Etude House Forest Aurora Eyeshadow Swatches

Hello everyone! It feels like it’s been forever (it has). I really want to be consistent with my blog posts but for some reason I never can be 😦 I took the pictures for this post back in September, and since then I’ve figured out some new techniques for how to get sharper photos so I hope you can forgive the quality of this post! I promise the newer posts will be better!

Today I will be going over some shadows that have been out for a while now (Since September, as previously stated) but are still going strong as the main display in every Etude House store. I was really excited when I had first heard about this line because from what I understand these would be Etude House’s first attempt at duochrome eyeshadows.


The collection comes with 10 shadows in total,\mostly in warm, foresty colours in line with the name of the collection. Every shadow is strongly shimmery, with two duochromes in RD305 and PP507.

My haul

I picked up 7/10 of the whole collection! (No shame) I own so many rose golds so those and the dark brown were the only ones I didn’t get.

No flash

The no flash swatch brings out the difference in RD302 (far left), which is part of the matte leaning “Cafe” line, vs. the rest of the collection. The two shadows I consider to be true duochromes are the pink in the middle (RD305) and the purple on the far right (PP507).


Flash is where these shadows truly shine! With flash you can see that the burgundy is not a true matte and is loaded with glitter, as are the rest of the shadows in this line.

All swatches were done without primer. Onto the eye swatches!

Look At My Eyes

RD304 불타는 오로라

The first colour is RD304 – Burning Aurora! Like most of these shadows, it is applied best with primer and patted on with the finger.. I find a brush doesn’t pick up enough pigment to give justice to the foiled quality of these shadows. Burning Aurora is a reddish copper metallic shadow, and looks gorgeous when packed on heavily. My eye swatch does not do it justice!

RD305 빛 좋은 오로라 살구

I was trying to capture the duochrome on my lid with this swatch by closing my eye slightly but ended up just looking done with the world (which I honestly was after swatching 7 different shadows…ー_ー ). It’s really hard to capture the duochrome effect in photos, but it is very pretty in person! This shadow is on an apricot base, with yellowish green sparks that can be seen when it catches the light. An eye-catching alternative to a basic pink shadow!

GR706 쑥스러운 너

The name of this one is so weird in English…GR706 is a brown-y, green-y, olive-y type shimmer shadow that shows different tones depending on what it is paired with/on top of. As you can see in the arm swatch with flash, it tends to lean more towards an olive green.

PP507 나비나비 떨리는

The last of the first set I picked up because of the duochrome despite it not being something I would normally go for. This shadow has a light purple base with violent blue sparks that come out very strongly in the light. So pretty! The combination of a pinky purple with a cool blue is very different. Really curious how this shadow would look on a black base…


Look At My Eyes Jewel

BK801 별빛이 먼지

The next two are from the jewel line, which are 2000 KRW more expensive than the other collections, mostly due to their extreme shine and foil quality. Stardust is a cool toned gray with brown tones to it, making it more wearable for me than a pure gray. Depending on the light it can lean both cool and warm. It is also littered with multicolour sparks which make it a rather unique shadow!

BR410 기적의 달의 요정

There are still some remnants of my previous turquoise makeup in this swatch, so please ignore! This shadow is an orange, coppery shimmer similar to the foil shadow in the Hello Pumpqueen palette, but can be seen more as its glittery sister. Great on it’s own or patted on top of other colours to add a warm shine!

Look At My Eyes Cafe

RD302 취해 버린 와인 단풍

As I cannot resist burgundy shadows, I picked up this despite it not being particularly unique. I had hoped it looked more like the swatch on Etude House’s website 😦 but it is still a very pretty matte burgundy base shadow with white and gold glitter. Works both as a cool and warm shadow 🙂

Final Thoughts

All in all I like this collection a lot! I love matte shadows but glitter is something I can never resist. Seeing Etude House lean towards duochromes and unconventional colour combinations makes me very happy! BK801 and GR706 had the best pigment out of all of them, with RD304 and RD305 giving me a bit of trouble. I find the pigment goes beautifully on my finger but I am still having trouble transferring it to my eyelid. Will take some more experimenting!

And that’s it for this week’s post 🙂 I am currently looking for somewhere to make a “places to go” post at, so hopefully will find something soon! Until next time~ 😀


3 thoughts on “Etude House Forest Aurora Eyeshadow Swatches

  1. In love with these! I didnt realize how pigmented these eyeshadows were. I never really stopped to look at the Etude House eyeshadows bc i felt like the amount wasnt worth the price, but wow im impressed!


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