Majane Pudding @ Ewha

Last week I was walking to one of my favourite cafes in Ewha University area and noticed a new place with really appealing graphic design. It had a really modern feel to it and stood out among the more traditional/old-fashioned designs on the stores surrounding it. So I decided to go in a few days later and check it out and it turns out that was a GREAT decision! First of all, pudding is not something I find myself eating often in Korea. I have had pudding here only once before, in the form of convenient store flan, but it has been years since I’ve had American style pudding!

The main logo

As I’m a visual communication design major, if it’s a place I have never heard of before, the graphic design of a place is a large determining factor on whether I go in or not. . The bright pop colours and flat design caught my eye right away!


The owner is from New York, so you can imagine that as this is New York custard pudding, the taste is probably quite authentic! As I have never been to New York, I can’t really say, but either way it is delicious…

The goods!

It seems that the owner makes a set amount of pudding before opening the store, and what is on display is all that is available. They run out around 3~5pm so I suggest going early if you want to grab some!

The menu

So far I’ve only tried strawberry and nutella, but most flavours are available every day, those not available depending on the fruits in season.

Take-away bag

I always get the pudding to-go because while it does look very modern and nicely done, the store itself is a little bit dark so I prefer to eat it elsewhere. There are tables available to sit down if you care to do so, though! I ended up getting Nutella and Strawberry (no bananas) this time. I had tried Nutella once before and it was so good I couldn’t resist getting it again (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Bottle labels

The bottles come with cute stickers to seal them, that are colour coded based on the flavour of the pudding. The bottles themselves are quite cute, so I’ve washed out mine and am now using them to hold homemade face masks hehe ( •̀ω•́ )

I shouldn’t be doing this post so late at night, getting hungry…ㅠㅠ

The first time I tried the pudding I expected just custard but…


There’s also cake in it!! Inside each pudding are small coins of moist vanilla cake…so, so good. The strawberry pudding had chopped up fresh strawberries in it! I would say both the strawberry and Nutella puddings (and possibly the others?) are done on a base of vanilla custard, with the flavours added after. What can I say, the puddings are amazing!! I keep finding myself craving them, and I can’t wait to try the other flavours. I’ve had them with two friends so far and they’ve also agreed that the puddings have a really great flavour that can’t be commonly found in Korea.

Business card, stamp card, and decoration card
The backs

The Majane brand seems to pay attention to every detail, and it shows in their extensive brand identity! Most places just give plain plastic bags, or stamp with a regular circular stamp, but this place has stamps shaped like their jar logo, and everything is also printed with that logo! So cool *-*

The location

The location of the store is very close to Ewha University front gate. It’s on the street that runs parallel to the main Ewha street, so it’s very easy to find. I definitely recommend it if you’re craving something sweet and like Western style desserts! It’s great for a change of pace 🙂 Look forward to an Etude House mega haul for the next post! Have a good week!


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