Sophisticake @ Hapjeong

I can’t believe July is already over! Here’s my first post of the month 🙂 This time I will be talking about a coffee shop I randomly came upon last week when trying to find a place to blog about. I had originally wanted to go to a place called “La Douce” which did REALLY cute latte art, but upon arriving to the address, discovered they were closed down 😦 However, because of that I came upon Sophisticake!

The outside

From the outside it didn’t seem like anything special, but the name caught me and my friend’s eye. “Sophisticake”, so cute! We decided to check it out over “La Bonita”, which was on the right of the street, as the name was too cute to ignore.

The window

Another thing that sparked our interest was the “Pudding Day” sign on the window. It turns out that every Tuesday and Wednesday you get free custard pudding with your drinks!

The interior

The inside feels very much like a room in a doll house.

There are lots of handmade decorations and drawings, as well as stuffed toys and other pink things. The atmosphere is very quiet and relaxing, so I imagine it would be a great place to study.

Next to our table was this wall of handmade origami flowers; very pretty!

Now for the important part! These handdrawn cards talked about the specials. For spring/summer was the banana pudding, and for fall/winter was the chocolate fondant. They also have “Today’s Macarons” that you can order, where the macaron flavours available vary from day to day.

And now for the menu! Upon arriving the waitress had asked us if we had been there before, and if we knew how to order. We thought this was strange, as how complicated can it be to order coffee? However, it turns out that this cafe offers a “make your own cake” service! You can choose from various toppings, types of cream, and cake sheets in order to make a cake that will best suit your taste. We decided to go with custard filling, chocolate and vanilla sponge cake, and salted caramel as the topping.

First came our drinks – an iced latte and an iced Americano. Lately I have been so addicted to Americano…I used to drink them just for the caffeine and hated the taste but now I can’t get enough!! The drinks were both very nice at this cafe, with the price being very friendly compared with the size.

Banana pudding!

Because we both ordered drinks, we got two small helpings of banana pudding! It looked delicious, but as I’m allergic to banana I was unable to try itㅠㅠ my friend enjoyed it, however! Stuck in the pudding was a churro snack, which I got to enjoy at least 🙂


Around 15 minutes after we ordered, the cake came out. It surprisingly took less time than I had imagined! It looked and tasted amazing – we definitely made good choices! It was around the size of a fist, so it wasn’t too big or too small for two people to enjoy. Very thick and moist! Curious to try other combinations…

The good thing about Korea being so open to coffee shops is that you can find something interesting and unique like Sophisticake while just simply walking around your neighbourhood. I definitely enjoyed my experience here, and was glad to find a nice place despite the initial disappointment from the cafe we wanted to go to being closed. If you want to try something a little different, then I definitely recommend stopping by!

The map and address can be found here for anyone interested in trying it out!

I will be making a trip to Busan this weekend, so expect a post on my experience there as it is my first time visiting 🙂 Have a great week!


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