Etude House Beautizen 15th Beauty Camp!

Good afternoon! Two weeks ago, from May 30 – 31 I participated in Etude House’s Beautizen Beauty Camp, an event held once per Beautizen team (our’s is the 15th!).

This post will be talking about my experience!

The Beauty Camp is the biggest event in a Beautizen’s 6 month career. Everyone gathers together and goes to Amore Pacific’s conference hall, spending the night there while participating in activities together.

Outside the main building…

We left Seoul at 10am, arriving at the Amore Pacific building after an hour of travelling. The weather wasn’t great, so we were a little down, but luckily it got better!

Inside the building were various displays of all of the various Amore Pacific product lines, so everything felt very authentic!

And of course, Etude…

Immediately after arriving we were instructed to meet in the main conference hall and sit at our team’s table.

We each got a name tag with our name and position on them (I’m part of the Global team!), as well as a box of goodies containing some Wonderpore products, a shimmering eyeshadow base, a handcream, and a face wash! These products might appear in future posts 🙂

We had a presentation instructing us on our activities for the day, as well as our planned activities for the rest of the month.

Our first activity of the day was a beauty course by the famous Korean blogger, Gaeko, the owner of the popular makeup blog, “개코의 오픈스튜디오”. Click here to browse her Naver blog!

She taught us how to use colours that matched our skin undertone with makeup, clothing, and even hair colours!

It was a very thorough class about all the characteristics of warm tone skin vs cool tone skin! I was used several times as the example of an extreme cool tone…not surprising with this vampire skin…( ̄^ ̄)

Each stand had a pop-up mirror you could attach to your table! Fancy…

Cool tone…(a little unfocusedㅠㅠ)

She did makeup on the model who had a warm undertone, doing cool tone on half of her face as you can see above, and warm tone on the other side! (below) This showed the importance of choosing makeup with the correct undertones that match you in order to bring out the best of your skin.

Warm tone!

As you can see, the warm tone matched her warm skin much better than the cool tone look! However, Gaeko instructed that it is important to wear what you like and that even if you’re a cool tone, if you want to wear a warm tone lipstick or shadow, do whatever makes you feel good (except in a job interview, apparently, haha!).

The final result

It looks a little funny with both, but if you cover each side of the model’s face you can see that the warm toned makeup on the left definitely suits her better! I never realized it made such a difference to wear makeup that matches your skin tone, although I naturally tend to lean towards cool tone purchases anyway…

Above you can see the difference of cool tone vs warm tone makeup on Gaeko herself. The cool tone makeup makes her face look drab and washed out, whereas the warm tone makeup on the right (she has a warm undertone) makes her look healthy and flushed!

We got time after to ask some questions to Gaeko, as well as play with different tones of makeup (cool on the right side of the table, and warm on the left) to see what matched best with our skin!

The end! Even though a lot of the tips were things I had already known, it was still fun to hear things from a professional’s perspective and see her do makeup in person.

After the makeup class the weather cleared up, so we were able to go outside and have a mini picnic!

We each got a paper with our names and pictures on them, and passed them around to our teammates to write messages to each other about our time working together in the past 3 months. Definitely a bittersweet moment as I had great time working with my team, but unfortunately after the Beauty Camp we had to change to a new team 😦

Spring makeup beauty challenge!

We were then suddenly informed that we each had to put one of our favourite Etude House eye products into a pouch and complete a spring look with it within 30 minutes! 30 minutes was REALLY not enough time, and while it was mega rushed, it was still fun making this ridiculous spring flower and tree look. We didn’t win but we laughed WAY too much doing this challenge, so it was a success in my mind!

My 10 minute look!

After the beauty challenge we got to play some team-building games!

Balloon relay…

Even though I couldn’t participate in all of them I still had a lot of fun laughing with everyone trying to win! The funny part was that everyone still had their crazy makeup on, and some of the guys even had on bright pink lipstick which was funny to see while they were being aggressive on the “battlefield”…

After a quick dinner, we cleaned off our makeup and moved to the concert hall to prepare our performances for the talent show part of the night!

Our team’s concept was “Beautillena”, a parody of Orange Caramel’s “Catallena”, with homemade beauty headbands!

Other teams did dances, sang songs, or played instruments. There were some great performances and everyone had a good laugh and sang along together!

It was a great way to laugh together even if it was totally embarrassing to dance Catallena in front of everyone…but I did my best!

After cleaning up came the most daunting part of the night…the briefing for the biggest mission of the Beauty Camp. We were to spend the night completing a presentation to present the next day in front of Etude House’s official marketing team. A very scary task that we had been preparing for over the previous week.

And it begins…

Stocking up on tons of snacks and drinks, we began a LONG night of work. The deadline was 8am, and we worked all the way up until then! I was in charge of the presentation design…it was a hard time and we were all very exhausted at the end, but we got it done!

Our team mate presenting!

The winners!

The winners of the 15th Beauty Camp! Their presentation was very good and you might be able to see their marketing idea (which is a secret hehe) at Etude House some day.


We finally won something too!!! A month back we had sent in ideas for improving the Etude House cellphone application’s popularity, and our ideas won! We got a coupon to eat together at Outback Steak House 🙂 Despite being so exhausted it was a great way to end the trip, and hopefully you can see our work on the application in the future!

And that concludes the Beautizen 15th Beauty Camp! It was a great learning experience and I had a wonderful time with my team, as well as other Beautizens that I never had a chance to interact with before the trip. I have no idea what is to come in my remaining 3 months as a Beautizen, but I will make sure to do my best with my new team and keep everyone updated!

Once I finish with my Beautizen activities in September (they run for 6 months), I will make a Beautizen master post explaining all the different things that I did during my time as a Beautizen, as well as how you can become a Beautizen yourself! I hope this post was enjoyable!! I’m off to study for my exams!! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


5 thoughts on “Etude House Beautizen 15th Beauty Camp!

  1. Really amazing experience! I’d love to have that experience someday, but think I’m too old for that haha, maybe my kids xD
    One of the things my friends and readers complaint most about korean makeup, it’s the lack of matching tones for darker skin. Since Etude is more and more famous outside Sout Korea, do you know if they will consider that option?. Another thing we’re looking are ph 5.5 cleansers, I think if Etude could make some, that would be awesome 😛


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