Etude House Play Color Eyes “Wine Party” / Color in Liquid Lips Mousse “OR201/OR202” Review & Swatches

Another week is over, and summer is now long gone here in Canada. Fall is my favourite season of the year, so as soon as it starts to cool off I get in the mood for fall colours! I will be reviewing the newest addition to the Play Color Eyes line – “Wine Party”, as well as OR201 and OR202 from the relaunch of the Color in Lips line! I tried something new for the photos, so I hope you enjoy! ❤

(Please forgive any random spaces in between photos – I don’t know how to fix themㅠㅠ)

WM IMG_5433

For those that are new to this line, the Play Color Eyes palettes generally come with colours available as single shadows, and a handful of new, exclusive shades that may or may not be released as singles in the future.


I’m not a big fan of the box this time around, as the texture of it makes it very difficult to read! I’m sorry if you can’t make anything out, but it’s basically explaining how to use the palette, along with listing the colour names.

WM IMG_5445

The Wine Party palette contains a mix of colours that match its name perfectly – cool-toned browns, burgundies, and purple-tones. The packaging also reflects its interior well! This is my favourite packaging out of all of the Play Color Eyes palettes! The matte surface with reflective gold accents look really pretty, and I’m always a huge fan of simple-line art.

WM IMG_5452

Like the other palettes from the line, it comes with two sponge-tip applicators (I could probably build a house with how many of these I have and don’t use 😂), and a plastic insert with the names and little pictures on it.

From left to right the colours are:

Camembert Brie Cheese*, The Last Leaf, Aged Oak Barrel*, Cork Stopper*, Sparkling Rosé-holic*, Finishing a Marathon, Pungent Wine Burgundy, Where is My Other Half?, Blingy Dress Code*Elegant Bordeaux Wine*.

All colours in bold and marked with a star are new, and exclusive to this palette.


There are 5 mattes, 3 shimmers, and 2 glitters. One thing I found odd about this palette was the inclusion of “Finish a Marathon (마라톤 완주)”, a colour that has already been included in the Play Color Eyes “Ice Van” palette. Even weirder is I found it didn’t swatch nearly as well as the one in that palette, too! You’ll see what I mean below 🤔.




I just realized after inserting this photo that I cut off the swatch of Camembert Brie Cheese because it matches my skin tone, therefore I didn’t even realize it was there, O. M. G 💀💀.


OR201 / OR202

Another photo without a swatch of Camembert 😭. But to be fair it wasn’t very pigmented, and you couldn’t see it at all on my arm…so you aren’t missing much. The Last Leaf is a basic shimmery brown. When attempting to apply this dry I couldn’t get any shimmer or pigment out of it on my eyes, so I’m not happy with this shade. Aged Oak Barrel performs much better, and is one of my favourites of the palette. It blends out well and applies quite pigmented onto the eyes. Cork Stopper works on me as a very subtle crease colour, but it’s also lacking in pigment so probably wouldn’t show up on anyone darker than me. Sparkling Rose-holic is my least favourite colour in the whole palette. The glitter refuses to apply with a brush, and while I can get some on my finger, I can’t get it to come off my finger and stick to my lid at all. I hate to be harsh, but this is a totally useless shade!


Finish a Marathon / Pungent Wine Burgundy / Where is My Other Half? / Blingy Dress Code / Eleant Bordeaux Wine

Finish a Marathon goes on okay, but you have to really pack it on with your finger onto a sticky base to get it to show up. Pungent Wine Burgundy is a solid shadow that goes on pretty well! Definitely the best of the shimmers but that’s not saying much. Where is My Other Half? is my favourite shade in the palette, both because of colour and pigment! It is such a pretty, rosy, purple-pink. Blingy Dress Code is okay I guess…not much pigment, but the glitter at least shows up better than Rose-holic. Elegant Bordeaux Wine is another good shade, but doesn’t get as dark as I would like it too unfortunately, meaning there isn’t much in this palette to really deepen up your look.

My Look

My look!

WM IMG_5509

I applied Aged Oak Barrel into my crease, deepening it with The Last Leaf. I then applied Where is My Other Half? to the outer half of my lid, as well as under my eye. I attempted to deepen it with Elegant Bordeaux Wine, but it didn’t do too much. I then tried to apply Finish a Marathon onto the inner half of my eye but it didn’t do too much. I patted a ton of Blingy Dress Code all over my lid to finish it up, and did a soft wing with some black eyeshadow from another palette after failing to do it with Elegant Bordeaux Wine.

