Etude House Personal Color Multi-Palette “Warm Cover” First Impression & Swatches

Hey guys! This Pink Bird post is WAY overdue. A box was sent out to me 3 weeks ago with my review products in it, but between the heavy snow we got a few weeks ago and Thanksgiving, it didn’t arrive until yesterday! So let’s get into it 😀 . Today I’ll be reviewing the new Personal Color Multi-Palette in “Warm Cover”.

Photo from Etude House’s website

Etude House has been putting a lot of emphasis on their warm tone/cool tone collection this year, and have added another two palettes to the line. These are more neutral palettes, and come with two blushes and a lip colour so that you can do a full face of makeup on the go!


I was given the warm tone palette. This isn’t too big of an issue despite me being cool tone, because I tend to really enjoy warm-toned eye looks anyway!


The warm toned palette features a peach and black motif, and the cool toned palette a baby pink one.


I find the packaging to be quite sleek and classy! I find it looks a bit more classy than what you’d normally get from Etude. The only problem is the matte finish is a little prone to fingerprints…


There’s a simple sticker with the names on the back.


Here it is! I’m quite fond of the layout and think it’s a visually interesting format.

There are 3 mattes4 shimmers, and 1 glitter. At first glance these are not shadows I’d be inclined to use, because they’re nothing new and I already have countless similar ones, but I can see neutral lovers enjoying them.


I swatched the first row from left to right, and next to it the bottom row from left to right (minus the blushes). Personally I find the two brown mattes to look very similar, as well as the 4th shade and last shade. You’ll see below that once I applied them to my eyes there was very little difference between them. I also could barely get the 2nd shade to show up, but it’s also basically my skin tone so that might explain it 😂 . I found these shadows to blend very well on my eyes, so that’s a plus.


As for the blushes…well, arm swatches on blushes are sometimes a little misleading and don’t show the true pigment of the blush on the face. In the middle of the photo I did a finger swatch of each colour, and on the left and right of the colours I used my brush to apply the blush. You honestly couldn’t see them at ALL so I was a little worried going into the makeup look…


On my cheek they fared slightly better. I think using a full-coverage foundation as a base would help more in the visibility, but I found I had to go over it 3 times before you could see any colour. What I did like about the blush is that it left a nice sheen on my cheeks because of the small glitter particles in it.


(Ignore the highlight here, it’s for another review!) As for the orange one, it was definitely a lot more pigmented than the pink one. It still required a few layers to get up to this level of colour (I wouldn’t wear it like this heavy – it was just for the photo), but I liked this one a lot more because it actually contrasted with my skin enough where you could see it.

These blushes are great for fans of lightly pigmented blushes that give you a buildable finish instead of a KAPOW of pigment! They’re definitely buildable, just require a little work.


For the eye look I used W5 – Natural Brown in the crease, blending it out with W1 – Neutral Beige, and applied W4 – Soft Brown to my whole lid and under-eye. I then attempted to darken it on my outer corners with W8 – Casual Red, but I had to layer it several times before I even saw a little difference despite them looking so different on my arm. I also attempted to highlight my inner corner with W6  – Light Gold, but that was also not super visible. I then patted W3 – Sporty Orange all over the inner half of my eye, but the glitter wasn’t as strong as I liked so it didn’t do much. I topped it off with a brown pencil liner from Stila and one of the old Etude Tear Drop liners in my inner corner!


The lipstick is a twist-up crayon type, and gives off the impression it will be more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually quite pigmented!


Here it is applied all over my lips, and darker in the center. On me it’s a flattering cherry red that would go well with any of the shadows in the palette. As for the formula, I find it very moisturizing and comfortable! I had to reapply it after my lunch because it quickly came off, but this is never really a big deal for me.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


In all honesty…I’m not a fan of this. I wouldn’t purchase it for myself due to the price (29,000 KRW), and the palette itself lacks variety in the shadows. I would have liked to see one of the browns be a little bit darker, and the red shade to be a pure warm burgundy. The glitter shade could afford to be much more glittery too, as it’s the only one in the palette. The blushes were alright, but I’d pass on the pink one because I felt like it barely showed up at all on my skin (although the slight highlight in it was nice). The lipstick was okay, but I wouldn’t buy the palette for it.

If you aren’t a fan of strong makeup and need a palette to do it all (the matte browns can possible be used to contour/fill in brows on certain skin tones), then this could be something you really like! The packaging is classy, compact and definitely convenient for travel/makeup on the run. However, for me it wasn’t exciting or unique enough compared to the rest of my collection, and had it not been sent to me I would not purchase it. If you’re interested in just the shadows for a cheaper price, I think the Play Color Eyes “Wine Party” might be a good alternative, as there are many similar shades in it, and a similar mediocre level of quality (speaking of #shade…🙄).

And that’s it! I apologize for all of the negative PB reviews lately 😂, I swear I want to love everything Etude House throws at me, but it hasn’t been happening with the last few product releases. I just got a package from Korea with some purchases I made, so I finally have a few new products to review! Until then~ ( * ́꒳`*)੭


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2 thoughts on “Etude House Personal Color Multi-Palette “Warm Cover” First Impression & Swatches

  1. Este año Etude me perdió, hay pocas cosas que me han gustado y lamentablemente, más que nada por los empaques. Como que ya no me emociono tanto cuando anuncian nuevas líneas 😦
    Precisamente amaba la marca por esa estética rosada, de Princesa, de fantasía…y ya ahora todo cambió. Esto es mi desahogo xDD

    Con las sombras tampoco siento emoción, he visto las últimas paletas y es como “las de esta marca se ven más bonitas” y en fin, me siento más contenta con la inversión que hice al comprar la Pro layering de Clio.

    besitos Jasmine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cierto? 😦 No quiero ser negativa pero si vez mis Pink Bird review como el 90% es “meh it’s okay” o “no lo recomiendo” 😥 que tristeza, Etude solia ser mi marca favorita pero este año han sido un gran fail para mi tambien…ahora estan yendo por un camino mas “chic”, pero Aritaum ya tiene esa imagen asique se pierde lo “Etude” del estetico 😥

      Es suuuuper fome este paletteㅠㅠ el de Clio se ve maximo!! ❤

      Besos :**


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