K-Beauty Glitter Pots 101 – Aritaum, Beyond, The Saem, and more!

Happy Monday! (Or not…) I can’t believe the weekend is already over 😦 but the grind never stops so here’s a review I worked on over the past few days, which is a little different from what I normally do, but hopefully it can be informative to those interested in buying glitter pots in Korea! I will be going over all of the glitter pots I own from K-Beauty brands, including Aritaum, Beyond, The Saem, Beauty People, and Espoir.

As a self-professed glitter addict (Holosexual? I hear that’s what the cool kids are calling it…😂), I am no stranger to glitter pots. I find them to be extremely versatile and the best way to spice up an otherwise boring eye look. They look great on their own when you’re in a hurry, but also work well in hiding a shoddy eyeshadow application.

•○ The Saem ○•

I’ll start with the first glitter pots I ever bought – The Saem’s Aqua Fix Shine Jelly Shadows! (No longer sold – you’ll see why)

The texture of these pots is very spongy – a little too soft. I find the texture makes it hard for you to get pigment on your finger even after swirling it around a few times. The opening of the pot is also quite small, making it impossible for someone like me with longer nails to get pigment without chunking off a whole bunch with your fingernail.

#01 Summer Sea, #02 Shimmering Waves, #06 Tan Copper Skin

#01 is a pure sapphire blue, #02 is a white/light silver, and #06 is a coppery brown. As I said above, this line is discontinued. Which is fine because I’m going to recommend you don’t get these anyway! The pigment is barely there, and requires MANY layers to get any kind of significant shine. I’m tempted to get rid of #01 all together because I find it pulls off all your eyeshadow while patting it on your lid, leaving no glitter OR shadow behind. Patchy, awful mess.

The Aqua Fix Shine Jelly Shadows go (went?) for 6,500 KRW for 3.0g, and came in 6 colors. Quite pricey considering the poor quality!

•○ Aritaum ○•

Aritaum has an extensive line of glitter pots, and for good reason – the formulation on these is amazing! I currently own 5, and hope they release more unique colors in the future since they currently carry mostly neutrals and warm tones.

(Left/right ~ Up/down) No. 21, No. 24, No. 25, No. 27, No. 32


Because I like to layer glitter pots over other shadows I tend to gravitate to more unique/duochrome colors to add dimension to my looks instead of basic coppers and golds. However, Aritaum’s pigmentation is so strong that these work great as standalone full lid colors too. They go on very smoothly with a light swipe of the finger, but as the formula is quite soft you should be careful when moving these around; I had one fall out (No. 24) onto the floor and had to mash it back into the jar… 😦

WM IMG_8057
No. 21 Flower Sands, No. 24 Misty Pink, No. 25 Vampire Kiss, No. 27 Sunset Glow, No. 32 Mambo Mood
WM IMG_8054
Indirect lighting

No. 21 Flower Sands is a cool blue/yellow base with pink/gold reflects and by far the glitter pot I use the most. It has so many different dimensions that it really adds a great effect to any eye look! No. 24 Misty Pink is a orange brown with green and blue sparks/shift. Great on top of coral/orange or brown shadows to add dimension! No. 25 Vampire Kiss is a deep pinkish red with STRONG gold reflect and shine. This colour is extremely pigmented and works great by itself. Very vampy like the name suggests! No. 27 Sunset Glow is a vibrant gold-leaning copper – another great colour to use on its own. No. 32 Mambo Mood is a salmony pink with gold reflects. Can be used alone or layered on top of other shadows – looks especially great with pinks!

The Shine Fix Eyes retail for 8,000 KRW (but often 1+1!) for 3.5g, and currently come in 18 colors.

•○ Beyond ○•

WM IMG_8036

Beyond is a relatively new road shop brand, and besides these I don’t own any other products by them. However, despite this being the only product I currently own from them, I’m very satisfied with my purchase! These have the highest quality, solid packaging out of all the glitter pots in this post.

WM IMG_8047
(Left/right ~ Up/down) 01 Sugar Snow, 08 Signature Alice, 09 Blueberry Ballen, 10 Blackbean Brownie

These have a similar texture to the Aritaum shadows but are more of a sheer type, and thus perfect for patting on top of other colours. They last all day long without creasing, and have an almost duo-chrome like shimmer in that they’re barely there in the shade but have an explosion of glitter once they catch the light.