WM Untitled

I paired Ofra Cosmetics’ “Mina” with this look for the ultimate fall lip! I wanted to use one of the lip colours they sent with the palette, but both were warm-toned and didn’t match the palette at all. Another odd decision from Etude 😦 .

•○ Color in Liquid Lips Mousse ○•


If you’re still reading, I appreciate you and apologize for being so wordy and thorough 😂. Etude discontinued the Color in Liquid Lips, but has brought them back in a “mousse” texture! The new box is quite similar to the original box (I’ve reviewed the old formula here and here).


The colours they sent were unfortunately both warm-toned oranges 😭. On the right is OR201 – Ruby Red Grapefruit, and OR202 – Squishy Orange on the left.



The packaging features a frosty gradient effect, with the outside matching the colour on the inside.


As you can see, the packaging is the same in both size and shape as the original formula, but a lot more sleek and sophisticated in my opinion!


The wand has been changed for a softer, rounder tip. I prefer the new one due to its softness, but I found the old one was easier to do your lip-line with.


OR201 / OR202



OR201 is a orange-toned red, while OR202 is a straight-up orange popsicle colour.


When applying significant product, the formulas of the old and new seem quite similar, but I find the newer formula to be thicker and creamier like the name suggests.


I tried rubbing them off with a tissue, and as you can see, the newer formula has a stronger stain than the old one.


If you apply a thin layer, they barely transfer at all, and hug your lips with an even colour finish.

OR201 (Click pictures to view larger)

I am not entirely mad with how OR201 looks on my lips. It’s definitely going to be better one someone with more warm-toned skin, but I feel like I am able to pull it off alright.

OR202 (Click pictures to view larger)

This colour looked terrible on me, and it’s EXACTLY what my lips look like after eating ddokbokki (떡볶이) 😂. I feel like this colour would be hard to pull off as a full lip even on warm-toned skin because of how “out there” it is, but as a gradient it’s doable if a natural look is your thing. It’s a great colour to match the Korean “fruit juice lips” trend, because your lips end up looking like you ate an orange popsicle!


This is what OR201 looks like after rubbing it off with a tissue. The stain left behind is quite strong, which I like. I find they don’t cling to my dry patches at all, and leave a very even finish. My only complaint is they don’t make it through food, but they are very easy to layer and reapply so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

WM IMG_5458

If I had to recommend a product between the two I’d say the lipsticks are your safer bet. I am completely satisfied with the formula, and would use them regularly had it not been for the colours! I will be regifting them but not at all because they were bad products 🙂 . They are 9,500 KRW for 3.2g, and come in 6 shades, viewable on Etude’s Korean website here. Not quite the range the old line had, but I’m sure they’ll get there!

As for the palette, it’s a huge miss for me. Out of the 10 colours, only 4 colours really worked as I hoped they did, and the rest were either just okay, or completely unusable. Another disappointing palette from the Play Color Eyes set! It goes for 22,000 KRW for 1g x 10 and can be viewed on Etude’s Korean website here. The reviews are really good on the Etude House website though, so maybe try it out in the store if you are able and form an opinion yourself! I’d say just buy the few shadows that you like as singles, which I find always have much better quality than the ones in these palettes, and/or wait until the newer shades come out on their own.

And that’s it! Sorry for this LONG POST! 1,600 words – I’ve really outdone myself this time 😂. I’ve received some products I ordered that were sent from a dear friend of mine in Korea, so maybe I’ll review some of those next! Or would you like to see a comparison of K-Beauty eyeliners? 🤔 Let me know if there’s anything you want to see and I’ll be happy to do it! Until then~╭( ・ㅂ・)و



3 thoughts on “Etude House Play Color Eyes “Wine Party” / Color in Liquid Lips Mousse “OR201/OR202” Review & Swatches

  1. Ahh! SO good to see this review. I was wondering about this palette but never decided. I better stay with my Clio one. As for the lips, colors are so pretty! (but I’m afraid to say I have too many. Can I have too many? No, right? I want the new ones from TCFS hehe)
    I’d love to see a comparison of k-eyeliners. I’m always looking for “the one”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Clio one is going to be sooo much better, I’m sure. Una real decepcionㅠㅠ YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY LIPSTICKS!! jajaja
      Estoy escribiendo el eyeliner post ahora mismo *w* Espero que te guste!!! Besos 😀


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