Monster Cupcakes @ Hongdae

Hello everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and I’ve missed it a lot 😦 Finally going to be back to my routine now that exams are over and I have some free time(-ish). Some time last month I went to Monster Cupcakes in Hongdae, which has been one of my top places to get sweets for a while now, as they fit my favourite “creepy cute” aesthetic :p


Monster Cupcake is a horror-themed coffee shop chain with locations in both Hongdae and Itaewon that sells creepy desserts and drinks unlike anything I’ve ever seen in Korea!


“Disgusting” or “scary” things for those of us who love the darker side of life aren’t that easy to find in Korea, as there is a more prominent focus on a cute/pretty aesthetic.


Walking up to the cafe you’re greeted by this little wrinkly guy…


…And this cement wall-piece done up to look like some kind of creature scratched it with its claws.


The interior is filled with cute to scary toys of various monster/horror-related themes.

Living Dead Dolls…
Spiders and tiny classic horror figures


The atmosphere is great, with everything in cold cement with grates and spiders hanging everywhere, giving it a kind of dungeon-like feel. I’m glad the spiders are kind of furry because if they looked real I wouldn’t feel great about sitting under them ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )


Although the cafe itself is quite small with only two tables for sitting, the decoration is very well-thought-out and there are so many different things to look at!


There was also a pillar where celebrities who visit the cafe leave their signatures!


There’s a large variety of drinks, ranging from your basic coffees and teas to my choice of the day – Monster Ade!


The cupcake display was a little empty by the time we got there (around 6pm) as they are quite popular!! If you want to get your favourite flavour I suggest going earlier 🙂


They carry a wide range of flavours, such as your standard vanilla, chocolate, tiramisu, and red velvet, but also carry more unique kinds like mint, lemon, and peanut butter.


Each cupcake is delicately designed to look as “cutely-gross” as possible – especially these! The bloody severed finger might be a bit unappetizing for some, but I personally thought it was funny 😀


They also have some cuter designs for those who are a little squeamish. I’m really curious as to how long it takes to make each cupcake since they’re all so detailed and well-made!


You can also pre-order cupcakes for events and such, as well as buy candles and other decorations if you want to give away the cupcakes as gifts or for a celebration.


As for the “Monster Blood”, it comes in six different flavours, and like all “-ade” type products in Korea, is a fizzy soda-like drink instead of a juice like it is in the West.


We opted for the tiramisu and peanut butter cupcakes, along with a cherry-flavoured Monster Ade.

Tiramisu – Peanut Butter

The cupcakes were so cute! The Tiramisu cupcake was decorated with a tombstone and some grass, with the tiramisu made to look like dirt around the grave. The peanut butter cupcake had a spiderweb with a cute little spider made from a chocolate covered almond!


The cake itself was rich, without being too dry and airy like I find many Korean cupcakes to be. Very moist and not too sweet! The cookie was also yummy 🙂


The peanut butter cupcake was very moist and creamy! This is a cupcake for those who like a more creamier dessert, as the cream on top was quite light and fluffy and there was A LOT of it.


I would also like to point out this little sign that was stuck in the cupcake…many places add these chocolate printed designs into their desserts! Thinking this, I popped it into my mouth, only to find out it was plastic (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) Felt like a genius after that so hopefully my failure can help others not do the same…


As for the drink! It was amazingly refreshing, and although I’m not the soda type it was really pleasant and not overly fizzy! (Fizziness is my issue with most sodas)

Testing the soda…

I swear this is candid because I can’t pose to save my life (TヮT) I want to include more personal photos in my posts so you guys can get to know me better but I am SO awkward when I know a camera is focused on me!! Anyway…I looooved this tangy drink, and can definitely see myself getting it again in the hotter months as a refreshment! So glad I tried it this time, as I usually only go in for the cupcakes 🙂


This coffee shop is a great place to try something a little different in the sea of basic coffee shops that exist in Hongdae! The prices aren’t outrageous, and you get some great visuals (awesome for taking pictures!) so I totally recommend stopping by here at least once.

The opening times are 11:00AM ~ 11:00PM, and here is a map to find it!

Once again I’m sorry for taking so long to get this out 😦 cafe posts really do take the longest to edit since I’m so picky with the filters and effects I use to edit my photos to best suit the atmosphere of each place I go. Either way, I hope this post was enjoyable and you can expect another post from me on Sunday 🙂 Until then (。^_・)ノ



8 thoughts on “Monster Cupcakes @ Hongdae

  1. Está genial! Tienen Gremlins!!! \(*A*)/
    Y más que los cupcakes encontré muy creativo el envase del refresco jajaja, más que ahora estoy viendo el drama Blood y con tu palidez sólo hacen falta unas pequeñas extensiones de colmillos para el toque final 😛

    Precioso el lugar, ahora que estoy de “dieta”(comiendo menos le llamo) es que todo eso se me antoja, debe ser riquísimo :3


    1. Jajaj verdad!!!! De hecho tengo colmillos falsos – los hubiera puesto para las fotos XD te entiendo bastante – estoy yendo al gym 5 dias de la semana desde marzo pero todo mi progreso se fue a la cresta la semana anterior por culpa de estos cafes tan cute que tienen aca 😥 at least I got some pictures for my blog jajaj


  2. Hi, i am currently in Hongdae and we followed the map in ur website but we cant seem to find the place. 😥 we were gg to bring our 3 yr old twins to some have of these cupcakes coz they love the gothic theme of it 🤗🤗. Please do let me know how I could get there. Thank u in advance!


    1. Hello! If it’s not where the map says it is, i’s possible that they closed down since that happens quite often here 😭. There are a few places I’ve reviewed in Hongdae/Hapjeong if you would like to check those out instead! I’m sorry I can’t be of much help 😭. I know there is also a Monster Cupcakes located in Itaewon! 🙂 Just in case, the address is 용산구 이태원동 305-7! (Yongsangu, Itaewondong 305-7) Hope it helps ☺️!


      1. Thank u so much Jasmine! I will check the Itaewon branch out. 😘😘. Yeah a few of the cafes we went too the year before are no longer there too! Its been a great help!

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