Etude House Bling Me Prism Collection Review & Swatches

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post! I have so much content I want to post, but so little time with my graduation exhibition coming up 😦 but here I am with a HUGE post on Etude House’s new Bling Me Prism summer collection!

Early on I had heard a rumour that Etude House’s summer collection would be a collaboration with the trendy Korean jewelry brand, HighxCheeks, which you can check out here. I was super in love with their stuff so naturally was VERY excited to see what kind of concept Etude House would pull for this line. Etude is quite strong compared to other makeup brands in that when they do collaborations, they go all out! This line turned out to be no exception!!

My haul!

The last time I went this out on an Etude House line was with the Sweet Recipe collection a few years back. I bought at least one of every single product available, minus the tattoos which I was told I would be getting through my Beautizen program next month! Normally I would have used my Beautizen Beauty Points on these, but as I wanted the bracelet and ring, I used my own money…

SO PRETTYㅠㅠ They had a special event, where if you spent 20,000won on items from this collection, you could get your choice of one of four jewelry pieces with the lips and eye motifs of the collection. As the original price of these pieces is 29,000won each, I had to get two! My only complaint is that the bracelet seems to be designed with a child’s wrist in mind, as it is so tiny. I’ve received many comments before on how small my wrists are, and even then it’s tight on me! Definitely something to keep in mind if anyone is looking into buying bracelets from this line. The ring, however, fits perfectly.

The first thing I’ll talk about is the empty eyeshadow palette. I have a million of these things but seeing the limited edition holographic case I couldn’t resist getting another one…

It comes with a standard sponge applicator (that I probably won’t use) and four empty spaces for Etude House eyeshadows. I’ve been told that the Face Shop and Innisfree shadows also fit perfectly in the Etude House empty palettes, as well as anything smaller as long as you’re okay with them not being snug!

Naturally I needed some new shadows (I really didn’t) to fit in my new empty palette!
The limited edition packaging is so cute that I almost don’t want to depot them and put them in the palette…almost.

GR705, PK010, PK006

 From left to right we have Milky Sparkling, Peonys Bloom, and Budapest. The first and last are pearl tones, and the middle shade is a more glitter tone.

As all Etude shadows do, they swatch quite strongly even without primer. Like the rest of the Bring Me Prism collection, they have a sparkly, holographic finish. Not sure how I’ll use the mint shade but it was too pretty and unique to pass up! I’m glad that with this line Etude House seems to be stepping out of their comfort zone and introducing unconventional colours to the Korean public 🙂

Ultra Mercury & Prism Kiss

 Next up we have the nail polishes! All of the nailpolishes in the Bling Me Prism line are duochrome/holographic, excluding the silver one above which is more of a chunk glitter.

As you can see, Prism Kiss has silver chunks of glitter with kiss shaped detailing. Great for a point nail as I did here! Ultra Mercury is a versatile colour good for full nails or deep French style. Really great colours for summer!

Next up we have the lip colours! These are a revamp and repackaging of the previously released Liquid Lip line! I loved the Liquid Lip collection so I was definitely excited to hear that new colours were going to be released with this collection…

Spangle in Coral, Star in Pink, Hologram in Jewel

No light, light

I picked up a coral, a hot pink, and a whole new shade?! Etude decided to release a shade that wasn’t entirely pigmented as the rest of the Liquid Lips collection, but instead a lipgloss-type shade. Hologram in Jewel is much less pigmented than the rest of the Liquid in Lips line but great as a shade to layer on top of other colours. As a duochrome lip shade is something unique to Etude I was pleasantly surprised!

Spangle in Coral gradient

Spangle in Coral is a GREAT colour for summer. The Liquid Lips collection has a coral shade or two, but none of them quite hit the coral hammer on the head as this shade.

I would dare to say that it is one of the most coral shades Etude has carried, and is a great colour that is flattering on most skin tones. It looks slightly pink in these swatches but I find it to be the perfect balance between orange and pink!

The next shade is Star in Pink! I can’t resist a neon pink, and this cool toned lip colour was no exception.

Patted lightly on the lip as a gradient or drawn as a full lip, this shade is flattering to both cool and warm tone skin types despite being a totally cool tone shade.

It fits the Bling Me Prism line very well in that it is a fluorescent neon colour! Very pretty.

The final shade is Hologram in Jewel! Honestly I was disappointed this shade wasn’t as pigmented as the swatches made it to be. I was hoping this was a pigmented pink with a gold shimmer, but it turned out to be a light pink sheer gloss with a gold shift. It is very pretty as a gloss, however!

To see how it looked as a layered colour, I first applied a matte lipstick…(NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen)

Then I applied Hologram in Jewel on top! It works great as a layered colour on top of matte lipsticks, which is what I’ve been using it for.

Hologram in Jewel (left), bare lipstick (right)

Unfortunately it is not as pigmented as I’d like for it to be used on its own, but I find that it works well as a top coat for lipsticks of all kinds!

Next are the liquid shadows! These, along with the Liquid Lips, are what I looked forward to the most in this collection. Liquid shadows aren’t that common in Korea yet, but when you can find them, the quality is amazing!

#1 Honey Glam, #2 Sunny Carrot, #3 Darling Heart
With flash

With or without flash, the shine and pigment of these shadows is INTENSE. When swatched on my arm and hands in the store, these eyeshadows did not seem particularly interesting…

But once applied on the eyes these shadows were BRIGHT NEON! These shadows fit with the neon concept of Bling Me Prism completely, but as the swatch on my arms was completely different I was totally surprised! Pleasantly, of course…

These shadows can be used as a solid metallic liner, or blended out with the finger (the method I recommend) to be used a a full/semi-lid eyeshadow. As they dry quite quickly I recommend blending them out quickly!

For this look I used Darling Heart and blended it into Sunny Carrot. I also used the liquid glitter from the Dreaming Swan line as a highlight in the inner corner…

(So freckly since I came back from Mexico…)

My Bling Me Prism look! Inspired by the Instragram user @mrsecon! I applied this look at 3:00PM the other day, and it lasted without creasing or fading until 1:00AM! VERY impressed!

I am honestly completely in love with this line! Etude House went all out with this collaboration, as usual, and it is something that completely matches my style. I love the products, and love the designs of everything! Once again Etude House delivers quality for a great price, and I am totally satisfied. Hopefully they release more liquid eyeshadows in the future as I feel those were the most high quality products of the bunch!

I will be uploading a food post soon, so stay tuned 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!


19 thoughts on “Etude House Bling Me Prism Collection Review & Swatches

  1. Hey I was wondering what is the code for the color spangle in coral? Based on my searches on google, the color you’ve shown looks more like PK010. Anyways those colors look great on you! 🙂


    1. OR206 🙂 It looks really orange on Etude House’s official swatches but I find it to be much more pinky as you can see in mine. The orange undertone is definitely there, which makes it still a coral shade but it’s not as orange as their swatches 🙂 Thank you!!! ❤


  2. Awesome as usual! Great pics! I was in doubt and ended buying the silver one. And now I regret it ._., should had pick the green or the blue one, because wanted holo more than glitter.
    And bought too the Red lip product, hope came fast (since deliveries are slower than ever ;_;)
    Thank you for the post ^^


  3. This was a fantastic post! I found your blog when I was searching for this line and I’ve just followed you as I love reading posts with so much detail and you clearly put effort into your reviews. Sunny carrot looks amazing and the look you created is gorgeous too! Thank you for the brilliant photos! 🙂


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