Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk GR701/PP501/BR401/RD303 Swatches & Review

Here is the second part of this month’s Pink Bird review! This review marks the last official mission for Pink Bird #14, but hopefully they’ll continue with 15 and I’ll be able to bring you more exciting Etude products! This time I’ll be reviewing 4 of the lipsticks in the latest addition to the “Dear My…” lipstick line.


The Dear My Glass Tinting lipstick line is unique in that you buy the lipstick bullet separate from the case, and can mix and match them however you want!

Photo from Etude House’s website

There are 20 different cases available, with the last 5 being a matte finish which you’ll see below.


I got the above 4! I wanted cases that matched my lipsticks so it worked out well.


The fun thing about these cases is you don’t necessarily have to use them as they came! If you get more than one you can mix and match the lids however you like.

Photo from Etude House’s website

The lipsticks also come in 20 shades, so you could technically have each lipstick in its own unique case if you were to get them all.


The finish of these lipsticks is very glossy and moisturizing, and a few of them are sheer enough to be considered tinted lip balms. There may be 20 shades available, but I honestly don’t feel like you need more than one of each colour (one pink, one red, etc.); they are so sheer that there isn’t much difference between the shades once they’re on your lips.

Kiss test

Because the formula is so glossy, it tends to transfer very easily. To prevent smearing I don’t draw the lipstick all the way up to my lip line, and instead swipe it on most of my lips and rub them together to complete the coverage.


GR701 – Acid-wash Jeans Mint (물빠진워싱진민트)! This mint-coloured lipstick is more like a tinted lipbalm than an actual full-coverage lipstick. It’s not blue like the photo suggests, but actually a colour-changing balm that turns into a light pink once applied on your lips. I put it in case #02 – Crunchy Fries (바싹감튀)!

GR701 full lip

I’ve been using this as a lipbalm on days when I don’t wear makeup. My lips are naturally quite pale so this helps add a little life into them. I don’t think it would show up much on pigmented lips, however. Very moisturizing and smooth.


PP501 – Club-Style Purple (클럽스타일퍼플)! This is the only purple in the line. I put it in case #16 – With Love, which has a matte finish on the lid. The matte-finish cases look very nice but I find they get beat up a bit, and things tend stick to them if you put them in your makeup pouch.

Full lip

This colour is one of the more opaque ones, but is still high-shine and moisturizing. It requires a few swipes to build up coverage to what it is in the full lip picture above.It’s more pink than purple to me.


BR401 – Ruffle-Dress Brown (러플드레스브라운)! Browns are always my favourite parts of any lipstick line, but these aren’t so much brown as they are a MLBB-type beige. I put this one in case #12 – Pill Factory. One of my favourite cases! The text on it says “I am your vitamin” 🙂 .

Full lip

This one is also quite sheer, but I don’t find it to be particularly streaky. It’s a very flattering MLBB on lighter skin tones and great as a daily lipstick! Again, shiny and moisturizing.


The last one! RD303 – Choker Red (초커레드) in case #09 – When Something is Too Oily, Tobasco (느끼할땐타바스코)! The name comes from the Korean custom of putting hot sauce on things that they deem too oily/rich, like a really greasy pizza or cheese fries! I also developed this habit from living there, and now I put hot sauce on everything 😂.


This one is probably the sheerest of the bunch. One swipe on the inside of my lips – the colour is barely there!

Full lip

This is a very cute candy-like colour, but risks becoming a little patchy when applied multiple times. One swipe of colour is very sheer as you can see in the gradient swatch, which is a good look on its own, but if you want to build it up to the above level of coverage you have to go over it several times. Because of the sheer, super-slick formula, building it up this much causes it to slide around a bit and end up patchy. It’s not too noticeable, but these lipsticks definitely work better as a sheer coverage formula instead of a buildable lipstick.

•○ Comparison Swatches ○•

No flash

Each swatch was done with two swipes of the lipstick. You can see the bold colours are a little more streaky than the more neutral ones.

After erasing

As the name suggests, these lipsticks also leave a slight tint on your lips. This was the most obvious with the purple lipstick. The neutral tones left hardly any signs of a tint at all.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


This is a great lipstick formula for those who aren’t keen on wearing bright pops of colour, and also like a highly moisturizing finish. I personally prefer the Enamel line over this one, as you get what feels like just as much moisture but with more pigment. Having said that, the main appeal of this line for me are the cases. The colours aren’t particularly unique, but it’s fun to mix and match them to match your style/mood that day! I think of these as a more fun alternative to a classic lip-balm, and I can see myself reaching for these over a conventional chapstick.

The lipsticks themselves are 8,000 KRW for 3g/0.10oz, and the cases are 4,000 KRW, for a total of 12,000 KRW per lipstick. You can technically buy the lipstick alone, as it comes with a transparent plastic lid, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re planning on using various lipsticks in one case.

And that’s it for this post! I’m not sure what I should post next – I’ve had a request to talk about K-Beauty makeup brushes so I might do that! Until then~ ( ゚▽゚)/



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