Espoir Lipsticks Review & Comparison (NOWEAR M/Luster/Signature)

Hello everyone! I would’ve thought Korea would have warmed up slightly by now but apparently not – it’s still been quite miserable and rainy here lately 😦 . So let’s try to cheer up with a post about some fun products – Espoir’s lipsticks! I will be talking about 3 different finishes from their extensive lipstick line in NOWEAR M(atte), Luster, and Signature!


Espoir is one of the newer roadshop brands in Korea, having come out in 2011. I’ve mentioned this before, but they’re a brand I didn’t touch for years while living here because they lean more towards mid ~ high-end prices (comparable with MAC / NARS). However, a friend introduced a few of their products to me and I’ve been hooked since!


My favourite Espoir products are their liners and cream lipsticks. Their NOWEAR line (I thought they were called “NORWAY” lipsticks for the longest time 😂) comes in SEVEN! different finishes, of which I own three.


The packaging of all of the lipsticks, except the Signature line, come in the above frosted matte-black packaging, with a magnetic lid. Limited Edition lines change the colour and design of the outside packaging, but generally reserve the shape and finish, as you can see above!


Moody Bloody Collection
Sense of Secret Collection

Above you can see two examples of the limited edition packaging. They put so much detail in everything from the box, to the outside and inside of the lipstick, that it makes you really want to collect them all!

Signature VS Matte

The Signature collection has more of a square feel, both with the cut of the lipstick itself, as well as the cubic shape of the packaging compared to the rounder, regular packaging.


They also got rid of the magnetic lid, and changed it for a lid that snaps in place. Because of the lack of magnet it feels lighter and cheaper, despite being the more expensive of the two…A weird design choice, and I infinitely prefer the regular, round packaging.

•○ Swatches ○•

Luster – PK004 Girl Crush (LE) / M – OR403 Modest / M – RD201 Forbidden Lust (LE) / Signature – RS105 Misty

You can tell here that the Luster finish is the glossiest. I find the Luster finish to be an opaque, highy pigmented version of the NOWEAR Sheer Balm. High gloss! The matte finish is extremely opaque, with a comfortable, almost powdery finish. The Signature line is one that I can’t quite wrap my head around. On the Espoir website it’s called a “glow finish”, which I guess is accurate. They’re not as matte as the mattes, but not as shiny as the luster finish, nor as opaque. Just a standard, slightly more matte-leaning lipstick finish, I guess?

Luster / Matte / Signature

This was such an awkwardly-angled photo to take 😂.  As you can see, the Luster finish transfers the most which is to be expected since it’s so glossy and creamy. There wasn’t much difference between the transferring of the Matte VS Signature, and neither of them transfer hardly at all if you blot them on a tissue.



NOWEAR Luster – PK004 Girl Crush (LE)

I really like how the Luster finish lipsticks apply. They go on very creamy and in one swipe, with a flattering shine to them. This colour in particular is a vibrant pink with a summery vibe. I find these to be very moisturizing and comfortable, although the glowy finish makes them feel quite slippery so I recommend blotting your lips after application!

M – OR403 Modest

I’ve done a full review of this particular colour here. This is a colour I would never have expected to like. It is a brownish, dead pumpkin colour. I’ve seen this look good on both warm and cool-toned skin so it’s quite versatile. Goes great with both pale and medium skin too! It looks slightly shiny in the photo but it is very matte in real life.

M – RD201 Forbidden Lust (LE)

This colour is S T U N N I N G. It goes on in one pigmented swipe, and is SO bright and red. The ultimate Snow White, vibrant red lipstick. It’s such a shame this one is limited edition! The mattes are by far my favourite of their finishes, and they are the most comfortable lipsticks I own from any line.

Signature – RS105 Misty

I find that this lipstick comes off a lot more glossy here than it does in real life, but it does have a sheen to it when you compare it to the mattes. This finish has more of a buildable texture, which I like. One swipe gets you a very natural dusty pink finish, whereas two gives more of a deep mauvey pink. Such a unique, pretty colour! Also a comfortable, smooth formula.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

The M and Luster formulas are 3.7g for 19,000 KRW, the standard price of Espoir lipsticks. The Signature line, however, is 3.5g for 23,000 KRW for some reason.

Favourite formula of the three? Matte, hands down! They are long lasting, super comfortable, glide on like a dream, and don’t age or shrivel up your lips at all like many matte lipsticks do. My least favourite would have to be the Signature just because of the packaging, which I feel is a huge downgrade, and the fact that the price is higher despite me feeling no significant improvement/change in the formula whatsoever. Luster is also a great formula, but I prefer wearing it as a gradient over a full lip because it does tend to slide around if you’re not careful (which I never am).

Has anyone tried out Espoir lipsticks? If so, which is your favourite formula? I feel like Espoir isn’t a brand that gets recognized often by overseas K-Beauty lovers, but I really recommend you check it out because the quality is GREAT! Until next time~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



6 thoughts on “Espoir Lipsticks Review & Comparison (NOWEAR M/Luster/Signature)

  1. Forbidden Lust!! Dios mío, ese color lo AMO! me susurra su nombre jajaja
    Te queda precioso, los demás también pero ese rojo llama la atención de inmediato :3
    Gracias por los swatches y la info!

    Pucha, yo estaba súper feliz porque pedí la Pro tailor cushion ex a Jolse por el patrocinio, pero al usarla la primera vez el air puff se rajo. Si, se rajó por el lado negro! Quedé en shock porque me encantó la fórmula, cobertura y el que el puff sea cuadrado…y más ahora que Jolse sacó a la marca del catálogo ya no sé donde conseguir ese color rojo precioso T_T. I’m like TT xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Es PRECIOSO. Estuve viendo varias paginas que venden K-Beauty pero no pude encontrar Espoir en ninguna 😦 No se porque no lo venden, en verdad la calidad es excelente!! Diciendo eso, que horror que se te haya rajado el puff?! me pregunto si los venderan por separado…pero el problema es donde T_T (lol gracias ahora tengo la cancion PEGADISIMA 😂😂)


      1. Es súper difícil hallar la marca… pero en ibuybeauti he visto que tienen algunas cosas. El labial lo busqué y queda 1 solo en ebay y me morí con el precio T_T. Pero buscaré donde tengan el puff para ver si es un problema puntual o no.

        Jajaa acá escuchan harto la canción xD a mi hija peque le gustan mucho Twice.


      2. Has usado Shop and Box? 😮 Si no la conoces, en esa pagina se puede comprar lo que sea de corea y te lo mandan a donde sea!! Mi mejor amiga aca (@doniatheconsumer jeje) trabajaba con eso antes de tener su bebe y compraba de todo para gente de todo el mundo 😀


      3. Si! Ese mismo 🙂 el commission charge es bien poco! Lo he usado para pedir de EEUU tambien jeje y conozco algunas K-Beauty bloggers que lo usan 😃 so it’s safe 💕


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