Etude House Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk 7 Colors Swatches, Review, & Makeup Ideas

For the second half of the “Dear My Enamel” series, I am here to introduce a newly released product from Etude House – Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk cream shadows!

From Etude House’s website

Etude House’s eyeshadows are probably their most famous product in Korea, as they’re famous for being the best quality for the price! I own 30+ (don’t judge me😂) and love them, so I was curious to check these out…


They claim to be a “melting” type shadow, and come in either a shimmer or glitter finish.


The regular Look At My Eyes eyeshadows come with 2.0g of product, and these come with 3.0g! On the back, there is a hole for depotting them. As they are a cream product, I wonder if they would dry out, so perhaps it is best to either keep them in an air-tight Z-palette or leave them in their original packaging…However, as there is a hole meant for depotting, maybe they’d be fine!

PK002 / BE101 / BR401

From left to right, we have PK002 – “You, From the Sun” (태양에서 온 그대), BE101 – “Karuru Karuru” (까르르 까르르 – There is really no way to translate this! It’s a laughing sound :D), and BR401 – “The Jealous Brown Sugar” (질투하는 흑설탕). One thing that I find interesting about this collection, is that the colour codes (PK for Pink, BE for Beige, etc.) don’t seem to match the colours at all for quite a few of them. 😐

PK002 is a champagne brown (nearly transparent) with white sparkle. BE101 is a glowing red with a slight brown shift, and BR401 is a standard copper brown shimmer.

OR201 / OR202

First is OR201 – “Afternoon, the Freedom to Have a Drink” (오후, 한잔의 여유), and OR202 – “The Fruit Juice that Exploded with a Pop!” (톡 터진 말캉 과즙) (these names, I swear…)

OR201 is one of my favourites of the bunch! It is a firey red orange with an orange-gold shift! OR202 is a burgundy orange-brown with chunky glitter.

RD301 / RD302

RD301 – “Very Berry Vitamin Charge” (베리베리 비타민 충전), and RD302 – “Before Darkness Falls” (어둠이 내리기 전).

Unsurprisingly, RD301 is my favourite! It’s a very bright pop of pink, and I used it in a look below so you can see how it looks on my eyes. 🙂 RD302 is a standard brown shimmer with light glitter. Not red at all despite the name!

•○ Swatches ○•

PK002 / BE101 / BR401 / OR201

These swatches are all done with one swipe of my finger, no more. As you can see, PK002 doesn’t offer much for pigment but has a LOT of chunky white glitter. OR201 has such a gorgeous shift, but comes off pinky on my skin, not orange.

OR202 / RD301 / RD302

RD301 also has some goldish glitter in it, which gives it more dimension on your eyes. 🙂

If I had one complaint about this collection, or at least the 7 I got, is that there are too many similar shades. There are some great standout ones like RD301, BE101, and OR201, but I feel like the browns and reds don’t vary much from each other.

•○ My Looks ○•

Taken from Etude House’s website

As I own both of the colours used in this look, I decided to try it out!

PK002 Shadow x BE101 Lipstick

Used on its own, PK002 is a veeeery lightly pigmented glitter bomb. It’s perfect to use on your own when you have just 3 seconds to do your makeup! BE101 Enamel lipstick (reviewed here) is also a low maintenance colour that goes on with an easy swipe! This is probably the most simple look I’ve ever done 😂 but I’d rather go for this over just mascara, because the shadow adds so much dimension to your eyes. It also works great as a shadow topper 🙂 Super versatile.


And this is a mini-tutorial! I really want to get into doing tutorials but I’m not sure how to format them yet 😦 . Anyway, this is RD301 when applied all over my lid. It’s a gorgeous pink, with just enough shimmer and sparkle to give it a unique dimension!

RD301 + BE101

I then applied BE101 to the outer corner of my eye, and smudged it onto my lower lid. This was to add dimension to my crease, but I didn’t find it to be dark enough so…

RD301 + BE101 + RD302

…I added RD302! RD302 is similar to BE101 in colour, but a bit deeper, so it got the job done. I find that even when layering these, they do not crease in the slightest throughout the day, even without a primer! However, if you have oilier lids you might want to use a primer 🙂 . (Any creasing in the pictures is my skin folding, not the eyeshadow)


I then patted PK002 all over my lid for that final bit of sparkle to blend everything together! Such a bright, glowy look 😀 . I applied all of these with my finger, and find that they blended out quite flawlessly! You do have to be careful when using your finger to not pull off the shadow underneath when adding more on top. If you want to use brushes, I’d recommend synthetic ones as those work best with this kind of formula.

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

These are great! They go on very pigmented, blend out easily, do not crease or fade, and have such a pretty sparkle/glow! I think the most defining term for the “Enamel” line, both shadows and lipsticks, is LOW MAINTENANCE. These are the perfect product for those who don’t want to fuss with their makeup, and are looking for something to pat on with no trouble before running out the door. At 6,500 KRW for 3g they’re not overly expensive either! As I’m not one for super neutrals, I’m hoping Etude House continues to release products in this formula – maybe a purple? 😍

And that’s it for this week! I have two posts I’m excited about for next week, so I’ll hopefully be seeing you then~ (。・ω・)ノ゙

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