27 Kinds of Cheesecake @ c27 Garosugil

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by and December is finally here. I have been fighting a cold for the past 2 weeks so haven’t been out of the house much, but a few months back took these pictures to share of the Garosugil “c27” cafe – a GIANT cafe that sells 27 kinds of cheesecake AND other desserts!! Lots of pictures ahead!


C27 is located on one of the back streets of the famous Sinsa-dong Garusogil, a fancy area of Seoul I like to go to when I want to dress up a little and spend way too much money on things I could get infinitely cheaper elsewhere. 😂


This cafe’s theme is exactly what the name suggests – they carry 27 varieties of cheesecake!



The cheesecakes are all labeled and separated into 4 categories – Sweetness, Softness, Tangy-ness(?), and Richness – so you can choose the cake based on your taste preferences!


And if cheesecake isn’t your thing (I’m not sure why you would come to this cafe if it’s not, but I don’t judge😂), then you can get one of these cake cups or cheesecake balls.



The cement interior has a very sleek, modern feel!


Another part of the cafe’s concept is an “amusement park for women”. Inside you can see some amusement park-themed decorations like this mini Ferris wheel that changes colours!


Each floor has a different theme. The first floor is where you order, and the 2nd floor above that has the most modern, amusement park-like feel.



The other floors have all sorts of different themes – antique themes, romantic themes, wedding themes…





This place is HUGE (3 or 4 floors), with tons of places to sit and enjoy, so there’s something for everyone!


And now for the important part – the dessert! The first time I went, me and my friend ended up getting the rainbow bottle cake and Earl Gray cheesecake.


This cake was very rich and moist, while not being too sweet. DELICIOUS!


I’m sure this much food dye is GREAT for your insides 😂.



A bottle cake is basically chunks of cake shoved in with layers of icing! This is great to eat alone, but a bit small to eat between two people so I recommend also getting something else like we did. This cake was DELICIOUS! My favourite of the two desserts! A little on the sweet end but sooo creamy and light.


The second time I went I ended up getting the berry cheesecake and carrot cheesecake.


They added a swirl of chocolate to the plate and actual salted grated cheese as decoration, which I’m not sure how I feel about…

Mini sugar carrot

…but both of these cakes were also very delicious! The detail and work put into everything is top-notch, so you know whatever you’re getting is going to be great.

On the way out we ran into this cute little guy sitting by himself…

I feel like I could go to C27 fifty times and still not be able to try everything! I’ve never been to such an over-the-top cafe that puts SO much work into their theme, all while being able to maintain and deliver a consistently high-quality product. If you’re a cheesecake lover or just want to enjoy a unique interior while sipping on your coffee, I recommend C27 as a great place to take a break in the shopping chaos of Garosugil!

You can check out their website here, with a map of how to get there here.

I finally sat down this weekend and took/edited over 200 photos for posts! I’m hoping to get another one up soon, as I have a lot of interesting products I want to share.

Until then~ (=゚ω゚)ノ


2 thoughts on “27 Kinds of Cheesecake @ c27 Garosugil

  1. Babeo! Ese trozo de cheesecake de Earl grey debe ser delicioso, pero mi lado colorido se fué a la torta arcoiris, está muy bonita!

    Aún estás enferma? No sé si viviendo en Corea lo hayas tomado, pero cuando es Invierno aquí compro unos frascos grandes de Honey Citron tea, y también hay de Honey Ginger tea. Ambos ayudan mucho para calmar la garganta y botar pronto el resfrío, pero el de Citron es más suave (el de Jengibre es muy picante). Cuidate mucho! ♥


    1. Estan de moda las tortas arcoiris aca y me muero cada vez que veo una ㅠㅠ♥.
      Me siento mucho mejor, gracias! Pero sigo con toz ㅠ Despues de ver tu comment me compre un te que viene con miel y gingseng y ayudó bastante *-*!!! ❤


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