Espoir Lipsticks Review & Comparison (NOWEAR M/Luster/Signature)

Hello everyone! I would’ve thought Korea would have warmed up slightly by now but apparently not – it’s still been quite miserable and rainy here lately 😦 . So let’s try to cheer up with a post about some fun products – Espoir’s lipsticks! I will be talking about 3 different finishes from their extensive lipstick line in NOWEAR M(atte), Luster, and Signature!

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Etude House Sparkling Milky Way Eyeshadow Collection Swatches

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic month for me, as I made the decision to move across Seoul to get away from the place I was living at (if you don’t like being social and want to leave in peace and quiet, NEVER move into a Korean “hasukjib”), all of which I finally finished with yesterday! Anyway, Etude House released a new collection of 12 eyeshadows, of which I was sent 11 (and bought the 12th) for review. I also demonstrated 3 different makeup looks using only these colours 🙂 .

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Etude House Personal Color Cool Tone Palette Eyes & Lips Swatches, Review, & Makeup Ideas

We’re coming to the end of my Etude House post marathon! This is the post I’m most excited about of the four – the Personal Color eye and lip palettes. I will give a brief introduction to the meaning of “personal color”, and share extensive photos of swatches, close-ups of the palettes, and my own makeup looks using them!

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