Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! I’m finally on vacation and finally back to the blogging world! Christmas is coming up soon so I thought it would be appropriate to kickstart my return to blogging with Etude House’s 2015 Christmas collection – Snowy Dessert! (Image heavy)


To start off, I just have to say that Etude House really outdid themselves this time – the packaging is to die for! Everything is so cute I couldn’t resist getting one of almost everything. The collection comes with lip tints, a blush + contour/highlight duo, Play 101 pencils, hand creams, and scented bars (the last of which I had to resist very strongly because they look so cute but are probably useless).


They came out with a LOT of great products this month. This is my mini-haul (along with one other Play 101 pencil, not pictured)! The Play 101 Stick + Blend quad palette will be reviewed soon 🙂

Let’s get straight into it!

Ginger Cookie Contour Maker

Ginger Cookie Contour Maker

It’s a gingerbread man…in an oven…HOW CAN YOU RESIST? I wasn’t sure if I was going to get either as I found the blush didn’t match my skin tone and contour colours in Korea generally don’t suit my cool toned, vampire skin, but as you will see below, this duo has the most gorgeous, subtle contour great for everyday use!

Back of the box…


You pull the product out by pulling the tab at the bottom of the box…


And upon opening it you can see that they even included an oven mitt drawing and a little oven rack for the cookie to sit on! :’)


At first glance the duo is warm toned, so before the collection came out I thought I would be getting the blush instead of this…


However the contour shade is the perfect balance between warm and cool! So it matches not only my cool-toned skin but my friend’s warmer tone as well! My only complaint is that the way it’s designed, it’s a little inefficient to use as a highlighter for your face unless you are very careful. You could end up contouring by mistake as the space between the colours is quite small…However with some patience this isn’t a huge problem!


As you see in the swatch, both the highlight and contour have a shimmer finish. My favourite part is that there is no glitter in either! The shimmer is very natural and looks so, so pretty on the skin without the cheap glittery finish Etude highlighters usually have.


I used both the highlight and contour in this photo. You can see they are very subtle, but that’s what I like so much about them! They can be used everyday without looking too over the top 🙂


This was my attempt to show off the highlight on my brow bone :p I love this product so much 😥 I’ve been using it almost everyday since I got it – definitely a must have!

Play 101 Pencils


Next up are the Play 101 pencils! I had originally just gotten one, but after going into Etude a few more times I couldn’t resist getting the pink one too…


Each pencil comes in a box with different coloured drips that match the pencil’s colour.


They also each have a unique, different coloured candy cane packaging!



The first up, #74, is a creamy finish pencil that can be used anywhere on the face. I personally recommend it as a shadow or cheek colour over a lip colour, and you will see why below…


The first impression is that it will come out as a very bright red, but that is not the case!


What originally attracted me was the unique tone. It’s less on the pink side and more of a brownish/muted red. Very different!


Here I dabbed it in the middle of my lid and spread it out with my finger, which gave it a more pink appearance the thinner it was spread. When using it on the eyes I recommend setting it with a translucent powder so it doesn’t crease.


Personally I’m not a big fan of using the Play 101 pencils on my lips as I find they go on a little uneven and are quite uncomfortable. This was no exception 😦


Next up is #71!


You can already see by the tip of the pencil alone that this colour is SUPER pretty.


This colour is GORGEOUS!!! You can see why I wasn’t able to resist it…#71 is a baby pink with a brilliant gold shift. I haven’t used this on my eyes yet but I’m guessing it will work best on the full lid as a standalone shade to truly show it off. I don’t think it will be as effective as a lip/cheek colour due to the duochrome but will definitely be amazing on the eyes!

Pudding Tint


Last but not least is the pudding tint! Each tint is packaged in a different coloured box that resembles those you would get when buying cake or cupcakes at a bakery.

“There’s a spoon tip inside!”


Upon opening the box…




The box folds open like this, revealing the tint and spoon inside.



I got #1 – Strawberry Pudding (1호 딸기푸딩 말랑해). The other colours were also very pretty but sadly didn’t match my skin tone 😥



As you can see above, the Etude House logo is engraved in the side of the lid. The packaging feels like one of the most sturdy products I’ve ever gotten from them! With a thick plastic lid and heavy glass bottom, this is definitely an upgrade as Etude House in infamous for their cheap packaging…


The tint itself is protected by a plastic cover which I recommend keeping on in case the product leaks into your bag as it jumps around.


The consistency is quite thick, similar to pudding as the name suggests! I’m used to tints being watery so this is very different! It smells sooo good. I’m not sure if the other ones have different scents, but this one smelled like candy :’)


The spoon comes with a little sheath that can be used for storage.


It has a sturdy handle but bendable tip that can shape to your lips. Personally I threw mine out as I didn’t really like how it spread the product 😦 I use a lip brush instead, which I find much more convenient.


When grabbing the product you can truly see the pudding-like texture! Using the spoon makes me want to eat it…


This is how the product looks when applied with the spoon. As you can see, the application is quite patchy on my arm so care must be used if you choose to use it.


This colour is a gorgeous cool-toned red perfect for the holidays! When spread out it gives off more of a reddish-pink hue. On the right is the stain it left behind when wiping it off with a tissue. The lasting power isn’t great on these but I have no problem with reapplying with a few swipes from my makeup brush throughout the day, and they don’t fade in an unflattering way!

Lip gradient
Full lip

This product tends to gather in dry patches if you’re like me and experience extremely dry lips 😦 Despite this it’s not very noticeable unless you look up close, as the colour is so vibrant that it hides it! This has been my go-to colour lately as I feel it livens up my face which has gotten extremely pale(r) with the cold, gloomy weather in Seoul ~_~

Final look and thoughts!


I used the Play 101 Pencil in #74 all over the lid, smoked out with Etude’s Mini Peach in the crease and Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Eye Palette on the lower lash line. I patted The Saem’s Aqua Fix Waterproof Shine Jelly Shadow #02 on top of everything to add some winter frost and complete the look 😀


This is my finished look using all the products I got from the Snowy Dessert line + my new Play 101 stick #12 as blush! I think this collection works great for the winter, what with everything being shimmery/glossy like ice! The products that I selected all went together very nicely and didn’t clash at all, which I think can be said about those that I didn’t purchase as well. The packaging is gorgeous and quality definitely upgraded, so all and all I love everything about this!

I hope everyone is doing fine despite the exam season 🙂 I will do my best to be around more often this vacation so hope to see you around soon!


10 thoughts on “Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection Review & Swatches

  1. As said, kudos for your makeup, it’s awesome (as usual). The #71 pencil is a beauty that deserves to shine alone. I’m going to try the #74 in my eyelids because didn’t liked in my lips.
    And I’m more anxious than before for my strawberry box arrive 😀

    Thank you for the detailed review!


    1. I didn’t see your comment until now T_T THANK YOU!! As always hehe I can’t wait to try #71 on my full lid (I have so much makeup now that I’m trying to try everything but it takes forever haha). You ordered the strawberry one too?! I think you will LOVE it *-*


  2. Love this! I absoltely love love LOVE etude house but they never seem to have any sales LOL. And i didnt realize they had products for contouring! You dont see much contouring in asian makeup so i just assumed bigger brands like etude house wouldnt have contour products. And i love the pudding tint! So cute! Lovely pictures, btw!


    1. They must not have many global sales because in Korea they have them at least once a month 🙂 Contouring has been getting quite popular here in the past year so you’ll definitely see more contour products in various Korean brands now!! Thanks for your comment and kind words ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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