caFACE @ Hongdae

Tomorrow is Memorial Day in Korea so it’s a long weekend! I figured I’d take the opportunity to get started on my final exam studies early…yay (-人-。) A few weeks ago I visited the famous caFACE in Hongdae – a cafe famous for printing your face on your coffee!

They don’t serve alcohol, so not sure what the “bar” part is for :p


You have your standard run-of-the-mill menu with many different choices – cold drinks with a milk base are recommended if you want to get your picture on it!


They also sell a few basic desserts…


…and some savory sandwiches!


You must order one drink per person, so you can only get two peoples’ faces printed on one drink if you order at least one other drink (the second drink doesn’t have to have anything printed on it). You can also order just one drink with one face on it if you go alone 🙂


As the above photo says, you order a cold drink with a milk base and pay 2,200 KRW extra to get a picture printed on it! The milk base is needed for the printing, as its placed on top of the foam, and the cold drink is because the photo would melt otherwise.


You buy your drink at the counter, then on the left (forgot to get a pictureㅠㅠ) is a booth where you take your picture with the cellphone provided in the booth. You can take multiple pictures if you don’t get it quite right on your first try, just make sure to delete the ones you didn’t like so that the servers don’t get confused with which one to use on the final print.


The interior is quite normal – very wide open, all in white, with bar-style tables in the center and booths off to the sides. There is plenty of seating, but it was quite empty. The weather was rainy and gloomy that day which probably didn’t help 😦


After a short wait (>10 mins), out came the coffee! As it was a little pricey to get the printing done, we opted for just one plain coffee to go with the printed one! I ordered a cafe mocha with the art, and the 남친 got a cafe latte (+ free latte art which is always a nice touch!).


I was honestly really impressed with how the photo was printed!! The app they use seems to shrink your face and make your eyes bigger, or maybe that was just the angle we took the photo at…but the printing itself looked so cool! We concluded that they print on a super-thin edible paper type thing using coloured food dyes, and place that on top of the latte foam. Really awesome!


BUT naturally the most exciting part of the photo printing was distorting it.


At first you feel a little bad ruining the photo you took 5 mins trying to get a good angle for…


But it’s just so funny seeing what you can do with it 😂😂

The final result…

Beautiful. As for the taste of the drink? Honestly it was probably one of the weakest, most un-chocolatey cafe mocha I’ve ever had in my life ┐(´-`)┌ For how much it cost I’d expect it to at least taste like any standard coffee, but I really did not enjoy it. Seems the gimmick is just the printing! As for the taste of the printed part, it was quite nice! It tasted very sugary – I should have mixed it down into my drink to try to make it taste at least decent… 😦


caFACE was a fun, unique experience but not something I can see myself going to again. It’s more of a one time gimmick, since the drinks aren’t good enough to make me want to pay that much money to do it again. Totally a tourist trap! But I enjoyed going here a lot so I recommend at least trying it out once 😀

I’m not sure what I’ll post next – I have quite a few things lined up but not sure which one I’ll go for…All makeup related, all different brands! Either way, I hope to see you then ( ゚▽゚)/



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