dark, not too light. Very flattering!


“The Pink That Wants to Love”


If it looks like I went too heavy on the saturation in these pictures, you are right! That’s because this colour is NUTS in person. This is probably the most neon colour in the line and looks a lot brighter than the pictures in real life. This one is quite hard to pull off so purchase at your own risk, but if you love eye-catching colours than this is for you!


My lips were falling off at this point and I took a big chunk out of them so forgive the messy swatch ㅡㅡ; This is the colour included in the Sweet Box – “The Pink That Wants to Hang On” (…?)


This colour is gorgeous! It’s slightly rosy, and not too bold to turn off those who aren’t used to bright colours. It’s quite a subtle colour with a unique undertone. If you are a lover of pinks and want something different, this is the one to go for! It might look basic at first glance, but the undertone makes it different from the other pinks in my collections. A great daily pink!




The order of the numbers in these pictures are all messed up but the swatches are in order below to avoid confusion!


“The Red That Wants to be Pretty”


This is also a creamy, subtle red with an interesting undertone like PK029. It blends out quite pinky which I believe is due to its cool pink undertone. Very pretty!


This is “The Red That Wants to be Happy”, slightly darker…


It’s getting late and I’m having the hardest time distinguishing these swatch photos! My swatches look so different from the Etude House website that I’m starting to doubt myself \(´□`)/ Anyway, this red is more vibrant and deeper than RD313, while still maintaining the pink undertone.


“The Red That Doesn’t Want to Change”, the vampiest of the line!


Like the name suggests, this is a classic deep, cool-toned red. Nothing new or exciting but always very gorgeous!


And now onto my favourites – beiges!! I’m so excited that Korea is embracing the beige trend because they’re my favourite tone of lipsticks. I own so many but I can never have enough 😀


Now, as you can see in the lipstick bullets VS. my swatches, the tones are more reddish/orange than they look on my skin. This is because, being insanely pale and dead-toned, any grayish undertones in colours like this tend to come out when put on my lips. Luckily this is a look I’m fond of!!


The flash I use also tends to make colours a bit more cooler looking than they are in real life, as you can see with my swatch VS. how BE109 looked above in my sunglasses photo. I tried to edit them to make them as accurate as possible to how they look in real life!


This is “The Beige That Wants to Envelop You”, and by that I guess they mean envelop itself in every single crack and dry skin I have! This one looks TERRIBLE on me, and is such a light colour that it tends to cling onto dry patches very easily.


This is my least favourite of the whole line, but I do have a warm-toned friend who’s favourite is this, so if you are warm-toned and like nudes then you might want to give it a shot!


“The Beige That Wants to Tremble”


This is the other lipstick that was included in the Sweet Box. This is my second favourite of the whole line!! It’s a great daily colour and goes with all kinds of makeup looks because of its neutral tone. Depending on who’s wearing it, it can lean more on the orange side (warmer-toned skin) or more on the brown side (cool-tones like me). Totally recommend!


“The Beige That Wants to Wait” aka MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK EVER (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻


I used this lipstick almost daily for the past week because of its versatility. When patted on lightly it resembles a MLBB colour and brings some life into my face, but when layered it becomes such a flattering wine/brown colour! I LOVE THIS, simple as that.

•○ Impressions ○•

My first thought on these is that they’re very creamy and glide on very smooth! They are also very pigmented, and do not slip and slide around like a regular cream lipstick (my biggest pet-peeve of lipsticks). They do not set matte, but do not have a super sheen like the Enamel line. The red colours in particular had some issues applying opaque,  but I attribute this to having applied chapstick before to try to minimize dry patches. Because of this I recommend avoiding creamy/oily lipbalms before applying these as they tend to apply patchy on top! These also last quite a long time and fade nicely, without leaving odd patches or the famous lip ring.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


All in all I’m very happy with this line! I love the packaging revamp, and the texture is amazing! I’ve been wearing these almost everyday as there is great variety (although I feel the pinks/reds could have been a little more varied…) and they’re so comfortable. The easily gliding texture reminded me of Espoir lipsticks, albeit not as long-wearing, but for half the price I am totally down with these!

They can be found on Etude House’s website here for shoppers in Korea, and can be shipped internationally here*.

Let me know in the comments if you will be picking up any of these colours for yourself 🙂 Until next time~ ( ・ω・)ノ

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18 thoughts on “Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon Full Collection Review & Swatches

  1. Te las mandaste! na que decir, un 10! aparte, el tema de swatchear todo en los labios uff, necesitan un nanai urgente ♥

    Amé el labial beige 110 y el rojo vampiresco <3. No sé de dónde sacaré boca, pero quiero muchos TT_TT


  2. Thank you for this post! Finally someone who swatched each and every color and reviewed it in English 😀 (I can practically feel the pain your lips must have been feeling though..)

    Really want all 3 of those beiges!


    1. Haha thank you!! Some of the swatches are a little dry simply BECAUSE my lips were so dry and raw at the end :p The 2 darker beiges are my favourite and I still use them almost daily @_@


  3. ~~very informative. thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    i have a question, i ordered BE109 from an ebay seller in Korea. im not sure if its a knock-off but looking at your photos, from the box, label & the lipstick itself, it looks original. i just noticed that it smells really good. does it have a fruity scent?
    hope to hear from you soon.


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