WM IMG_8050
01 / 08 / 09 / 10

Don’t let these swatches fool you – they’re VERY pigmented! I have a video on my Instagram here where you can see just how much these sparkle.

01 Sugar Snow is a white glitter with a pink shift – I like to use this one over cool-toned shadows, and the Aritaum white with warm-toned shadows. 08 Signature Alice is a gorgeous pale blue with a golden shift, making it look almost greenish in the light? If you’re scared of blues don’t worry, this colour layers GORGEOUS on top of browns, giving them a pretty shift without the blue tone! 09 Blueberry Ballen (발렌 – I have no idea what this is in English and can’t find it anywhere) is purple and silver glitter on a gray-ish base. I find this one to be really flattering on brown eyes so wear it often!  10 Blackbean Brownie is a super intense gunmetal gray. This is one of the only ones that can be used alone for a non-sheer shadow look as it’s the most pigmented of the bunch.

The Alice in Glow Cream Shadows go for 10,000 KRW for 3.0g, which is on the pricier side but, because they’re more the sheer type, a little goes a long way and they’re often on 1+1 deals (how I got all 4 of mine). They come in 10 colours!

•○ Beauty People ○•

WM IMG_7795

Beauty People is an online-exclusive brand that I had heard of through Youtuber Easyneon, who uses them often in her tutorials. More than the other pigments mentioned in this post, these are more of a chunk glitter style of shadow! EXTREME PIGMENT. EXTREME. SO BRIGHT. SO SHINY. Like nothing I have ever seen 😐 You barely tap your finger on the product and get enough pigment for a swatch like the ones above.

The issue with this, however, is that because they are a chunk glitter they have a lot of fallout compared to the rest of the pigments mentioned. I’ve never tried using them with a glitter glue which might help, but these are too gorgeous and sparkly for me to care much about the fallout!

The Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pacts are sold for 9,000 KRW for 1.8g, which you might not think is a lot for your money (I got mine as a 3 for 1 deal), but a tiny little sparkle covers your WHOLE LID so these will last FOREVER. 😂 Available in 10 colours.

•○ Espoir  ○•

WM IMG_8064

I’d like to give a special mention to Espoir, that carries the Pigment Sequin line of loose-ish glitters. These are similar to the Beauty People glitters, but have significantly less fall-out and creasing on your lids despite the similar texture. They are not AS pigmented as the Beauty People, but still very sparkly and take 2nd place as the most sparkly of the bunch.

WM IMG_8062
Warm Wishes

The Pigment Sequin line only comes in 6 colours, and retail for 15,000 KRW for 3.0g, but do not crease or shed like most chunky glitter like this!

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

WM IMG_8058
The Saem / Beyond / Aritaum / Beauty People

You can see the comparison swatches of similar colours above, and below I made a little chart to demonstrate how I feel about the 4 main products reviewed in this post! These are all really nice glitters but they all looked terrible as soon as I put the Beauty People one on 😂…


My favourite for a glitter bomb? Beauty People. My favourite for everyday use? Beyond or Aritaum. Never recommend? THE SAEM.

You can find some looks I’ve done in the past using the above glitter pots here / here (Aritaum), here (Beyond), and here (Espoir).

I know this post was long but I hope it was helpful to those of you interested in glitter :)! I’ve turned quite a few people onto the glitter thing, so here’s to hoping I’ve converted a few of you 😂. Until next time!! (´・ω・)ノ


3 thoughts on “K-Beauty Glitter Pots 101 – Aritaum, Beyond, The Saem, and more!

  1. Ohh, aquí una cuervo! Amo el glitter en uñas, obviamente en sombras también :3
    Ese rojo precioso! Uy.
    Creo que de todas las más fáciles de hallar y de conseguir por precio son las de Aritaum cierto?



    1. Si! Creo que es mas dificil encontrar productos de las marcas “online” coreanas. De hecho ni yo se como encontrarlos haha pero no creo que muchos tengan international shipping 😦


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