Etude House AC Clean Up Review

Hello everyone! Decided to upload two posts this week to make up for my absence, and today I have last month’s Pink Bird box review. This month’s feature product is the reformulation/upgrade of Etude House’s AC Clean Up acne line. This review includes the Liquid Patch, After Balm, Pink Powder Mask, Pink Powder Spot, and Mask Sheet!

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Kakao Friends Collection Review Pt. 2 – The Face Shop

Hello everyone! I was originally going to make this one post but decided to split it into two as it started to get quite long. This second and last part is The Face Shop portion of the review. I’ll be reviewing their setting powder, as well as their (horrifyingly amazing) face masks! Part 1 of the review with more information on the Kakao Friends themselves can be found here.

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Etude House Toning White C Review

Today’s review is not only my first skin care product review, but also my first review as part of Etude House’s Pink Bird program! I got asked to participate in this program last month after receiving praise for my blog from Amore Pacific staff while working as a Beautizen. The program lasts 6 months, with one sponsored review per month, so expect to see some diverse stuff from me! (picture heavy)

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