Cafe Majo and Sady @ Apgujeong Rodeo

Two weeks ago I went to Apgujeong Rodeo as I had heard the author of my favourite Korean webtoon, Majo and Sady, had opened a themed coffee shop last year in the area. (Image heavy post!!)

The outside…

Majo and Sady is a webtoon about the real stories of Majo, a bear that represents the husband, and Sady, a rabbit that represents his wife. They are a real life couple that supposedly now live on the top floor of this cafe, and the webtoon talks about the antics they get into in their lives together.

Let’s look at one of the comics…

An example of one of the comics (translated by me!)

I love this webtoon series because not only is it funny but it’s easy to understand for people who are not necessarily completely fluent in Korean. (I also feel like I can relate quite well with the demanding and picky Sady…) Unfortunately I have yet to find any English translations, so it is only available for Korean speakers currently 😦

The menu! So many choices…

The cafe is quite large! There are so many things to choose from, and everything is so cute! It’s decorated with all the characters from the webtoon, and you can even buy merch ranging from stuffed toys to cellphone cases to notebooks!

They even have Sady related makeup products!

The desserts are beyond adorable. As I went with a friend who can’t have gluten or dairy products I was wary to try any of the really big ones, but that will definitely be something to do for the next trip as they looked delicious.

Cute pancake with cream set!
They even have brunch!
Everything is so cute it was hard to choose…

I ended up getting a Majo cupcake and a “Sady Americano”. The Sady Americano is actually different from a regular Americano because it has a slight fruity taste and isn’t as bitter – really yummy! They also have a Majo Americano available for those who like a darker coffee taste.

So cute (//∇//)

At first I was wary because the cupcake was as hard as a rock! But it ended up being delicious and super fudgey, a pleasant surprise.

Before and after…scary (T⌓T)

The cafe is covered in decorations and different toys you can take pictures with or just use to keep you company. Many couples like to go on the weekends, but as I went during the week it wasn’t particularly busy. Some people were seen studying or just reading one of the many copies of the Majo and Sady comics available, while others chatted with friends!

2nd floor – quite spacious!
Huge bunny disco ball

I spent quite a lot of time relaxing at the coffee shop. Definitely a good place to take your friends during the week if you want to have some quiet time with an easy-going atmosphere.

Many hand decorations such as this one were everywhere!

I didn’t get any pictures of myself, wasn’t having a good day fashion-wise (´ω`๑;)

Big headed characters are definitely my weakness…

I don’t know if this is a selling point to anyone, but EXO’s Tao happened to come in and get coffee while I was there…bit of a surprise to randomly look up from your coffee and see a celebrity at the table next to you, but it is Apgujeong after all!

And that concludes my post on the Cafe Majo and Sady! I definitely recommend it – a chill atmosphere, great coffee, great snacks, and everything is so cute so you’ll definitely want to bring a camera!

★ Map ★

Click through for detailed map!

The easiest way to get there is from Gangnam Gucheong station on the Bundang line (yellow). The address in Korean is 서울특별시 강남구 청담동 22-1.

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it! (U´・ェ・)ノ♪゜

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