Etude Play 101 Pencil Swatches

I promised I’d upload another post this week, and if you think of Sunday as the 7th day of the week, then I have succeeded! If not, I have failed you and I apologize (T-T )

For this week’s makeup review we have Etude House’s (yes, more Etude…) Play 101 pencils!

From Etude’s House website

These pencils come in 50 different shades, and 5 different textures: creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter. These pencils are advertised as being able to be used on all parts of your face, so even if you just buy one colour, you can use it in many different ways! There were so many to choose from but as I am but a student I only picked up four that I thought would be the most useful. (⌣_⌣”)

The box

Once again Etude House hits the bulls-eye with their packaging. Super classy and cute this time around too! I’m loving the font used for the numbers and the bright, matte colours…

Two more sides of the box

Judging on what is written on the packaging in Korean, the gimmick of these pencils is that they can be used on all parts of the face and that you can complete a full makeup look using the pencils alone without having to use any other products. Of course, you’d need a lot of the pencils to pull this off, unless blue eyebrows are your thing – I don’t judge!

The sharpener

Another cool feature of these pencils is that you can pull off the coloured cap at the bottom and use it as a sharpener to keep your pencils in top shape! Very convenient…

What they look like open

I bought all four on separate occasions, but looking at them next to each other I’d say I could actually pull off a look using them all together! Might have to try that next time…

#02 – Glitter black

Since EH’s pencil liners have failed me before I was hesitant to pick this one up, but it swatched so well in the store I decided to give it a try. A very pretty black with silver sparkles good for fancying up any eyeliner look! I’ve tried using it in my waterline but it doesn’t suit very well for this, as it rubs off easily and the colour doesn’t transfer well. Probably the worst quality of the four – doesn’t apply well and is a bit dry so it’s hard to get proper colour pay-off.

#08 – Matte Cream

I read a blog review online where the user used this colour in her waterline, and thus bought it for the same reason. It definitely suits this purpose well! Very creamy, and great colour pay-off. I find it to be too yellow to use it as concealer or highlighter as EH suggests, but it works well as a brightening pencil for the inner eye or even as a highlight/base on the eyelids. My favourite of the four!

#18 – Matte Lilac

I bought this to use it either as a liner for above my black liner, or on my lower eyelid as a highlight. Sadly the colour isn’t bright enough to show through my eyelashes once I put mascara on. I haven’t tried applying it with a white base first yet, which might help. Otherwise it is a very creamy, pretty pastel lilac great for adding a bit of colour to a plain look.

#37 – Matte Teal

I got this pencil for the same reason I got #18 – I wanted to use it on my lower lid as a pop of colour to match my daily black winged liner look! The pigmentation of this pencil is quite superior to the lilac one, and even after mascara the colour shines quite strongly through and is very complementing to dark eyes! Definitely my second favourite of the pencil, and I use it quite often because it’s quite fun and goes well with pink lip colours, a colour I wear often.

Forearm swatches!

In the swatch you can see several of the things I mentioned earlier. As you can see, the black drags quite a lot as it is rather dry…As I’m pink-toned the yellowness of the cream pencil shows quite strongly as well! However it still looks good on the waterline for most skin types I find.

☆ My Look! ☆

I’m not cool enough to know how to take selca with my DSLR yet…

Here you can see a (very LQ) picture I took using #8 in my waterline. It is quite bright at first but as it fades away during the day it looks quite natural and makes your eyes look nice and awake!

Final verdict: Satisfied! I’m not sure I would go crazy and buy a bunch of these, as I can do most of the same things with shadows or other products that I already own, but they provide quite a few nice options for quick on the run makeup that can be easily touched up throughout the day. There are TONS of colours though, so I definitely recommend checking them out – you might find something you like!

Etude House also has a lot of tutorials on their website using these pencils, check it out!


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