Cafe La Douce @ Hapjeong

Hello everyone! I have so much going on that I’ve been having a terrible time concentrating but decided to finally get this post out that I’ve had photos for since May OF LAST YEAR! A tour of one of the cutest cafes in Hapjeong – Cafe La Douce!


According to my 3 seconds of Google research, La Douce means “The Sweet” in French (similar to ‘dulce’ in Spanish so I should have guessed!) but I keep misreading it as a rather unfortunate English word…😂.


The first time I tried going here they were going under renewal, but they’ve since reopened and redesigned with a modern industrial design-type feel.



The main theme of the cafe seems to be cute animals! There are cute drawings (possibly fanart by customers?) all over the cafe. The interior isn’t too big, but it’s quite cozy, not cramped.


The cafe offers your standard drinks – coffees, teas, and juices.


However, they offer a wide variety of freshly made desserts! Banana pudding, tiramisu (with a cute leaf decoration!)…


…as well as different cakes! However the real reason I came here was the cheesecake…


Voilà! It looks like a real wheel of Swiss cheese! You can grab a full cake to-go, or just get a slice.

Plain cheesecake

They have the option of a plain cheese cake, or what I ended up going with which is the oreo cheesecake.

Oreo cheesecake

With the oreos it kind of looks like blue cheese! Luckily it didn’t taste like it 😂. It was very smooth, and had a hint of citrus zest (I’m not trained enough to tell if it was orange or lemon). SUPER good.

Cafe Latte

As for coffee, any of the drinks that have milk foam on them come out with elaborate latte art!!! You don’t get to choose the animal you want, but there are several that you can get. This one is a cat…

Cafe Mocha

And my Cafe Mocha, which was a bear! I could die from cuteness 😭.


Click on the GIF to see the wiggle!


Most importantly is how they jiggle on top of the drink with every little movement you make 😭 .

Oh no…

The only unfortunate thing about this cafe is the pain you feel upon having to drink your cute new friend.

The horror…

I like how La Douce sets themselves apart from other Hapjeong cafes with these subtle touches. Just by re-designing a standard (but delicious) cheesecake to look like actual cheese, or having cute animals as their milk foam, they create a unique touch that makes me want to go back and show this place to all of my friends. Totally recommend!

I have a bunch of reviews I’m thinking of doing next, but I’m not sure which to do first! So many things I’m excited to share, so little time 😭. Let me know if there are any kinds of products you’re interested in seeing and I’ll do my best to get that kind of content out! Until then~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



4 thoughts on “Cafe La Douce @ Hapjeong

  1. Aquí debería haber algo así…hace poco í que hay un café que hace esos mugs de Helados/bebidas con crema y galletas como los que mostraste hace un tiempo, pero no he ido aún.

    Fué inevitable cantar wiggle wiggle wiggle xD


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