More Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches

I caved – Etude House had another one of their seemingly bi-weekly sales recently and my feet carried me there against my will (lie detected). Before I knew it I had 3 new eyeshadows!

The shadows as shown on the Etude House website

You can’t tell too much with these, but I noticed Etude tends to edit the colours of their shadows strangely so that the pictures don’t look anything like the actual shadows. If you’re buying online, I recommend searching for swatches beforehand!

From left to right – Honey Milk, Pungent Wine Burgundy, Sweet Potato Latte

Now onto the review!

BE102 – Honey Milk (허니밀크)

The first shade is “Honey Milk”, a light cream colour from the Look At My Eyes Cafe collection. Being so pale I have trouble finding white tones bright enough to show up on my skin, but this works great! I’ve been using this almost daily as the base colour for all of my looks, as it brightens shadows put on top and works great as a brow bone/eyelid highlighter! I thought it was matte at first but it has a little bit of subtle sparkle going on, albeit barely noticeable.

RD302 – Pungent Wine Burgundy (알싸한 와인버건디)

The second and strongest shade is “Pungent Wine Burgundy” (I translated this – sounds terrible in English!), a deep, metallic burgundy with pinkish undertones from the regular Look At My Eyes line. I recommend a light hand when applying this shadow – it’s very pigmented! The burgundy tone makes it go well with the current trend of red eye looks, while the glitter makes it work with many different shadows!

PP501 – Sweet Potato Latte (자색 고구마 라떼)

The last shade is “Sweet Potato Latte” (or “Purple Potato Latte” as it’s called in Korean), also from the Cafe collection. I was hoping this shade was more matte than it is but the sparkle is so subtle it works well with other matte shadows regardless. Definitely a good shadow for brown or neutral looks, as the tone is very light and works great as a replacement of taupe shadows. The only downside is that it is definitely the least pigmented of all the shadows and you have to layer it a lot to get it to stand out.

No flash – Flash

My hands are paler than my eye skin so you can’t see Honey Milk at all (; ̄Д ̄)You can kind of see it in my look below…maybe?!

☆ My Look! ☆

Using Honey Milk & Goguma Latte!
Selca Party ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Products used: Etude Shadows in Honey Milk, Sweet Potato Latte / Play 101 Pencil – #7 / Lash Perm Mascara / Surprise Essence Concealer / Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in Black / BH Cosmetics Palette 1st Edition (1 shadow used) / Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner

Final verdict: Satisfied! I wish Sweet Potato Latte was more pigmented, but using the shadows with primer definitely helps. As I said before, I’ve been using Honey Milk almost daily so I definitely recommend it for all skin tones!


3 thoughts on “More Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches

  1. I bet you’ll be surprised to know I über like the burgundy and goguma latte shades (the name of this one gives me the private joke feel too, like only people who have lived in Korea will get what this sweet potato latte thing is about) and I’m amazed to see how the latter can actually be used on its own… Well with honey milk, but it’s so light I don’t know if you can consider it a gradation per se (*wink wink*). Anyway I might blame you if my feet take me to Etude House tomorrow because I WANT THEM NOW.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the shades you chose 😀 They look so pretty together on your eyes.

    I have Sweet Potato Latte and love it for its uncommon pretty, neutral-ish purple. Agree on the weaker pigmentation though. Ahh, now you’ve totally convinced me to pick up Burgundy at the next Etude sale ❤


    1. Thank you!! ❤ Sweet Potato Latte is one of my favourites, it goes so well with so many different colours and works great as a neutral to blend out harsh shadows…
      I hope you like it!!!! *-*

      Liked by 1 person

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