Etude House Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Palette & Super Slim Proof Brush Liner Review

I’m finally back!! Life has had a ton of ups and downs for me lately, but I’m finally back to posting! Today I will be doing a few spring makeup looks using new products from Etude House’s spring collection – the Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Palette and Super Slim Proof Brush Liner!


As many of you know, I’ve left Korea for good. It had been a wonderful 7 years but it was time. I’m currently in the USA planning my next step, but I made sure to take a ton of K-Beauty products with me and visit a ton of cafes so I could have some content to post! My love for Korean beauty products will never change, so this is not the end of my blog – just a new beginning!

As always, I’ll be doing the reviews in sections, so if you are curious about a particular product you can search for it in your browser.

•○ Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Palette ○•


Etude House has released a cherry blossom-themed palette once before (Fantastic Color Eyes – Cherry Blossom), which had 6 colours in it and was a big hit.


This palette is in the same format as the other Play Color Eyes palettes, but the packaging is a little bit nicer this time, lacking the cheap-feeling edges of the others.


Inside are the usual two eyeshadow applicators, as well as a plastic sleeve that lists the names of each shadow.


The names can also be found on the back. For anyone curious, in English (from left to right) they are:

Don’t come near! Cherry blossom ending (NEW) / Gentle cherry blossom rain (NEW) / Sweet jujube tea / 200 year-old chocolate store / Dim rosy filter / Twinkle wink / Today is orange way / Exciting cherry blossom date (NEW) / The legendary pink bakery / Freshly fried cherry blossom popcorn (NEW)


All of the names with “cherry blossom” in them are exclusive to this palette, meaning that this comes with 4 new shades! (Two on far left, one on far right, and third from right)

오지마! 벚꽃 엔딩 / 살랑살랑 벚꽃비 / 달달한 대추차 / 200년 된 초코가게 / 아련한 로지 필터

As always, the mattes are the best part of these palettes. I already own the 3rd shade in a single shadow, and it’s one of my most used Etude shadows! Far left is a shimmery rose pink with gold glitter, and far right is a basic shimmery brown. The far left shade doesn’t swatch as bright as I would like, as you’ll see below.

트윙클 윙크 / 오늘은 오렌지 웨이 / 설레는 벚꽃 데이트 / 전솔 속 핑크 빵집 / 갓 튀긴 벚꽃 팝콘

The first shadow is a champagne glitter bomb, the second an orangey shimmer, the third a matte light pink with slight glitter flecks, the fourth a dark matte pink with pink glitter, and the fifth a powdery white with a pinky shift.


 The 3 mattes come off a little patchy in this photo, but I find they layer and blend well on the eyes. Etude’s forte, the shimmers, go on buttery and pigmented as always. The most disappointing shade to me was 전솔 속 핑크 빵집 (available in a single) because it looks so stunning in the pan but goes on a lot more sheer on the eyes. It would probably go on more pigmented if you used a glitter base/fixing spray! Otherwise the colours perform well.

•○ Super Slim Proof Brush Liner ○•


I had yet to have a good experience with an eyeliner from Etude House so I had VERY low expectations of these.


Like all brush liners, it’s recommended you store these upside down (I keep all my brush liners in a cup) so that the product is always at the tip.


The liner comes in two colours, black and brown.


The packaging lives up to its name – it’s very slim! Here it is compared to my holy grail liner from Kissme, which is the standard brush liner size.

Kissme VS Etude House

The tip is also slimmer than other brush liners!


They swatch quite opaquely, but you have to work in sections otherwise it dries out as you draw one long line. They both dry mostly matte with a slight shine.

•○ My Looks ○•


This look was done with the black eyeliner, and 살랑살랑 벚꽃비 / 오늘은 오렌지 웨이 from the palette. I topped the black liner with “Orange Way” to give it a more subtle appearance. As you can see, the brush gives a very sharp wing!


Here’s another look I did using the brown liner and 오지마! 벚꽃 엔딩 / 달달한 대추차 with  전솔 속 핑크 빵집 on the lower lash line. The brown liner is quite patchy when trying to make a thick wing with it, so you have to layer it to make it opaque. This would be fine for me normally as it layers okay, but the problem is that it no longer looks brown once layered! You’re better off just getting the black liner, unless you’re planning on doing just a very thin, one-stroke line.

Lip is Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet in 미모열일 (Beautiful Coral Pink)

However, I must say the liners make drawing a sharp, precise wing really easy! I’ve been using my Kissme liner for my whole wing since it’s thicker and thus requires less product, and then using these to finish up the tip so it’s nice and sharp.

080 - Slowbro

The black liner has also been my new go-to liner for my Pokemon makeup series that I’ve been doing on my Instagram. The thin brush and pigmented formula allows for some SERIOUS precision and detail!!

•○ Final Thoughts○•


The palette is great for cool-toned, pale to medium skin. If you’re a fan of pink/rose tones then you’ll love it! Despite not having a super dark colour it’s quite well-rounded for daily looks. At 22,000 KRW for ten 0.8g shades, it’s not too cheap, but also not overly pricey.

As for the liners, I prefer the black one over the brown. Like I mentioned before, I would recommend the brown for people who are okay with doing a very thin, natural liner, since layering it/doing a thick wing with it doesn’t work well. The black is amazing for detail work such as wing sharpening, inner eye corners, and filling in your lashes! These go for 9,000 KRW for 0.6g.

If I were shopping myself, I’d pass on the palette because I hoard pinks and so have a ton of similar colours already! I will definitely repurchase the black liner, however, as I have yet to find a liner that’s such good quality while being so thin.

I will be reviewing the lipsticks in the above photo in my next post early next week, so stay tuned for that! I’m so glad to be finally posting again, so hope to see you soon! Until then~ ( ・ω・)ノ


2 thoughts on “Etude House Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Palette & Super Slim Proof Brush Liner Review

  1. Ahhh renuevo mis esperanzas en Etude! EL delineador negro es lo que me llamó más la atención…crees que sea resistente al agua y/o frote?. Me gusta que tengan punta fina y que además puedan hacer trazos finos.

    De los labiales pedí el case de tabasco y el tono RD302, que creí sería mas rojo…pero de cualquier modo, me gustó lo hidratante que se siente.



    1. Cierto!! Me quedo gustando bastante el eyeliner y es super util para hacer las puntas de tus wings biennnn sharp.
      Ultimamente se me esta olvidando hacer esa prueba cuando subo mis reviews ㅠㅠ pero vi tu comment y fui a probar lo que preguntaste y te digo que sobrevivio el frote pero no es resistente al agua y se borro altoque 😦

      Me tinca que las glass tinting? (ya se me olvido como se llamaban lol) son como la version light de los Enamel lips…suuuuuper moisturizing pero 0% opacos…


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