Missha The Style Fitting Wear Powder Pact

Hello everyone! This week’s post is another face makeup product, but this time it’s a powder! I will be reviewing Missha for the first time on my blog today, and showing you their The Style Fitting Wear Powder Pact in “No.21 Light Beige”.


I was fortune enough to be contacted by the Korean cosmetics supplier brand Q-Depot for this review. Q-Depot is an online shopping store that offers international shipping for various Korean beauty products. Since I know my time in Korea is coming to an end this year, I have been looking into various services like this in order to get products to me to continue my K-Beauty obsession 😂. I’m glad to have been given this opportunity, and hope that this can help some of my overseas readers find the products that they’re looking for. ❤


Anyway, to the review! Missha is a brand that I have only purchased a few products from since I came to Korea. They seem to go back and forth between targeting a more mature audience, and a trendy, youthful one. However, I’ve heard quite a few raving reviews of their newer products in the past year, so I was excited to give this a try.


The Fitting Wear Powder Pact is a pressed powder-type base product that claims to offer lightweight coverage, smoothing out your skin for a flawless finish without leaving you cakey or dry. The powder also offers SPF 25/PA++, and sebum controlling properties. Unfortunately, it is only available in two colours, Light Beige and Natural Beige.




The product comes in a light compact, with a mirror and puff. The puff is resting on a plastic cover to protect it from the powder beneath. The compact itself is quite thin (thinner than most of my cushions) and very light, so easy to throw into a pouch or pocket. I wouldn’t say it feels necessarily cheap despite being so light, as it closes quite solidly and feels well put together, but I’m not too picky so that might be subjective!



The puff is soft and velvety. It grabs the product well, but needs to be washed after several uses otherwise it starts to cake up. Because it picks up the powder so well, it also has a tendency to gather dust and fuzz, so keep that in mind!



The powder’s texture feels quite soft and light, causing me to severely doubt it was going to cover anything at ALL, so let’s see how it went…

•○ Test ○•


Here is my bare-face in all its glory, with just skincare applied. As you can see, I have problems with redness and discoloration. Unfortunately I forgot to take this picture while writing taking pictures for the review last week, so this picture is from the week after! However, my skin’s problem areas haven’t changed.

No flash / Flash

With one layer of the product you can tell my skin is already MUCH smoother. My pores have been smoothed over and blurred, and my skin tone looks more even. However, some of my discoloration is still poking through so I would still correct that with primer before application.

No flash / Flash

After applying my other makeup, I really like the finish! Since I always set my face with matte powder and apply highlighter on top to bring back the shine, I like how I’m able to skip a full step with this. It felt like I had nothing on my face at all, and despite me being extra dry around my nose, it didn’t particularly emphasize my flakiness. However, since it’s so light coverage you can still see my spots and the discoloration around my mouth.

The only problem I have had with application of this product is that it tends to go on poorly if I apply it directly after putting on sunscreen. Since my sunscreen is quite dewy and moisturizing, if I don’t give it any time to settle into my skin, the powder product bunches up. I believe this would happen with other moisturizing skincare too, so I recommend applying your skincare/sunscreen and letting it settle in before using this powder.

7+ hours later

One thing I like a lot about this product over cream products, is that as the day goes on it doesn’t bunch up and gather around my nose/chin/forehead like most foundations do to me, but instead just fades. I didn’t do it on the day I wore it above for the sake of the review, but since then I have taken the compact with me and touched up the product throughout the day. It works great as a sebum control powder too when used like this, and you can get back to your original coverage easily. I find it layers well, and fades naturally.


As you can see, I was left with just a slight dewy finish at the end of the day, without any clumping up! Being so light coverage, this product fades quite a bit throughout the day so it’s not long lasting. I never reapply my cream/liquid cushions because I find they look awful on top of my setting powder, but the benefit of this being a powder itself is that you can reapply it easily without it looking cakey.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•


As someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup everyday, and when I do, hates going full coverage, this product is great for me! Having some of my “flaws” poking through doesn’t bother me at all, and I love the natural, light feel that this gives me.

The biggest negative for me is the extreme lack of shade diversity, and having to wait a bit before applying it after my skincare (this is only a con if you’re impatient!).

This has totally turned me on to powder foundations, since I shied away away from them in the past thinking they’d emphasize my dryness. I’m curious to see what other powder foundations K-Beauty has to offer!

This product goes for only 12,800 KRW for 10g, and can be found on Missha’s Korean website here, and purchased for international readers on Q-Depot’s website here*. If you’re interested in saving some money, you can use the code on the banner below to save 10% on your first order! unnamed

And that’s it for this series of face-product posts! My next one will be on a cafe, so I hope you can look forward to it. Until then~ (ΦωΦ)ノ

*You can find my policy on discount/affiliate codes in my “About Me” section!


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