Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection – Eye & Cheek + Lipsticks!

This is a post I am super excited to write!! This month Etude House released the Dreaming Swan collection, a collaboration with the Australian illustrator Kerrie Hess. This collection is insanely popular and a lot of the products sold out the second week they were released! The illustrator’s work is gorgeous, and I think it was really a good choice by Etude House, as her work matches well with Etude House’s aesthetic.

Warning: This post is a long one, and just part one of a two part series!

My haul! First of all, I need to talk about the packaging…so cute!! I’m a huge fan of watercolour art, and the way Kerrie Hess did these is so, so pretty. The line came out with “eye & cheek” multi-use pressed powders, a primer powder, cream lipsticks, tear drop glitter, compact cases, a makeup brush, a pouch for makeup, nailpolish and a perfume diffuser. I can’t remember the last time an EH line had such variety!

Eye & Cheek

Jeté Pink & En Haut Pink

The left blush is one I got as part of my Beautizen program, and the right one I bought with my Beautizen provided beauty points. This line is named after various phrases used in ballet, a realization made by a French friend of mine as I was originally unable to make sense of the Hangul on the packages (;-_-) The packaging matches the colours of the contents, as is common with Etude House products. Easy to distinguish!

Click through for official photos!

The packaging information in both Korean and English! I clearly did not read them properly because I am learning for the first time upon looking at my own photo as I write this that the blushes contain a primer powder to provide a smooth, poreless finish! Well then, that explains why I like the finish on these so much…

The packaging comes in a metallic tin with a dusty finish, with original art on each colour. Inside the package is a powder puff with a tutu-like design that is resting on top of a plastic slip to protect the puff from the blush itself.

So cute and soft! I’m not a huge fan of using these kinds of things to apply blush because I always feel so bad dirtying them! I never use the puffs, sponges, or brushes that come with my products…Thinking about it now, it’s a waste not to use them but they look so pretty clean!

Each blush is stamped with its own ballerina custom print, something that is common with Etude House products. I don’t want to wipe the pretty design away as I use the productㅠㅠ Sometimes I wonder if I buy makeup to use it or to just look at it…Anyway, Jete Pink is a dusty pink with a very subtle highlight.

I applied this colour on both my cheek and eye, so that you can see the dual purpose effect that is intended with these “eye & cheek” products. Honestly, I’m satisfied with how it works for both! As you can see, it is a very natural colour that looks exactly like my actual blushing! It’s the ultimate blush for day to day use, and will definitely become a staple in my daily looks. It has a nice warm tone to it that despite being a colour similar to my face’s natural redness doesn’t make my eyes look sore when applied as a shadow, which is always a risk with applying pink tones near your eyes.

I must confess that this colour was bought by mistake. It was sitting behind the display of Arabesque Rosy that I had intended to buy, so I took the box without checking that it was the right blush and upon opening it realized it wasn’t the one I originally wantedㅠㅠ But this story has a happy ending, as I am now OBSESSED!!!!!!!

No flash
No flash

En Haut Pink is a deep, warm pink with golden shimmer. Etude House claims these are dual use products, but honestly this one is triple use! As you will see if you scroll down, this colour not only serves as a blush, but also has the most gorgeous highlight ever :Q


Where this blush truly shines (haha) is under the light! So, so pretty. The golden shimmer is strong, providing the most gorgeous (I need to learn a different word) glow on your skin without looking like an unnatural, exaggerated highlight.

No flash

Personally I am loving how this looks on my skin tone, it really makes me look awake and alive!


Like I said, with flash the true beauty of this blush is brought out. The highlight is gorgeous! As I am not one to highlight because I’ve been unable to find a highlight that A) matches my skin tone and B) doesn’t break me out, I am super satisfied with this product! As Etude House claims, your pores are slightly blurred out due to the priming powder, leaving your skin with a smooth, soft finish.


