Vitabrid C12 AC. Control Essence Set Review

Last week I applied to be a tester of Vitabrid’s newest product, their AC. Control Essence and powder! As you might know if you follow my Instagram, I own and have been using the Vitabrid C12 Vitamin C powder twice daily since I won it at a promotion they had at my university. I love this powder (as well as their face masks!) so when I saw they were asking for applicants to test their newest product I signed up immediately. I’ve used this product for a full week now, so if you want to hear my thoughts on it, keep on reading 🙂

Photo taken from their website

Vitabrid is a fairly new skincare company, which focuses on delivering Vitamin C to your skin directly. They claim that while most skincare only inserts vitamin C in the superficial layer of your skin, Vitabrid products inject it into the deeper layer, giving it a much stronger effect! I found out about them through my Korean friend who interned for them recently, and have been using their products since early March and am a total fan!


I wasn’t sure what I was applying for specifically when sending in my application (smart, I know) but was pleasantly surprised to receive an essence! Essence is one of my favourite steps of skin care as I always find they make the most difference to my skin.


Inside the box came a tube of essence and 2g of vitamin C powder.


This brand seems to plan on selling to Western audiences too, as they have filed patents with the USA and several other Western countries! This can be seen in that the main focus of their packaging is in English, with accurate and fluent descriptions 🙂


The packaging is stark white, and feels and looks very high quality! Judging on the name of this product versus my other Vitabrid products, I believe this line specifically targets acne and other skin troubles.

A small pamphlet was included with information about how the products work, and how to use them. (Click the images to make them bigger!)

•○ Packaging ○•



Once again, you can see a focus on the English aspect as English is the first thing you see, with Korean on the back. The bottle of essence only contains 30g, but as it is for spot treatment, not a lot is necessary to get good coverage.


The bottle is the squeeze type, and has a small nozzle at the end.



At first I was unsure if there was any difference between this powder and the powder I already own, the Vitabrid “Face” powder. From research I believe this product has the same foundation as their star Face powder, but with the addition of the AC treatment!


The difference between this one and the Face powder is the nozzle. I find this one quite difficult to use, as turning the bottle over makes powder explode everywhere! Vitabrid products tend to lean on the expensive side so I hate to waste any 😦


The box also came with this little spoon, which can be used to get the proper “serving” of powder with.


I find it incredibly difficult to pack powder into this itty bitty thing so I have stuck to shaking powder onto my hand directly instead! This spoon would be great for scraping out tiny bottles of skin care though :p


And this is how you apply it! I prefer to put it on the back of my hand, but that’s just a personal choice.

•○ Swatches ○•


The product is semi-transparent, with some small particles in it. It’s slightly runny, and becomes even more so once you add the powder. This is probably why they recommend you add it to your palm so you can keep it from running everywhere!


At the promotion back in March, the staff suggested I add a “grain of rice”-sized portion of powder to my essence. I basically go for one tap of the bottle and out comes about this much! Like I said, because of how wide the opening of the bottle is, you can see it gets everywhere 😦 My pajama pants are probably very vitamin C-enriched by now…


Here you can see the watery consistency of the essence. Once I mix the powder in until it dissolves completely (only takes a few seconds!) I dab it onto the problem areas of my face, focusing on my T-zone.

•○ Application ○•

Immediately after application

Right after applying it, it has a bit of a sheen. However, this is probably the fastest absorbing product I own!


I applied it to my cheek right after as I get some issues there…

Left side of face

And then looked back down where I had applied it on my jaw and as you can see, it already absorbed!! The skin is left feeling moist but not tacky. You can then apply other skin care on top 🙂

•○ Results ○•

Right side of face

I had to keep comparing freckle positions in real life to figure out which sides of my face these photos were of 😐


My forehead is a problem area in that I’m prone to tiny bumps and black/white heads (the red dots are remainders/scars of ones from the previous week)

Left side of face

I did not expect this product to work this well in only a week, but I got results within a DAY of use. I have never gotten such instant results with any skin care I’ve used before (including other Vitabrid products), so I’m obsessed. I use this once in the morning, and once at night, and it has curbed my oil to the extent where I no longer get oily in my T-zone at all throughout the day. If I have any pimples threatening to come out, I apply this and they disappear within a day. I’ve gotten 2 pimples since I’ve started using this, but I attribute it to “that time of the month” as those monthly pimples are relentless and nothing will stop them ( ̄Д ̄)

•○ Conclusion ○•

Besides the previously mentioned powder bottle issue, my biggest and only other problem with this product is the price. As this product is currently being offered only for the distribution event (I believe it will be added to the page permanently after), I am unaware of the specific price. However, Vitabrid products are the kind of product where I’m extremely happy to receive them for free but very unhappy to shell out original price to buy them. The Face powder alone (not the one mentioned in the article, but the regular one) is 50,000 KRW! I’ve used 1/3 of the bottle in 3 months, so it’s essentially 50,000 KRW of product for 9 months use, but this price still pains me greatly 😥 Judging by the other prices on the Vitabrid website, I’d say this product will be super pricey as well. However, I can totally see myself repurchasing it as it just works SO GOODㅠㅠ and if I consider that a little lasts for quite a long time and divide the price by how many days of use I can get out of it (does anyone else do this?) then I believe the price is totally doable. It’s just paying it all at one time that hurts :p

You can check out Vitabrid here! It is only now upon writing this conclusion that I realize there is a button on the top of the website that says “ENGLISH”, meaning I didn’t have to take all the time I did to translate the Korean for this post ㅡ_ㅡ; Korean practice…?

My next review up is going to take me half a century to edit but as it’s due on Sunday, expect to see it up by then! It’s a long one, and one I am WAY too excited about, so I hope you look forward to it! Until then~ (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑



6 thoughts on “Vitabrid C12 AC. Control Essence Set Review

    1. I know they sell them on Gmarket! I believe you can also use services like Shop & Box to get them to you 🙂 I reviewed the mask on my Instagram but I don’t think I’ve reviewed the powder yet. I love them both, especially the powder!


      1. I see. Would love to see a comprehensive review on the powder just like you did with this one. Can’t seem to find a lot of reviews on it on the internet. But anyway, thank you!! You have a good day ahead 🙂


      2. This product is hard to review because it’s added to other products instead of being used alone so it’s hard to tell if the results are from the product itself or the serum 😦 I use it with a brightening essence so I’m not sure, but my friend that uses it with a basic moisturizer says it gives great brightening results! Thank you 😊


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