A close-up of the eye makeup. I applied EH’s Honey Milk on the inner corner, and En Haut Pink on the outer. As you can see, it is quite similar to Handtied from the limited edition Rose Garden palette. Very pretty with a subtle shimmer! The tear drop liner is also from the Dreaming Swan line (Shining Tutu), and will be reviewed in part two of this post.


The packaging on these are all the same, with only the background colours being different. That means when laid next to each other they line up nicely!

Fly-Away Jeté Pink & Point Coral of My Dreams

I had to translate the names of these myself, as the English names do not seem to be available anywhere 😦 In Korean they are, in order, 날아갈.듯 주떼 핑크 and 꿈꿔왔던 포인 코랄.

The packaging of these, unlike most Etude House products, is matte. Matte packaging is my weakness so I was very happy!

As these seem to be limited edition versions of the Dear My Blooming Lips-talk permanent line, the packaging is shaped exactly the same, just with the colours and texture being different.

The stamping of the lipstick tube is also different than the permanent lipstick line. Another difference is the cute ballet themed stamping on the lipstick container itself.

Click through for official photos!
No flash

 I had seen some complaints that these lipsticks, especially the pink, were not pigmented enough. Upon using them I found with just a few swipes they offer opaque coverage!


First is Fly-Away Jeté Pink! A pastel pink with light pigmentation, great for those with pale natural lips like myself. I applied Etude House’s Color Me Nude lip foundation before applying this, which is a must if you have pigmented lips!

I find this colour matches well with the blushes! This is a very pink look, using almost 100% Dreaming Swan products. Despite being a bit chalky, I find Fly-Away Jeté Pink is a great daily colour and matches great with light makeup.

Point Coral

I was honestly worried about this one…I’m not a big fan of orange tones on my skin, but thankfully this one proved me wrong and ended up being my favourite of the two! Point Coral of My Dreams leans more towards the pink side of the spectrum, rather than orange, which is why I think I like it!

You would think there would be such a thing as too much pink, but honestly I’m loving this complete look! I think it will be my go-to spring makeup from now on. Details are the same as the previous pic, with the only difference being the coral lipstick. Overall I’m satisfied with these lipsticks, as I did not find them drying, nor did they bleed all over my face throughout the day. They do need to be applied after eating/drinking, but I am happy with them!

Extra tip!

I had seen this tip from the makeup gurus that I follow, but I decided to give it a try myself. If you add some vaseline or a thick moisturizer to your lips, you can pat the eye & cheek on your mouth and create a gorgeous lip colour!


I have to laugh at this picture because I am making the EXACT same face as the last one. It almost looks like I just edited my lips a different colour! Need to step-up my selca game…Anyway, here I applied En Haut Pink to my lips for fun, and while I don’t know if I would go with the exact same Eye & Cheek on my eyes, cheeks, AND lips at the same time, this is definitely a pretty colour to wear!!

And that’s it! For those of you that made it to the end of this review, congrats! And thank you, I know it was quite long 😀

Honestly I am so happy with this line, especially the blushes! So happy, that even though I got the wrong one, I might still go back and get Arabesque Rosy if it hasn’t sold out yet…Which product was your favourite?

I hear that the Dreaming Swan collection is exclusive to Korea, but I also understand that it is available on websites that ship internationally, such as ebay and other suppliers of Etude House’s products. In the next post I will be reviewing the tear drop liners, so look forward to that 🙂 Thanks again ಌ

This review was sponsored by Etude House as part of the Beautizen program


9 thoughts on “Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection – Eye & Cheek + Lipsticks!

  1. +1 about the flawless eyeliner wings.

    Uggh, love everything about this line… I wish my skin wasn’t that sensitive, I’m sure to break out if I use the blushes. Considering trying the lipsticks despite the risk of me looking like a dead person.

    The selcas are amazing by the way, you look so pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danke :’))) I find not much breaks me out if I use a base under it, because then they’re not actually touching your skin but clinging onto your makeup hoho


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